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Erin Bria Wright Biography- the daughter of Rapper Eazy E

Who is Erin Bria Wright?

Erin Bria Wright is the daughter of famous rapper and record producer Eazy E and Tracy Jernagin.

She is a music producer who has followed in her father’s footsteps. Erin Wright is multitalented. She is an actor, singer, songwriter, and music manager.

We have information on Erin Bria Wright for you to read.

Erin Bria Wright biography
Erin Bria Wright Biography

Quick facts

Full nameErin Bria Wright
NicknameEbie, and E.B.
BirthdateJuly 16, 1991
Age31 years old
Sun signCancer
TraitsPositive: Caring, funny, and intelligent
Negative: Moody, possessive, and secretive
BirthplaceLos Angeles, California, USA
Currently residingCompton, California, USA
ParentsEazy-E (father),
Tracy Jernagin (mother)
StepmotherTomica Woods
GrandparentsRichard Wright (Grandfather)
Katie Wright (Grandmother)
SiblingsErica Wright (stepsister)
Raven Wright (stepsister)
Henree Cherron Wright, aka ReeMarkable (stepsister)
Daijah Wright (stepsister)
Dominick Wright (half-brother)
Derrek Wright (half-brother)
Marquise Wright (half-brother)
David Wright (half-brother)
Elijah Wright (half-brother)
Lil Eazy E (half-brother)
Baby Eazy E (half-brother)
Marital statusSingle
ChildrenNot applicable
EducationBachelor from the University of California
ProfessionSinger, songwriter, actress, and music manager
Net worthUSD 7 million
Social mediaInstagram

Early life

Eazy E with wife, Tracy Jernagin, and daughter Erin Bria Wright

Ebie was born on July 16, 1991, in Compton, California, USA. She is an only child of rapper Eazy E and music producer Tracy Jernagin. 

Unfortunately, due to the sudden death of the rapper, Tracy had to raise Erin on her own. Ebie was almost four years old when her father died.

Ebie’s parents never married each other they only dated each other. In addition, Tracy and Eazy E ended their relationship in 1994. Moreover, Tracy decided to raise little Erin herself. Even though they broke up, Eric still visited his daughter.


Ebie has been able to maintain her privacy regarding her romantic affairs. Additionally, no information regarding her relationship has been out. As a result, she is single.

Eazy-E (father)

Eric Lynn Wright AKA Eazy E
Eric Lynn Wright, AKA Eazy-E

Eric Lynn Wright, also known as Eazy E, was an American rapper, entrepreneur, and record producer. He was born on September 7, 1964, in Compton, California.

He had a short career and collaborated with hit rappers like Dr. Dre and Ice Cube. However, Eazy E’s most significant hit came from his collaboration with Tose rappers in Straight Outta Compton’s studio album. 

It made many headlines in its time and still has influenced many singers in modern times. However, there were rumors about the feud between the rapper and Ice Cube.

Erin Bria Wright with her father Eazy E
Erin Bria with his dad Eazy-E

However, during the last week of his death, the rapper amended his relationship with Ice Cube.

Eric Lynn married Tomica Woods in 1995, with whom he had met in 1991 at a nightclub. Unfortunately, Eazy E died after twelve days of his married life.

He had AIDS since March 1995 and therefore died at 31. The rapper also suffered from pneumonia.

Eazy E had eleven children from multiple women. He had two children with his wife, Dominick and Daijah. Unfortunately, Daijah was born six months after his death. 

Eazy E had a net worth of USD 50 million at his death. He handed over his record label company and USD 2.1 million houses to his wife Tomica as his parting gift.

Tracy Jernagin (mother)

Erin Bria Wright mother, Tracy Jernagin
Erin Bria Wright’s mother, Tracy Jernagin

Tracy Jernagin is a music producer. She worked for many musicians, such as Lil’ ½ dead, DJ Quik, DJ Uneek, etc. She is also the music manager of her daughter Erin Bria Wright.

Tracy also worked as a designer. Her designer label is named TRACE. The design company mainly focused on designing leggings, tops, etc.

