Erica And Bambi Fight Video: Are They Both In Jail?

Erica And Bambi fight video is going viral on the internet. ZellSwag and Bambi were reportedly arrested following an altercation at a Buckhead club.

Erica Mena ZellSwag and Bambi were reportedly arrested following an altercation at a Buckhead club.

Last night, it went down in Atlanta between three past and current “Love & Hip Hop” cast members.

The circumstances behind the altercation remain unknown, leading us to speculate what sparked the intense exchange.

It’s also unclear whether other people were involved in the altercation, though we know from the camera footage that Saucy Santana was there.

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Erica And Bambi Fight Video Getting viral on the internet

We hear a few seconds of ranting in one of the viral videos before the 29-year-old sprints out of the event in bright pink trousers, pushing one person in his path.

Several others tried to separate the L&HH stars as they assaulted one another, but the effort proved challenging because there was some built-up hatred between the women and Zell to work through.

Erica fight video
Erica fight Video Shows Saucy Santana Fleeing As Fight Breaks Out.  (Source: tmz)

Fans are still interested in what caused the blowout. Nonetheless, the conversation has switched chiefly to thanking Santana for not being entangled in the problem.

Erica Mena isn’t the only star who spent some of her weekend in jail. Finesse2tymes informed fans on Instagram that he was arrested on a federal warrant dating back to 2018, but he is hopeful that he will return home soon.

Are Erica And Bambi in jail?

All three people involved in the brawl were charged with wilful obstruction of a law enforcement officer.

Mena and Zell are also charged with simple battery, with Mena also charged with simple battery against a police officer.

These charges have undoubtedly piqued the interest of “Love & Hip Hop” fans and followers, as Mena and Bambi are significant members of the show, while Shaw has created a reputation for himself on “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.”

Erica And Bambi fight
Erica And Bambi were arrested for a fight between customers and security employees.  (Source: wsbtv)

A fourth person, Kareem Cadet, was reportedly involved in the brawl, but whether they were also detained is unknown.

This incident serves as a reminder that even reality TV stars face consequences for their conduct.

According to sources, the brawl occurred at Atlanta’s Lucca Lounge on Pharr Road. Tensions appear to have been high that night, ending in a physical altercation that drew the attention of local law officers.

The cops arrived immediately to break up the brawl and restore order.

What was the cause of Erica And Bambi Fight?

The cause of the fight and any other individuals engaged are unknown.

People are inherently intrigued by mysteries and unsolved questions, and when such vital facts are lacking, it can lead to various theories.

The fact that these details are unknown further adds to the mystery and curiosity surrounding the tragedy.

This arrest comes at a tough time in Erica Mena’s career. Mena, who has appeared on numerous editions of “Love & Hip Hop,” has recently come under fire for her controversial use of blackface.

This occurrence complicates matters further for her, as she is now embroiled in legal issues. Mena is no new to scandal, but her arrest might have long-term ramifications for her personal and professional life.

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