Who Is Faze Rain Sister Sally? Meet His Two Half-Siblings

The viewers are now wondering who Faze Rain sisters are whom they frequently see on Faze’s YouTube channel. Continue reading to explore his siblings along with their parents.

Faze Rain whose full name is Nordan Shat, has had a remarkable journey from top to bottom and again on top. With the passage of years, he has marked himself as one of the well-established YouTubers with notable fan followings.

He is a professional gamer from Canada who uploads gaming-related videos to his YouTube channel, FaZe Rain. The social media star is well known for posting Call of Duty videos, fan mail reads, and daily vlogs.

The YouTuber was formerly known as TrickShotting before changing the channel’s name to Faze Rain. 

With his exposure to social media and recent controversy within his company, he has been the center of mass attention in recent months.

This further led to an increment in the curiosity of the viewers, and they want to know more about Faze Rain’s sister.

Faze Rain Sister Sally Is His Great Supporter

Faze Rain’s sister is Sally who has been seen 3-4 times already with him in his videos. She has been a huge source of inspiration and support for the YouTuber’s early life. 

Whether it was crying together or laughing together, the two always held hands tightly. Their unity and love can still be seen in Faze’s videos.

Faze Rain Sister
Faze Rain Sister, Sally six years ago talking about their childhood. (Source: YouTube)

He was a shy kid who was known for telling jokes and getting people to laugh at school.

The two share both good and bad memories. In his video entitled, “Meet my sister”, Faze revealed that Sally was the reason he wears braces on his teeth.

Faze Rain Parents Are Divorced

Faze Rain’s parents were a well-established couple in Canada. Faze was born and raised in Toronto, Canada with his elder sister, Sally. 

However, it is known that Nordan’s parents share a private life, especially after their divorce when he was a kid.

They seem to keep themselves far away from the media and the cameras avoiding unnecessary attention.

Moreover, 2 years ago Faze talked about his family exposing how he is not proud of his parents. He also talked about how his parents used him for money.

Faze Rain Sister
Faze Rain ranting about his family through his Instagram story. (Source: YouTube)

His parents began fighting frequently when he was seven years old as a result, young Nordan and his sister experienced despair.

Unfortunately, Nordan had to endure another hard time when he struggled with depression and split up from his long-term girlfriend.

He became so depressed as a result of which, he overdosed on Advil in an attempt to kill himself, which led to his hospitalization. 

After experiencing this horrible occurrence, Nordan sought counseling and was comforted by Mary’s advice and support. He was able to achieve stability and happiness in his life thanks to therapy.

The star made the decision to concentrate on video games and discovered that he felt complete every time he used his player console 2.

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Faze Rain Sister – Meet his two half-siblings

Faze has two half-siblings, and he resides with his mother and stepdad. However, their names are not revealed by the YouTuber.

In one of his videos, Nordan explained that Josh, his half-brother, is someone he truly adores and looks up to, despite the fact that he and his half-sister aren’t particularly close.

Faze Rain sister.
Faze Rain pictured with his girlfriend also has two half-siblings. (Source: Twitter)

He has another family as well, FaZe Clan, which is well-known for its team of expert players and content producers who are excellent in many video games, including CS: GO and Call of Duty.

The members of FaZe Clan have successfully established a significant online presence on YouTube, where they post gameplay videos, highlight reels, montages, and other game-related materials.

Because of their great gaming abilities, interesting comments, and appealing personalities, several FaZe Clan members have attracted a lot of attention and popularity.

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