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Faye Chrisley – Chrisley Knows Best – Bio, Net worth, Career, and Family

Who is Faye Chrisley?

Faye Chrisley is a popular American reality TV star. Known for her appearance in the hit American reality show Chrisley Knows Best, Faye Chrisley is the elder matriarch of the Chrisley family. Faye Chrisley, better known as Nanny Faye, is widely loved by fans due to her sarcastic, sweet, and funny nature.

Faye Chrisley Biography
Faye Chrisley Biography

Quick facts

Quick Fact
Full nameFaye Chrisley
Nickname Nanny Faye
BirthdateSeptember 2, 1943
Age78 years old
Sun Sign Virgo
TraitsVirgo female traits


Easily frustrated
BirthplaceSouth Carolina, USA
Currently residingNashville, TN, USA
SiblingsFrances (sister)
Marital StatusWidowed
Spouse NameGene Raymond Chrisley
ChildrenTodd Chrisley (Son)
Randy Chrisley (Son)
Derrick Chrisley (Son)
ProfessionReality TV star
Movies/ TV SeriesChrisley Knows Best
ControversyHer family was indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of conspiracy, bank and wire fraud, and tax evasion.
Net worth$600,000
Social media Twitter

Quick Facts of Faye Chrisley

Intresting Facts

1. Faye Chrisley hasn’t always been rich

Even though Faye’s reality TV show shows her lavish life, she was actually from a low-income family. She had to overcome hardships to get where she was. 

She worked 60 hours a week to feed her family before they were all rich.

2. Faye Chrisley’s hobby is gambling

One thing that Faye loves besides her family is gambling. She can be seen sneaking off to the casino in the Chrisley Knows Best episodes.

3. Nanny Faye is not wearing a wig.

There is much speculation on if Faye Chrisley wears a wig on Chrisley Knows Best. Worry not, her hair is natural, and she indeed has nice luscious blonde hair.

She likes experimenting with styles. Once, her granddaughter, Savannah, colored her hair bright orange. That is when she had to put on a wig to cover up the mess. 

4. Faye Chrisley’s husband is not a reality show star like herself

Faye’s husband, Gene Raymond Chrisley, is not a reality show star but a US war veteran who served the country during the Korean war. He has been honored with a bronze star for his dedication to his country. 

5. Faye has a favorite child.

Mothers believe they love their children equally and that they don’t have a favorite. But well, Faye Chrisley has chosen her favorite child, and it’s her eldest child, Todd. 

Todd and Faye have a special relationship and can be seen gushing about each other on social media.

6. Faye Chrisley owns a pet.

Faye Chrisley has a tiny pup named Miley, which has been featured many times on Chrisley Knows Best. 

Miley has also made frequent appearances on Faye’s social media accounts.

7. Nanny Faye’s home was foreclosed

Faye had financial troubles yet again, which led her home to be foreclosed. In addition, her legal proceedings necessitated that she move into her son’s home.

Early life, parents, and upbringing

Despite being a reality star, Faye Chrisley has not revealed much about her parents or her siblings. While the Chrisley family are well-to-do and have been leading quite a lavish lifestyle despite some monetary troubles, she was not born into a very rich family.

Nanny Faye

In an episode of the show, Nanny Faye expressed her disappointment when her grandchildren Grayson, Chloe, and Chase remained focused on their electronic devices instead of listening to her. Grayson pointed out that Nanny Faye too used her devices just as much as they did.

However, Faye responded to this and said, “I think about how hard I had to work, milking cows every morning at 4:30 in the morning, and then going to feed the hogs and the chickens. Y’all couldn’t survive one week on what I had to do.”

This proves that despite enjoying a comfortable lifestyle in the present, Faye’s childhood was quite tough. Even in her adulthood, Faye had to overcome many hardships. She apparently worked over 60 hours a week in order to provide for her family.

Faye Chrisley birthday

Nanny Faye was born on September 2, 1943. She was born in South Carolina, United States of America. She is now 78 years old.

Faye’s zodiac sign

Since Faye was born on the 2nd of September, her zodiac is Virgo. People belonging to this zodiac sign are known to be organized, hardworking, determined, and intelligent. Additionally, they are known for their quick wit and humor.

Religion, nationality, and ethnicity

The Chrisleys are devout Christians. Faye Chrisley has made sure to raise her children and grandchildren with strong Christian values and they are not afraid to share their beliefs with the world.

After recovering from Covid-19 in April 2020, Todd Chrisley shared a bible verse on his Instagram account on the occasion of Easter. His son Chase also has a tattoo of a bible verse on his body. Displeased about it, Todd asked his son to remove the tattoo as he felt that Chase was using “his body as a cheat sheet”.

Faye Chrisley is an American. She is a caucasian.

Height, weight, and appearance

Faye is 1.57 meters tall. She weighs 85 kilograms.

