Fab Morvan Wife Tessa Van Der Steen Is An Orthomolecular Therapist, Kids

Fab Morvan wife, Tessa Van Der Steen, has an outstanding professional career, and besides that, she has always supported her husband in his professional endeavors.

Fabrice Maxime Sylvain Morvan established himself as a singer, dancer, and model in the pop music industry.

Along with Rob Pilatus, Morvan is best known as one-half of the popular musical group Milli Vanilli.

Moreover, a dizzying rise, a stunning fall from grace, and an astonishing comeback have distinguished his career.

Milli Vanilli completely rocked the music business in the late 1980s. They attracted admirers worldwide with their captivating songs and engaging stage presence.

But most followers were unaware that neither duo member had sung on their records.

This shocking discovery damaged their reputation and sent shockwaves through the music industry.

Even in the face of the scandal, Fab Morvan showed great fortitude. He and Rob Pilatus changed their name to “Rob & Fab” in the 1990s to restore their credibility.

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Fab Morvan Wife: Meet Tessa Van Der Steen, An Orthomolecular Therapist

Fab Morvan’s wife, Tessa Van Der Steen, is an accomplished Orthomolecular Health Coach.

Her love of wellness and good health has inspired the family to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Tessa’s journey began long before she met Fab Morvan. Her fascination with fitness and health began in her early years.

Nevertheless, her interest in nutrition and diet’s role in promoting good health inspired her to pursue a profession as an Orthomolecular Health Coach.

Fab Morvan Wife
Fab Morvan’s wife Tessa is a beautiful partner and lovely mother. (Source: Instagram)

Tessa’s work as an orthomolecular health coach exemplifies her dedication to encouraging others to reach their full physical and mental potential.

The field emphasizes customized nutrition regimens and supplements to address specific health demands.

Additionally, she wants to give her customers the tools to take charge of their health and well-being through coaching.

Tessa’s family is the main focus of her life. She is not just Fab Morvan’s devoted wife but also their children’s loving mother. 

Their family thrives in a secure and nurturing atmosphere because of Tessa’s continuous love and care.

Moreover, the affection and peace she shares with her family show her dedication to them. 

Fab’s wife is a great woman because of her commitment to health and well-being as an Orthomolecular Health Coach and her devoted love and support for her family.

Together with Fab Morvan, they exhibit a life focused on love, dedication, and well-being.

Fab Morvan Children: Meet His Four Lovely Kids

Fabrice Morvan’s loving family, which consists of his spouse, Tessa Van Der Steen and their four kids, Sacha, Solange, Vince, and Paris, is the center of his existence.

The Morvan family’s eldest child, Sacha, exhibits maturity and responsibility above his years.

He undoubtedly inherited an intense love of the arts from her family, who highly valued creativity and music.

Fab Morvan Wife
Fab Morvan’s children add a sense of love and warmth to the family. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, Sacha’s status as the older sibling is enhanced by his curiosity, which may one day drive him to pursue his interests.

His younger sister, Solange, adds her distinct personality to the family dynamic.

Unquestionably, Solange’s presence in the household brings a feeling of youthfulness and playfulness. 

Similarly, the Morvan family’s youngest members are the twins Vince and Paris. Twins typically have a particular connection, and their presence adds a lovely layer to the family’s life.

Vince and Paris will undoubtedly increase their family’s happiness and fun as they mature and come into their own.

The Morvan children are exposed to a creative and culturally diversified environment because their father is a well-known personality in the music industry.

Furthermore, this exposure may influence their interests and objectives as they age.

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