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Who is Fiona Loudon?

Fiona Loudon is an actress in Los Angeles who had a lifelong dream of becoming an actress. She’s originally from Scotland.

Fiona is a Latin female name that means “fair” or “white.” 

She previously married to Daniel Craig. Daniel is famous for playing the role of popular spy James Bond. They also had a daughter who made a debut in Hollywood some years ago.

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quick facts

NameFiona Loudon
BirthdayMay 5, 1968
BirthplaceScotland, United Kingdom
Age55 years old
TraitsPositive: gentle, kind, and loyal

Negative: blunt, undirectional, and possessive
Eye colorBlue
Hair colorBlonde
Height5’7 feet (170 cm)
Body measurement35-27-34inches
Marital statusDivorced
SpouseDaniel Craig (1992-1994)
ChildrenElla Craig

interesting facts

1. Fiona Loudon is a Scottish actress

Fiona was born and raised in Scotland, United Kingdom. She grew up in a Christian household.

Fiona always dreamed about being an actress, and thus, she moved to London during her twenties to work in the film industry.

2. Fiona Loudon is Daniel Craig’s first wife

Fiona is an actress, but she is more renowned as the ex-wife of Daniel Craig. They married before Daniel was the superstar that he is now. 

Fiona tied the knot with Daniel in 1992.

However, they divorced in 1994.

3. Fiona Loudon has a daughter

She shares a daughter, Ella, with her ex-husband, Daniel Craig. Fiona was born after a few months of their marriage in 1992.

Ella followed in her parents’ footsteps and became an actress too.

4. Fiona Loudon lives a luxurious life

Fiona has not been in the film industry for a long time; however, she still has a net worth of around $10 million. So we can guess that she got a hefty amount on her divorce settlement.

5. Fiona Loudon did not marry again

Fiona remained single after divorcing Daniel Craig. Instead, she dedicated her life to taking care of her daughter, Ella. 

She also worked towards helping an organization called “Cancer Research UK” to find a cure for the disease.

Fiona Loudon childhood

Fiona Loudon was born on May 5, 1968. She is currently 55 years old.

She was born and raised in Scotland, United Kingdom. However, she has not revealed where in Scotland.

She has also kept her family hidden from the media. Information regarding her childhood, and parents, and even her siblings have been kept secret. All we know is that she grew up in a Christian household.

Fiona is a Taurus. She has wanted to be an actress since her childhood. Her passion for acting and her fearless attitude bought her to London.

She was still in her twenties when she came to London. She struggled a lot in making her place in the film industry.

Around this time, she met her ex-husband Daniel Craig, who was also in the initial phase of his career.


Although she was an actress, she wanted to complete her education. She knew that education would take her to places that she wouldn’t reach otherwise.

She believed to have completed her high school education at a local high school in Scotland. After that, she came to London, where she also studied acting.

Along with acting, she’s also a graduate of London University. It is a reputed University where students from all over the world come for higher education.


Daniel Craig Fiona Loudon

Fiona has achievements of her own. She has been a pretty good actress who has proven her skills on stage.

However, the world will rarely acknowledge her as ‘Actress Fiona’ but as the ex-wife of Daniel Craig.

Fiona Loudon with her ex-husband Daniel Craig

Her name always comes up whenever there is a mention of Daniel Craig.

Fiona and Daniel met when they were young and were just starting their career. They supported each other in their career and helped each other grow.

The news of them dating came in the year 1991. At that time, Daniel had just graduated from Guildhall School of Music and Drama.

Fiona often acted on stage. Daniel was also trained at the National Youth Theatre.

The couple got married in 1992. It’s the same year that Daniel Craig did his movie debut. He made his debut in a movie titled “Power of One.”

“Power of One” is a drama movie about a boy named P.K. who learns boxing. Daniel plays the role of a one-time high-school nemesis of the P.K. character.

Anyway, Fiona and Daniel got married, and within a few months, they gave birth to their daughter in the same year in 1992.

Fiona Loudon divorce

The birth of their daughter couldn’t save their marriage. According to Daniel, he was too young and immature to be married. He wanted to live differently, and so did she. 

So finally, they decided that they weren’t fit for each other and decided to get divorced. They divorced in the year 1994.

Fiona Loudon Husband Daniel Craig

She is married to Daniel Craig for two years. Since they couldn’t work it out, they decided to get a divorce.

