Florinka Pesenti bio, relationships, career, and net worth

Who is Florinka Pesenti?

Florinka Pesenti, widely known as Flo, is a TV personality and a famous public relations director who has worked for global households like Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Glamour Magazine, and Tod’s Magazine.

Florinka is a Latin unisex name that means “Flower” or “Blossom.”

Today, Florinka Pesenti works as a vice-president for the diversified holding company MacAndrews & Forbes. Pesenti gained public attention for the first time when she won a reality show called ‘The Amazing Race 3’ in 2002.

Florinka Pesenti is the girlfriend of a famous American TV host and anchor, Dan Abrams. The couple also has a son.

Please continue reading further to know more about Florinka Pesenti and her lifestyle.

quick facts

Full name Florinka Pesenti
Nickname Flo
Birthday January 17, 1979
Birthplace Milan, Italy
Age 44 years old
Height 5’9″ inch (1.75 m)
Weight 128 lbs. (58 kgs)
Eye color Dark Brown
Hair color Black
Nationality Italian/American
Ethnicity White
Profession TV personality/Public Relations director/ Vice-president
Sun sign Capricorn
Traits Positive: hardworking, ambitious, and responsible

Negative: pessimistic, workaholic, and stubborn
High school Ethical Culture Fieldstone School
University Vassar College
Father’s name Roberto Pesenti
Siblings Viktor Pesenti
Relationship status Taken
Partner Dan Abrams (2009-present)
Children Everett Floyd Abram (born January 2012)
Net worth USD 2 million
Hobby Photography

interesting facts

1. Florinka Pesenti is an Italian American

Florinka was born to Roberto Pesenti and an Italian mother whose name is not disclosed to the media. She was born in Milan, Italy, where her father worked as a bureau chief and photo editor of an Italian newspaper.

Maybe, this is the reason for her interest in being a publicist.

2. Florinka Presenti has a brother

Florinka grew up with her younger brother, Viktor Pesenti.

3. Florinka became famous after winning “The Amazing Race 3.”

Florinka was working as a public relations associate before appearing in The Amazing Race 3. Flo teamed up with her friend, Zach Behr, to race around the world.

4. Florinka has worked for well-recognized clothing brands and publishing companies

Florinka worked in Glamour Magazine. for three years before leaving for TODs, Gucci, and Ralph Lauren.

She is now the vice president of McAndrews and Forbes.

5. Florinka is in a relationship with Dan Abrams

Florinka met Dan Abrams at an event through their mutual friend. They weren’t interested in dating at first, but with time, they fell in love.

They are now in a relationship for more than a decade and are stronger than ever.

6. Florinka has two children

Florinka Pesenti shares two children, a son and a daughter, with her boyfriend, Dan Abrams.

She gave birth to a son named  Everett Floyd Abrams in January 2012 whereas, her daughter, Emilia Abrams, was born in 2021.

Florinka Pesenti age, early life, and education

Florinka Pesenti was born to Roberto Pesenti and her Italian mother on January 17, 1979, in Milan, Italy.

Her father worked as a bureau chief and a photo editor for an Italian newspaper, which could be the reason for her interest in building a career as a publicist.

She also has a younger sibling named Viktor Pesenti.

Florinka Pesenti

Florinka moved to New York when she was five years old in 1984. She completed her high school at Ethical Culture Fieldstone School in New York. After completing high school, Pesenti achieved her undergraduate degree from Vassar College.

Furthermore, as a child, Florinka was also interested in photography. She has also completed a photography course.

She loves to travel, which is the reason that led her to compete and win ‘The Amazing Race 3’.

personality traits

Florinka was born in mid-January. She is a Capricorn. People who were born on January 17 are known to be determined and pragmatic.

They possess a fast mind, quick responses, and the ability to evaluate situations rapidly.

Likewise, Capricorns are naturally business-minded and are good at commercializing their abilities and grabbing the right opportunities when they arise. These personality traits accurately explain Florinka’s career choice and her work for a variety of high-end brands.

Florinka Pesenti turned 44 years old this January.

She has long black hair and brown eyes. She stands 5’9″ inch (1.75 m ) tall and weighs 128 lbs. (58 kgs). She holds both American and Italian nationality.

Florinka Pesenti relationships

Flo Pesenti and Drew Riker

Before meeting her current boyfriend, Dan Abrams, Florinka Pesenti was dating Drew Riker.

The two met in the sets of Amazing Race 3. Drew was in the team of the hunky twins who were participating, too. The couple dated for seven years after the reality show before they called it quits.

Florinka Pesenti and Dan Abrams

Florinka and Dan met for the first time at a memoir party of ‘The Hunger by John DeLucie in 2009. A mutual friend introduced them.

According to some sources, Florinka claimed that she met Dan before being introduced to him at the party, but on the other hand, Dan could not recall meeting her before.

Although the two were attracted to each other when they were introduced, they were not interested in dating at first.

At that time, Florinka had just ended her serious relationship, and Dan was in a relationship, Renne Zellweger.

Today, the couple runs in their 12th year of being together and even shares a son named Everett Floyd Abrams in January 2012 and a daughter named Emilia Abrams born in 2021.

The couple and their children reside in New York and are still going strong.

Flo Pesenti Dan Abrams

Dan Abrams is working as the Chief Legal Analyst for ABC news. He was born on May 20, 1966, in New York City. His father, Floyd Abrams, is a renowned constitutional lawyer and expert on the First Amendment.

Dan studied at Duke University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in political science in 1988. After that, he attended Columbia University’s Law School.