Faye Chrisley has blue-colored eyes and is of medium build. She is a natural blonde and has short hair. She likes to experiment with different looks and hairstyles.

In an episode of her show, Faye entrusted her granddaughter Savannah to color her hair. However, the hair coloring experiment ended up being a failure as Faye’s hair turned bright orange. Ultimately, Nanny Faye had to wear a wig to cover up the disaster.

Hobbies and interests

Faye Chrisley is not just a well-known TV personality. In fact, the celebrity has varied interests and hobbies.

She is known to be quite a gambler. In fact, Faye is quite a professional at Blackjack. She even said, “I’ve been all over, and any place I go, I Google to see if there’s a casino around.”

She also likes to spend time with Miley, her dog. Additionally, Faye has expressed her love for her dog on countless occasions and has even argued with her own son Todd after he made rude remarks about Miley.

Moreover, Nanny Faye also enjoys cooking. She likes to prepare classic Southern meals and delicious baked goods for her family to enjoy. In an episode of Julie’s online cooking show, Faye was seen assisting her daughter-in-law Julie in making gravy and biscuits. The recipe was perfect to a level that Todd could not believe that his wife cooked it.

She also likes learning new skills. The celebrity was seen taking swim lessons in her show’s seventh season. The Chrisley family hired a swim instructor for Faye since she doesn’t how to swim. She was once spotted riding a motorcycle.

Relationships and dating history

Faye Chrisley was married to US war veteran Gene Raymond Chrisley, who served for his country during the Korean War. Gene Raymond Chrisley was even honored with a bronze star for his valor and dedication towards his country.

Unfortunately, at the age of 77, Gene Raymond passed away at Emory University Hospital in Atalanta on July 11, 2012. A long struggle with cancer ended his life.

Faye Chrisley husband Gene Raymond

While Nanny Faye misses her husband dearly, she is also keen to find someone new to fill the void left by her husband’s demise. In the first season Chrisley Knows Best, she tried her hands at a dating website to find her perfect match.

While her grandson Kyle helped her to figure out the website, Faye said, “I was just looking for someone to find a cup of coffee with or to go out to dinner; someone to be a companion.”

As she spent some time looking at the men on the website, Faye expressed her sadness about losing her husband and exclaimed, “None of them look like Poppa do they. I’m not ever gonna find nobody like him.”

Faye, who hasn’t remarried yet, also tried out speed dating in the show’s eighth season. She jokingly said, “The first question I’d ask him is, ‘how much money do you have in your bank account, and do you have a yacht?'” In addition, she is also seen indulging in some harmless flirting with Savannah Chrisley’s partner Nic Kerdiles.

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Faye Chrisley children

Faye Chrisley is the mother of three children Todd Chrisley, Randy Chrisley, and Derrick Chrisley. Out of all her sons, Todd is her favorite. They share a special relationship and Todd often gushes about his mother on social media.

Faye Chrisley and the Chrisley family

Todd is also the star of the show Chrisley Knows Best. He is a real estate tycoon known for being controlling, and irrational at times.

Her other son Randy Chrisley prefers to live a rather low-profile life. However, Randy got caught up in controversy when his wife Pamela penned a lengthy Facebook post accusing him of cheating on her. They had a sour divorce and Pamela was arrested and charged with second-degree harassment in connection with an alleged extortion attempt against her brother-in-law Todd Chrisley.

Defending his brother Randy, Todd said, Todd, “She is lying through her teeth. She said that Randy cheated on her while he was undergoing radiation and chemotherapy and that is impossible. My brother was always faithful to Pamela. She is just trying to get sympathy with her lies.”

As for Nanny Faye’s youngest son Derrick, he passed away when he was just a child. Derrick was only 4 months old when he died. He died in the year 1974.

She also has five grandchildren named Savannah, Lindsie, Kyle, Chase, and Grayson.

Faye Chrisley grandchildren and great-grandchildren

Faye Chrisley has five grandchildren: Kyle Chrisley, Grayson Chrisley, Lindsie Chrisley, Savannah Chrisley, and Chase Chrisley. 

She also has two great-grandchildren. Jackson Campbell is the son of Lindsie Chrisley, whereas her other great-grandchild, Chloe Chrisley, is the daughter of Kyle Chrisley.

Faye Chrisley siblings

Faye has an older sister named Francis. She appears on some of the episodes of the reality TV show Chrisley Knows Best. 

A video posted by the show on February 2021 shows the sisters attending a burlesque class to get in good shape.

Nanny Faye’s home in Nashville

Nanny Faye has a home at 806 Lynnwood Blvd, Nashville, TN.

Besides, the stars of Chrisley Knows Best, Todd and Julie, have also purchased a home in the Nashville suburb of Brentwood for $3.4 million. They renovated the mansion and put it on the market for $4.75 million.

This house boasts a pool, game room, basketball court, and home theatre

Faye Chrisley and Cancer

Nanny Faye lost her beloved husband to cancer in 2012. Likewise, her daughter-in-law Julie Chrisley has also had a long battle with the deadly disease.