Tracy’s net worth is around USD 600,000. She currently lives in California and her birthday is on February 3.

Tracy is also one of the documentary producers about her husband’s death.

Tomica Woods (stepmother)

Ebie's step-mother Tomica Woods Wright
Ebie’s stepmother, Tomica Woods Wright

Tomica Woods is the stepmother of Ebie Wright. Although Ebie’s parents never married, Tomica is still her stepmother since Eazy E married her. Erin has many stepmothers since her father had many partners over time.

Tomica Woods is Ruthless Records’ CEO. As a result, she had to go through many challenges to keep the company stable and lawsuits. But due to her exceptional talent, she was able to bring success to the company within just two years.

Tomica was born in 1969 in L.A. She went to West L.A. Community College for her college degree. Tomica and Eazy E have two children together named Dominick and Daijah.

Erin has 11 siblings, and some of them are known publicly.


Erin Bria Wright siblings

Erica Wright is the half-sister of Ebie. With the help of Erica and Tracy, Ebie was able to produce the documentary called ‘Ruthless Scandal: No More Lies’ in the year 2015.

Henree Cherron Wright is an American singer who goes by her stage name remarkable. She has over 200k followers on her Instagram account. 

Fans have also marked her as the girl version of the late rapper Eazy E. Both Erin and Henree share Eazy E as their father.

Lil Eazy E is the stage name of Eric Darnell Wright. Eric is also a rapper who was born on April 23, 1984. He has his own successful media company named NWA Entertainment.

Eric is the oldest child of Eazy E. He grew up in Compton, California. Eric is also an employee of Ruthless Records, which his stepmother Tomica Woods owns.

Lil Eazy E also manages a music collaboration named Compton MoneyGang with his half-brother Derrek Wright.

Erin Bria Wright Career

Erin Bria Wright (Ebie)
Erin Bria Wright (Ebie)

She began her career in 2007 after appearing in My Super Sweet 16. She also worked in shows like The Monday Dish, My Super Sweet 16 spinoff, Exiled, Rants and Raves, etc.

Ebie began her career as a singer when she released her debut single called What I Wanna Do in 2012. In 2019, she released other songs called Girl Crush, Dear Daddy, Heart Hurts, etc.

In 2015, she released a documentary called ‘Ruthless Scandal: No More Lies with the help of her mother and half-sister. The documentary talks about the tragic and untimely death of Eazy E. 

According to Erin, many of her family members do not believe that Eazy E died of AIDS but rather something else. Many even speculated that the CEO of ‘Death Row’ records would have been the murderer. However, the claim has no concrete proof.

She has her own YouTube channel of her name Ebie where she posts Vlogs. Ebie also has a food service named EbieEats. She also owns a clothing line.


During making her father’s documentary, Erin blamed Ice Cube for not showing up. The relationship between Erin’s late father, Easy E and Ice Cube was not well in history. However, the rapper had cleared out their differences just before his death.

This choice of Ice Cube made Erin upset. In addition, she said that she didn’t know the cause and was in shock when Ice Cube never responded to her. The cold wars between Eazy E and Ice Cube seemed to be now between Erin and the rapper.

Erin Bria Wright Net Worth

Since Ebie has many professions, she increased her net worth to USD 7 million. However, she earned most of her money through her career as a music producer.


Who is Erin Wright’s mother?

Erin’s Wright mother is Tracy Jernagin. She is a music producer in a relationship with famous rapper Eazy-E. Although. They never got married. They have Erin Wright as their only child together.

How old is Erin Wright?

Erin Wright was born on July 16, 1991. So she is currently 31 years old as of 2023.

How tall is Erin Wright?

Erin Wright is 5 feet 2 inches tall (1.57 meters).

Why did Erin Wright change her name?

Erin Wright changed her name to Ebie legally. The actual reason behind this is unknown, but she seemed to have chosen a name that best suited her.

Who was Eazy E married to when he died?

The rapper, Eazy E, was still married to Tomica Woods while he was alive. Tomica is the current owner and CEO of Ruthless Records. She inherited the company after her husband’s death.

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