Filipino Actress Ellen Adarna Plastic Surgery: Before And After Photos

Filipino Actress Ellen Adarna Plastic Surgery has captured audiences’ attention and sparked discussions regarding her before and after photos. Ellen is not only an actress and model but also an internet sensation.

Filipino Actress Ellen Meriam is known for her captivating beauty and magnetic presence. She has left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry in the Philippines.

Hailing from a prominent family, Ellen inherited a business empire that included hotels, condominiums, and the renowned Queensland and Madonna motel chains in Cebu, Manila, and Davao.

Her family’s devotion to her late grandmother led to the creation of the breathtaking Temple of Leah, a testament to their love and reverence.

She pursued a degree in Business Administration. Ellen’s passion for the limelight led her to explore the world of show business.

As a teenager, she became a beloved face on the covers of Candy magazine in 2005 and 2006, captivating young hearts nationwide.

Ellen caught the media’s attention with her enchanting allure, gracing the covers of esteemed Philippine magazines such as Candy, FHM, Esquire, UNO, Preview, Speed, and Women’s Health.

She tied the marriage knot with actor Derek Ramsay on November 11, 2021, marking the beginning of a new chapter in her life. She had a son with acclaimed actor John Lloyd Cruz before her marriage.

Her effortless charm and striking beauty propelled her to the forefront of the industry, making her one of the most sought-after models in the country.

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Ellen Adarna Plastic Surgery

Ellen Adarna is known for her plastic surgery. Celebrities often face immense pressure to maintain a flawless appearance in the captivating world of show business.

Ellen Adarna Plastic Surgery
Ellen was also a beloved face on the covers of Candy magazine. (Photo Source: Instagram)

She has openly acknowledged her journey with plastic surgery. While some stars prefer to keep such matters private, Ellen’s transparency has sparked discussion and speculation among netizens.

The actress fearlessly admitted to undergoing bust augmentation, embracing the idea that enhancing her curves adds to her allure and boosts her self-confidence.

With her openness, Ellen has inspired others to embrace their bodies and make choices that empower them.

Additionally, netizens have speculated about Ellen possibly having undergone double eyelid surgery, a procedure that can alter the appearance of the eyes. 

Despite cosmetic enhancements, her charm and radiance have become more refined and mature over the years.

Ellen Adarna Before And After Photos

Ellen Adarna, a famous actress, has undergone a noticeable transformation over the years, which we can see in her before and after photos.

In the earlier pictures, Ellen’s appearance was characterized by a slightly fuller figure, a larger nose, and natural fair and milky white skin.

Her eyes were also described as “chinky,” a colloquial term for small, almond-shaped eyes.

However, in recent times, Ellen Adarna has achieved a different aesthetic. She is often described as looking sexy, hot, and beautiful.

One significant change she made was removing her silicone breast implants.

She shared her reasons for the removal in a series of Instagram stories on May 8. She stated it was a way to bid farewell to breast implant illness (BII).

Ellen Adarna expressed relief at breathing properly after removing her implants. Further, she mentioned that the removal had alleviated these troubling symptoms.

Ellen Adarna Before And After Photos
Before and after photos of Ellen Adarna. (Photo Source: Kami)

Ellen Adarna’s transformation from her earlier chubby appearance to her current stunning look showcases her journey of self-improvement and embracing her natural beauty.

Ellen’s decision to remove her breast implants reflects her commitment to her well-being. In addition, she highlights the growing awareness of potential health issues associated with such procedures.

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