Luckily, after countless doctor’s appointments and surgery, eventually, Julie won the battle against cancer. Additionally, Faye’s son Randy is also a cancer survivor.

During the fourth season of Chrisley Knows Best, Faye too had a cancer scare. Julie took her to the hospital in order to run tests after a lump was found on her breast.

Faye’s family including her son Todd were extremely worried about her but luckily, all the tests came back negative. They were glad that they conducted the tests considering the family’s history with the disease.

Recent news and controversies

Due to their celebrity status, the Chrisley clan is often the subject of news. The media reports every single move of the Chrisleys including their travels, birthdays, new purchases, and show highlights.

The family has had their fair share of controversies as well. This includes the time Todd and Julie were indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of conspiracy, bank and wire fraud, and tax evasion.

Todd’s estranged daughter, Lindsie also made headlines when she accused her father and half-brother of threatening her regarding an alleged sex tape that her brother claimed to have purchased.

Her sibling Kyle also had a strained relationship with Todd Chrisley in the past. Kyle, whose struggle with drugs and bipolar disorder remains known to the viewers, was accused by his partner Angela Johnson of physically assaulting her and abandoning their daughter Chloe.

Net worth, lifestyle, and income source

As of 2021, Nanny Faye’s net worth is estimated to be about $600,000. She has earned this amount from her stint in the reality show Chrisley Knows Best. Her son, Todd Chrisley, was a multimillionaire and has earned a ton of money as a real estate mogul. Unluckily, Todd filed for bankruptcy in 2012, claiming that he had $4.2 million in assets and almost $50 million worth of debt.

Likewise, he and his wife Julie Chrisley were arrested in 2019 on multiple charges such as tax evasion, wire fraud, bank fraud, and conspiracy between 2007 and 2012. Due to this, Todd’s net worth is negative $5 million.

Owing to the monetary troubles, Nanny Faye’s home was once foreclosed. After this, she moved in with her son and his family for some time. The news emerged in 2014 when Radar Online found out the official court documents proving that Homebanc Mortgage Loan and the U.S. Bank National Association began the foreclosure process on Nanny Faye’s home.

It was reported that Todd Chrisley defaulted on a $362,300 home loan, missing $33,533.38 in payments. Due to this, Nanny Faye temporarily moved in with her son Todd and his family. However, the problem seems to be solved since Faye is back at her old home.

Despite the financial troubles surrounding the family, Nanny Faye has been enjoying quite a lavish lifestyle. Todd has managed to take care of his mother in spite of his own financial hardships.

Faye Chrisley social media


Todd Chrisley’s dearest mother joined Twitter in December 2015. Faye is followed by 20. 3k people and she herself follows 16 other accounts. However, the account has not been in use since December 28, 2015.


On Instagram, Faye Chrisley is active under the username “nannyfayechrisley”. She has 382k followers and 11 followings on her official Instagram account. In addition, Nanny Faye has made a total of 47 posts until now.

Faye often posts pictures of herself and photos with her son and her grandchildren. She also uploads some clips and behind the scene photos of her show. Likewise, her beloved dog Miley also makes frequent appearances on Nanny Faye’s account.


1. What happened to Faye Chrisley’s husband?

Faye Chrisley’s husband, Gene Raymond Chrisley, was a US war veteran honored with a bronze star for his valor. 

Sadly, Gene lost his long battle with cancer and passed away at the age of 77 in Emory University Hospital, Atlanta.

2. Did nanny Faye from the Chrisleys pass away?

Fans of Chrisley Knows Best; you can relax because Nanny Faye Chrisley is alive and well.
Faye suffered a severe rib injury and is now healing.

3. Does Faye Chrisley have cancer?

The Chrisley family has a history of cancer. Faye lost her husband to cancer, whereas her daughter-in-law, Julie, and son Randy are cancer survivors.
Faye Chrisley had a cancer scare. They ran several tests on the lump found on her breast, but the results were negative.

4. What does Faye Chrisley do for a living?

Faye Chrisley is a reality television star starring in Chrisley Knows Best. She has a large fanbase who show her love on social media.

5. Where does Nanny Faye live in Nashville?

Nanny Faye’s house in Nashville was foreclosed due to financial issues. So from here on, she temporarily lived with her son, Todd. 

Today, she is back in her old home and lives a lavish life despite the financial trouble surrounding her and her family.

6. Who is the richest Chrisley?

Nanny Faye’s daughter-in-law, Julie Chrisley, is the richest Chrisley as of 2021. She gains all her wealth as a reality television star.

7. Do the Chrisleys have fake teeth?

There have been rumors that the Chrisleys have fake teeth. They sure have perfect teeth. 
Grayson has put on braces whereas, other family members could have used veneers to improve the appearance of the front teeth. 

Considering the Chrisley family’s wealth, they can afford an excellent cosmetic dentist.