Meteorologist Frank Field Wife Joan Kaplan Field: Children And Family Ethnicity

The enigmatic Joan Kaplan Field, the famed Frank Field wife, resides in a world of mystery and intrigue.

Shrouded in secrecy, her existence and their family’s fascinating background entice the curious.

Get ready for an exciting trip as we explore the depths of their untold stories and uncover the mysteries that lurk in the shadows.

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Frank Field Wife Joan Kaplan Field

Joan Kaplan Field, the wonderful wife of Frank Field, supported him for more than 75 years.

She was crucial in assisting Frank’s successful meteorology profession because she was constantly there to support and elevate him.

Because of Joan’s commitment to domestic duties, Frank could concentrate on his career while knowing he had a caring and understanding companion at home. Despite playing a supporting role, Joan had a huge impact.

Joan was a loving wife and mother and a creative person. She enjoyed painting and drawing because she had a talent for the arts.

Frank Field Wife
On July 2, 2023, at the age of 100, Frank Field passed away, leaving behind a lasting legacy in the world of meteorology (Image Source: hollywoodreporter)

Although her artistic endeavors may not have attracted much notice from the general world, they provided her with personal joy and a means of self-expression.

Joan’s love of art gave her character depth and demonstrated her versatility.

Joan was reclusive throughout her life, preferring to avoid the spotlight. She was nevertheless unwavering in her love and commitment to her family.

Joan was a devoted grandmother and great-grandmother who left her loved ones with enduring memories for future generations.

Although her presence will be greatly missed, her husband, children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren will carry on her legacy of devotion and love.

Frank Field and Joan Kaplan Field Children

Three children who each left their imprint on the world were a blessing for Frank Field and Joan Kaplan Field.

Their son Storm Field continued his father’s meteorology career by working for major New York television networks like WABC-TV, WCBS-TV, and WWOR-TV.

Storm also wrote several books on weather and climatology to share his expertise and enthusiasm with a larger audience.

He is married and has two kids of his own, carrying on the meteorology tradition of his ancestors.

Their daughter Allison Field also chose to work in meteorology and has contributed to WCBS-TV and WWOR-TV, among other New York television networks.

Frank Field with his son Strom Field
Frank Field with his son Strom Field (Image Source: newsday)

She started writing books about weather and climate, like her brother Storm to show off her knowledge of the subject.

Allison undoubtedly made significant contributions to the Field of meteorology, even though specifics about her personal and professional life are not given.

Frank and Joan Field also have a kid named Pamela, but there is no information about her besides Storm and Allison.

The family’s collective commitment to studying and comprehending weather patterns and climate is evident in their children’s successes.

Future generations of meteorologists will be motivated by their contributions to the Field.

Frank Field Ethnicity

Frank Field was actually Franklyn Feld, who was of Ashkenazi Jewish descent. His parents arrived in the country in 1909, and their surname was later Anglicized to Field.

Tragically, the members of their extended family who stayed in Europe perished in the Holocaust.

Frank Field was born in Brooklyn, New York on March 30, 1923.

At MIT, where he earned a degree in meteorology, he continued his education after graduating from Brooklyn College.

During World War II, Field worked as a meteorologist for the US Army Air Forces, using his knowledge to aid combat operations.

The Field had a lucrative career in broadcasting following the war, first working as a weatherman for WNBC-TV in New York City.

He spent over 40 years building a reputation as one of the most well-known and dependable weather forecasters in the New York metropolitan area.

Field left WNBC in 2000 and had a significant influence on meteorology.

The experiences of his immigrant parents and the tragic loss experienced by their extended family, which gave a significant element to Frank Field’s identity, helped to create his Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry.

Despite the traumas his family had to go through, Field persisted in his meteorology vocation and, throughout his life, provided accurate weather forecasts to numerous people.

His contribution as an outstanding weatherman and his affinity for his ethnicity will be remembered and respected in the future.

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