Samantha Diaz, Stage Name Just Sam, an American Idol winner, posted photos inside a hospital room.

Just Sam had a harrowing week, but she is now on the road to recovery.

Samantha Diaz (born November 23, 1998), professionally known as Just Sam, was born in Harlem, New York. First, appearance after the audition for the singing reality show American Idol in Washington, D.C., on October 14, 2019.

 After surviving Hollywood Week and reaching the Top 5, Just Sam received the most votes, and on May 17, 2020, her name was announced as the winner of the 18th season of American Idol, winning over runner-up Arthur Gunn. She was also the first African American winner since Candice Glover in season 12.

She has recently posted on her Instagram Story what appeared to be at least one hospital stay this week. However, a 23-year-old singer failed to disclose her condition.

On the day following the incident, Just Sam shared a picture of what appeared to be a hospital room or medical exam room. In the caption, the singer wrote, “I’m grateful for the prayers, everyone. I’m doing much better now.” she also shared a photo of a scale in front of a red fridge, noting, “100lbs is crazyyy [two crying emojis]…I seriously need help.”

Earlier this week, the New York-based performer began documenting her medical scare. Sam wrote on her Instagram Story on August 24, “Thank you to everyone that checked on me. I am ALIVE and out of the hospital.”

 Also, Sam posted a video of the present she received, adding, “Guys, look at what my baby got me. Awwww! After such a horrible day, oh my gosh!”

Sam uploaded a video the next day showing herself wearing a mask and hearing other patients’ sounds and a beeping noise in the background. She captioned the clip, “I need a better hospital, bruh. I hate it here, tbh.”

American idol winner Samantha Diaz got hospitalized.

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