Frankie Lons Daughter Elite Noel Age Gap And Parents

Frankie Lons Daughter Elite Noel, factually her last-born daughter loved her dearly.

Francine Lons, popularly known by her nickname ‘Frankie’, was an American actress and television personality.

She was born on the 18th of July, 1960 in Oakland, California, USA. Francine had three daughters, Keyshia Cole, Neffeteria Pugh, and Elite Noel.

Frankie received recognition after her appearance in the show named ‘Frankie and Neffe’ in the year 2015. Her daughter, Keyshia was too in the show.

The show was a hit. She grabbed a huge amount of money that added to her wealth.

As tragic as death could get, Frankie Lons took her last breath at her birthday party i.e. 18th of July, 2021. She allegedly overdosed at the party.

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Frankie Lons And Elite Noel Age Gap

Frankie Lons’s last-born daughter was Elite Noel.

Elite is a famous actress, singer, television personality, lyricist, model, entrepreneur, rapper, and social media star from California, United States.

Noel is also the owner of a cosmetic brand named, ‘Klub Kosmetics which mainly focuses on eye make-up products.

The age difference between Frankie Lons and her last-born daughter is 25 years.

Elite was very close to her mother Frankie. This is quite evident with the occasional posts she keeps making about her mother in the Instagram.

Frankie Lons daughter Elite Noel.
Frankie Lons and daughter Elite Noel together. (Source: Instagram)

As the whole family was enjoying Frankie’s 61st birthday party, she passed away due to a drug overdose.

Elite Noel reported her mother’s death by posting an Instagram story saying: ‘Most exceedingly terrible agony ever… To see my mom in a body sack on her birthday! My heart so fu*kin broke.’

Losing a mother itself is a dreadful situation, but that too in such a tragic way must have been a lot for Elite to handle.

We all can only imagine what she has gone through and how she must have dealt with the profound sadness that came her way.

Often she is seen sharing memories with her mother on her Instagram timeline. She misses her greatly which can be understood by seeing the posts she makes.

But again how can one forget their mother? 

Elite Noel Parents Details Revealed

Elite Noel, the famous actress and singer is the last-born daughter of Francine Lons.

However, there is no information regarding her biological father available in the public domain.

Although born to her mother, she was brought up by Ellis Randolph.

Randolph was the one who adopted and brought her up. Elite disclosed this through her social media account where she posted about how thankful she was to her father for taking really good care of her.

She loves her father dearly. Elite also made a post on her Instagram account expressing gratitude.

Elite Noel and father Ellis Randolph.
Elite Noel and father Ellis Randolph. (Source:

Randolph appeared with Neffeteria Pugh on her BET reality show Frankie & Neffe back in the year 2009.

She and her sister, Elite, took a paternity test to see if Randolph was also her father.

Unfortunately the results came back that Randolph was not Elite’s father.

In the year 2020, Pugh revealed that her father had passed away on her birthday. She expressed her grief through a post that she made.

This news made Elite equally sad as well as she dearly loved him.

It is not always necessary to have a blood relationship to make any relationship stronger. It is about the one who shows up and loves us that counts the most.

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