Florinka Pesenti with Dan Abrams
Florinka Pesenti with partner Dan Abrams

He came to the limelight for his coverage of the O.J. Simpson trial for Court TV. Dan used to work as the chief legal analyst and anchor at NBC before he joined ABC. He also hosts ‘LIVE PD for A&E’ and owns several websites under the banner of Abrams Media.

Before meeting Florinka Pesenti in 2009, Dan was engaged to Elisabeth Rohm from 2003 to 2005. After that, he dated a British ‘Dexter’ actress in 2007 for a year. He then dated Australian model and entrepreneur Elle MacPherson in 2008 and Bridget Jones’s Diary actress Renne Zellweger in 2009 before meeting Pesenti in the same year.

In September 2004, Dan Abrams had announced that he was diagnosed with testicular cancer at the age of 37.

Although his initial plan was not to talk about his disease in public, he eventually announced it. Dan honored Sean Kimerling, a young network personality undergoing treatment for the same condition, during his announcement.

Although Dan has not announced whether he has recovered from cancer, we hope he has completely healed now.

Florinka Pesenti children

Florinka Pesenti has two children with her long-term boyfriend, Dan Abrams. She first gave birth to a son, Everett Floyd Abrams, in 2012.

Recently, she gave birth to a daughter named Emilia Abrams in February 2021

Florinka Pesenti career

Florinka Pesenti was working as a public relations associate with the Hogan Accessories line of shoes and accessories before appearing in ‘The Amazing Race,’

Florinka Pesenti The Amazing Race

She only came under the limelight in the third season of the reality TV show ‘The Amazing Race.’ She teamed up with her friend Zach Behr in the season. The show is an adventure reality game show where teams travel and race around the world.

During the show, Florinka and Zach traveled from the United States to Mexico, United Kingdom, Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam.

Florinka was known to be notorious for her constant complaining and screaming at Zach among her fans. However, Zach claimed that her screaming helped the two carry the team through the Race and become the first co-ed team to win the reality show.

Zach Behr
Florinka Pesenti with Zach Behr

Zach stated, “I am the logistics man. I’m good with directions, roughing it, and keeping a cool head. Flo is very good at keeping things fun. She’s also great at getting people to do things they might not otherwise do.”

Many fans believe that Florinka and Zach were dating. Although both of them were attracted to each other over the years, their friendship began in college. However, they never pursued a romantic relationship.

Florinka was even offered to participate in a show called ‘All-Stars’ as a new team member. However, Pesenti declined the offer, claiming that she felt the Race had brought the worst side of her and also because Zach did not get invited to the show along with her.

Florinka Pesenti Glamour Magazine

After completing The Amazing Race on December 18, 2002, Florinka joined Glamour Magazine. The magazine is widely famous for its contents, including a review of products, latest trends regarding outfits, hair, entertainment, and gossips.

Pesenti worked in Glamour for three years and left the magazine in 2005.

After leaving Glamour, Pesenti started working for well-recognized clothing and accessories brand.

At first, she worked for TOD’s, an Italian company that sells leather shoes, belts, and bags. Then, she worked in TODs as a director of public relations.

Florinka Pesenti Gucci

She then joined a highly acclaimed luxury brand GUCCI, where she worked as a director of Public Relations. After a few years, the talented publicist was offered a vice-president role in Ralph Lauren.

Being a fashionista herself, she handled the company’s global public relations and overall luxury collections of the brand globally.

Likewise, while working for Ralph Lauren, she also looked after the company’s special events and celebrity relations. She worked with Ralph Lauren for two and a half years before she resigned from her post.

Today, Florinka Pesenti is the vice president for McAndrews and Forbes, a multi-business company run by one corporate group. The company works with diverse businesses and delivers best-in-class products and services to consumers all over the world.

Furthermore, the company also businesses various industries, from global leaders in cosmetics to biotechnology and military equipment.

Florinka Pesenti net worth

According to some sources, a manager at GUCCI earns USD 82,000 to USD 90,000 per year. With her previously working with brands like GUCCI, TOD’s, and Ralph Lauren, we are sure she has received a handsome salary throughout the years.

Today, Florinka Pesenti’s net worth is estimated to stand at USD 2 million.

Furthermore, with her working as a vice-president for big houses like McAndrews and Forbes, we are assured her wealth will skyrocket in the future.

On the other hand, her partner, Dan’s net worth is around USD 23 million.

He earns a considerable amount of income from different sources as a chief legal anchor, and a news presenter in ABC news, and even though the websites are under the Abram Media banner.

social media

Although Florinka is not that active on social media platforms, although, she has a Twitter and an Instagram account.


She has about 300 plus followers in her Twitter account, where she mainly retweets and sometimes even posts pictures of spending time with her boyfriend, Dan Abram, and her son Everett.

You can find Florinka on Twitter as @florinka

Florinka Pesenti with boyfriend Dan Abrams and son Everett


Despite working as a public relations associate for significant companies, Florinka is entirely private about her lifestyle. So, although she has an Instagram, her account is in private mode.

Florinka is on Instagram as @florinka1

However, her account has about 500 plus followers, and her bio reads, “Mostly photos with @everettabrams1.” So we are assuming most of her posts consist of pictures of her son.


You can also connect with Florinka Pesenti on LinkedIn. Her LinkedIn profile consists of her education and work experiences.

Florinka Pesenti now

Although Florinka Pesenti’s relationship status is taken but not married, she has an amazing and successful partner and a doting dad.

Furthermore, she is doing what she is best at. She is the vice-president for Mcandrews and Forbes.


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