Eric Hartter biography- Biological father of Whitney Scott Mathers

Who is Eric Hartter?

Eric Hartter is a tattoo artist and a drug abuser known because he was romantically involved with Kimberly Anne Scott. She is the ex-wife of Eminem.

If the name still doesn’t ring the bell, he is the biological father of Whitney Scott Mathers. But unfortunately, his addiction made him incapable of raising a family.

The law imprisoned Eric for selling drugs. As a result, when Whitney was born, Eric was on the list of wanted criminals. That’s why he was on the run all the time.

Eric Hartter bio, relationships, career and net worth
Eric Hartter Biography

Quick facts

Full nameEric Hartter
BirthplaceDetroit, Michigan
Marital statusDivorced
SpouseKimberly Anne Scott (divorced),
Jackie Lain (divorced)
ChildrenWhitney Scott Mathers,
ProfessionTattoo Artist
DaughterWhitney Scott Mathers
Net worthN/A

Early life

Eric Hartter was born in the USA. However, the media does not know his exact date of birth. He was only famous for his association with Eminem’s ex-wife was discovered.

Marie Hartter is Eric’s mother, but his father’s name is unknown. No precise details about his family have surfaced yet. Even though his family was decent, the lack of fulfillment of his basic needs and the wrong company led him to the unfortunate path.

photo of Eric Hartter when he is young

He comes from a mixed race and holds American citizenship. Rumors say that he is in his late 40s and is 5’10 tall.

On August 22, 2019, police discovered Eric’s body in an abandoned house. They suspect that the drug overdose was the cause of death. However, as per Faith, his ex-girlfriend, the reason for his death was “he had been clean for a while and relapsed.”

According to Eric’s mother, the cremation was held on September 11, 2019.

In an interview, Whitney (Stevie Laine) said that she thought Eminem was her real dad. However, she didn’t know Eric until she received a letter informing her that Eric was her father. She then confronted Debbie Nelson (grandmother).

Relationships of Eric Hartter

Eric Hartter with his ex-wife Jackie Lain
Eric Hartter with his ex-wife Jackie Lain

Shortly after Eminem divorced Kimberly Anne Scott, her paths crossed with Hartter. But, of course, because Kim is an addict too, so she met him comes as no surprise.

As far as Kimberly was concerned, she was Eminem’s high school sweetheart. 

Six months after her divorce from Malcolm Marshall Mathers in 2001, Kimberly started seeing Eric Hartter. Her short relationship with the Hartter led to a daughter, Whitney Scott Mathers, in 2002. However, Eric has never met his daughter, even once as far as once.

Eric Hartter was a drug peddler, so he was being monitored by the police. A couple of years after Whitney’s birth, Kimberly and Eminem renewed their vows. Unfortunately, the marriage was short-lived, as Eminem filed for divorce for the second time.

Because Eric was a reckless parent, Eminem legally adopted Whitney as his daughter. Hartter was not allowed to meet her. He has tried to contact his daughter a few times but has been unsuccessful. Kimberly cut him off from the life of their daughter.

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In 2005, Marie Hartter, Whitney’s biological grandmother, sued Eminem. The reason was that Eminem and Kimberly stopped her from meeting Whitney.

Eric, Kimberly, and rapper Eminem’s relationship has been quite rough.

The career of Eric Hartter

The biological father of Whitney Scott Mather

Eric Hartter is primarily known for his romantic involvement with Kimberly, and he is the biological father of Whitney Scott Mathers. In addition, he was a tattoo artist. His reputation as a tattoo artist was pretty good, but peddling drugs dragged him down.

Eric used to run a drug cartel under his job as a tattoo artist. After searching his house, the police found drugs in his possession.

He’s never performed his duties as a father for Whitney. His connection with drugs and his criminal records have left Eric shameful.


Although it did not last long, Kimberly got back with Eminem after her time with Eric Hartter. On April 16, 2002, six months after Kimberly’s split up with Eminem. She had Whitney with Eric Hartter.

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She began seeing Eminem again sometime after Whitney was born and finally moved back in with him. Eminem claimed full legal responsibility for Whitney because Hartter could not manage his duties as a father.

Eric Hartter requested to see his daughter a few times, but Kimberly refused. She also threatened to take him to court. Finally, Kimberly realized that Eric couldn’t bring the law into the matter without the risk of his arrest.

Hartter’s mother, Marie Hartter, regretted not having an opportunity to see her granddaughter. Kimberly had cut her out of the little girl’s life as soon as she returned to Eminem. Marie decided, back in 2005, to sue Eminem for this impact.

While Eric remains out of the way, Eminem shows his daughter’s love and compassion.

Whitney Mathers says she has enjoyed growing up with her father and sisters. She spends a lot of time with her sisters, Hailie and Alaina. Hailie is the only biological daughter of Eminem with Kimberly.

Eric Hartter photo
Eric Hartter photo

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Net worth

Under the work of the tattoo artist, Eric was trafficking drugs. His earnings from the tattoo job may have been decent, but there has never been anything to calculate. There’s barely any net worth information available.

Nothing is accurate about Eric’s annual income and assets. He was an addict who was on the run, hiding from cops. He was found dead after he was out of jail. So the chances are he was bankrupt.

Social media

We didn’t find Eric on any social media. He is a convicted felon and a criminal. He is always on the run, and that’s all we could know about him.

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  1. I’m one of Eric’s ex-girlfriends and close friend. There’s a lot of information that is untrue in this article. I think that you should double check your information before you just put it out there like that. Eric had a lot of people that cared for him, and he wasn’t just some drug addict criminal. He had family and friends that would be highly upset if they read all this bullshit n slandering of his name. When he passed away it was because he had been clean for a while and relapsed.

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