A shocking report describes what happened surrounding Ezra Miller’s arrests in 2022.

'Flash star Ezra Miller considered themself to be the Messiah
‘Flash star Ezra Miller considered themself to be the Messiah

Ezra Miller allegedly envisioned himself as a Jesus figure. According to the reports, he ran with an elite group of eccentrics equipped with adequate weaponry to fight a small war.

As part of its latest issue, Vanity Fair published an article entitled “Ezra Miller’s ‘Messiah’ Delusions: Inside The Flash Star’s Dark Spiral.” As intriguing as the headline might suggest, the piece lives up to its title.

Unidentified sources have claimed to hold significant positions in Ezra’s inner circle and revealed what happens there.

Reports indicate that he operated a harem or convent on his Vermont ranch, stocked with many firearms and other weapons.

According to the article, Ezra would host bizarre rituals, comparing himself to his fictional character, The Flash. For example, they supposedly built an altar in their home where they burned sage and held sermons.

During one of these meetings, Ezra demanded Susan Sarandon come to pay tribute to him for snubbing them.

Additionally, the article describes Ezra as becoming increasingly chaotic as the pandemic progressed.

The video circulated in 2021 revealed that Ezra choked a woman in Iceland. Following that, they entered a turbulent period in 2022. They accompanied a young activist whose parents claimed that Ezra was controlling through subtle methods.

According to VF’s report, Ezra has done several out-of-the-way things over the past few years.

Apart from their legal issues, which are reviewed and documented, a lot more is involved with their behavior.

Ezra roamed the streets looking for young people who needed enslavement to their lifestyle. Aside from that, they displayed weapons everywhere and armed themselves.

Additionally, Ezra appears to have tortured his closest associates with diatribes, firings, and scoldings.

Despite their erratic behavior, Ezra has since indicated they intend to seek mental health treatment.

Despite all the problems, Warner Bros. has decided to proceed with the 2023 release of Ezra’s ‘Flash.’

There have been good reviews of ‘The Flash screenings, so it will be interesting to see if the fans choose to see it regardless of the ongoing drama.