Daniel is known for the iconic character James Bond. His first movie as a Bond was the 2006 movie Casino Royale.

Fiona’s ex-husband said later in an interview that he had made the mistake of marrying too young. He admitted to being immature, and it was mostly his fault that the marriage ended.

Fiona's ex-husband Daniel Craig

After a few years, he decided to date again. As a result, Craig once again came to the limelight for dating Heike Makatsch.

Heike is a German actress and a singer known for her role as Lisa Addison in Residental Evil and Mia in Love Actually.

This relationship went on for quite a time and ended in 2004.

After that, Daniel dated a film producer named Satsuki Mitchell. Mitchell is a well-known film producer in Hollywood who is known for her work in “The Jacket,” released in 2005, “Last Night” released in 2010, and “Godsend” released in 2004.

Daniel and Satsuki were serious about each other and wanted to marry. They also got engaged but later broke up in 2010.

Maybe that happened for the best because that year he met the girl he was going to marry.

In December 2010, he started dating Rachel Weisz. He had already worked with Rachel in a movie called Dream House.

Rachel is a British American actress who has won several awards like Golden Globe, Academy Award, and many more. She recently appeared in the Marvel movie “Black Widow.”

Daniel married Rachel in 2011, and in September 2018, they gave birth to a baby.

Fiona did not marry again, and no news of dating has been made public. Instead, she decided to be a single mother. She took care of Ella and raised her to be the woman that she is.

Fiona Loudon daughter Ella Craig

Fiona and Daniel named their daughter Ella Craig. Their daughter has done a few movies.

Fiona Laudon and Daniel Craig's daughter Ella Craig
Fiona Loudon and Daniel Craig’s daughter Ella Craig

Daniel and Fiona’s daughter has made them proud by following their profession.

She has acted in Texas Road and Cold Blood. She’s also known for her movies like Nara and Memory Paradigm.

Texas Road was released in 2010 and directed by Dylan Pierce. It is a horror film about five friends facing evil on the road in Texas.

In Texas Road, she plays the role of a girl named Liz.

Similarly, Cold Blood is a mystery documentary series that ran from 2008 to 2012, where she played the role of a club girl.

In the Memory Paradigm, she plays the role of Kailey. Memory Paradigm was released in 2007.

Ella is rumored to be the next bond girl. She is currently believed to be dating Ben Hill.

She is more closed to her father than her mother. Often she and her father are seen together on the beach and other holiday outings.

She has starred in movies like ‘Trauma is a Time Machine’ and ‘Maneater.” She’s been praised for her performance in these movies.

Fiona Loudon career

Fiona mostly decided to stay out of the limelight. She believed that all this fame and glory was not for her, and she wanted a simple life.

There isn’t any movie she has acted on. However, she’s said to have done a lot of performing on the stage. She’s also believed to have learned acting by going to acting classes.

She was well known to the media after she was married and the year when she gave birth to Ella. After that, she faded from the eyes of the press.

In recent times, she has reappeared in the media. The reason for that is her daughter Ella who has been quite active in the movies recently.

She’s often spotted in the city with her daughter going for lunch or some other activity.

So, her career might not have been so glamorous, but life has been pretty fruitful for her as a mother.

Fiona Loudon net worth

Fiona isn’t involved in any big-budget movies. Still, she has a net worth that is bigger than most actors and actresses in Hollywood.

It is estimated to be around USD 10 million.

Daniel Craig net worth

Daniel has a net worth of about USD 160 million.

Her husband’s movies have always done very well at the box office. Casino Royale is one of the best movies by Daniel Craig.

Since it was also a James Bond movie, everyone was pretty sure that its earning would be big.

Casino Royale earned USD 600 million at the box office. Similarly, another movie, Spectre, earned USD 300 million.

His highest grosser, however, is the movie Skyfall. This movie managed to collect one billion, one hundred, and one million dollars in total.

Maybe most of Fiona’s net worth came from her ex-husband’s net worth. Sure she is also an actress, but still, a considerable sum of money might be involved in the divorce settlement.

Fiona Loudon charity

Fiona has actively supported an organization called Cancer Research U.K.

The organization has been trying to help find a cure for cancer so that no people die from it.

It believes that by supporting the research, the cure for cancer will be found one day.

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