Who Is Galina Becker?

Some people in Hollywood struggled their whole life to reach where they are today, whereas few got famous by being by their partner’s side. Galina Becker is a fitness model who belongs to the latter group.

She is a wonderful lady who has been staying beside her partner both in happiness and sorrow. That is the reason why wrestler Roman Reigns is blessed to have her in his life.

Galina Becker Biography
Galina Becker Biography

Similar can be said in the case of Galina. Roman has been supporting her behind the shadows to make her what she is today. Both are happy to be by each other’s side and now are blessed to have five beautiful children.

Looking at these two, it is apparent they have been listed among the most long-lasting couple in the wrestling world. Being a mother, it was a tough decision for Galina whether to take care of her kids or uplift her career, but Reigns is the one who made it happen.

Now, she is not only a housewife but an athlete and a model. Through this article, we will be talking about how this celebrity couple managed between their career and kids. Likewise, we will also talk about how their love flourished throughout the years.

Quick Facts

Full NameGalina Joelle Becker
Famous asWife of WWE Roman Reigns
BirthdayMarch 11, 1987
Age35 years old
Sun signPisces
TraitsPositive: Kind, Positive, and artistic
Negative: Indecisive, lazy, and money-minded
Birth PlaceJacksonville, Florida, USA
ParentsKevin Becker (father)
Mildred Becker (mother)
SiblingsUndine Becker (sister)
Molissa Cooper (sister)
Height5 feet 8 inches
Marital StatusMarried
Spouse NameRoman Reigns
Children NameJoelle
ProfessionFitness Model
Net WorthUSD 3 million

Interesting Facts

  • The Rock, aka Dwayne Johnson and Roman Reigns, are non-biological cousins. Other than this, he is also the cousin of legendary WWE players Umaga, Rikishi, and Yokozuna. Also, Reigns is the first cousin of a famous team, The Uss, who was once removed from the SmackDown tag team.
  • Galina Becker was born to a simple American family.
  • Roman and Galina were high school sweethearts.
  • Although Roman and Galina were young, she got pregnant at the tender age of 21. During that time, Reigns was 22 years old and did not even have a stable income.

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Galina Becker Bio

This lady came to the spotlight when her name was linked with the WWE’s Golden Boy Roman Reigns. As a matter of fact, he is a professional wrestler and gridiron football player whose real name is Leati Joseph Anoa’i.

This lovey-dovey couple has set a prime example of how a relationship should be. Fans are delighted to see them together at public events and enjoying their family time.

They have always been supporting each other physically, mentally, and emotionally. That is the reason why their relationship is growing stronger and stronger with each passing day.

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Early Life and Childhood

Galina Joelle Becker was born on the 11th day of March in 1987. As of 2022, she is 35 years old.

From the moment people learn that Roman is madly in love with Galina, they cannot stop digging into her personal life. This beautiful model was raised in Jacksonville, the south coast of Florida, the United States of America.

Galina Becker Young Photo
Galina Becker Young Photo

She decided to be a professional athlete when she was a kid. Later, the Becker family migrated to San Francisco, California, and resided there.

During that time, she used to enroll in Mt. Pleasant High School. According to sources, she was good in both study and sports.

Moving on, Galina received her degree in management from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Although she was in college, Becker continued her passion for sports.

Parents and Siblings

Her mother’s name is Mildred Becker, while her father’s name is Kevin Becker.

Both of her parents were determined to raise her to be a better citizen of society. Being the youngest member of the family, it is apparent that Galina was showered with all the love and care from the family.

Especially, her older sister Molisa Cooper and Undine Becker used to love her unconditionally. They spent their childhood happily and encouraging one another.

Just like Becker, her sister Undine is also a sports enthusiast. As a matter of fact, it was because of her, Galina got interested in sports in the first place.

Height and body statistics

There is no denying that this lady has a fantastic body as she is keen on sports. That might be the main reason why she has got a very athletic figure.

Speaking of which, her bust measures about 34 inches, her waist about 27 inches, and her hips about 34 inches. Other than her body, Galina enchants fans with her glistening hazel eyes.

Her luscious long dark curls are like cherry on the top. Although she is in her mid 30’s Galina looks very young and presentable in the media.

In addition to this, Becker stands tall at an incredible height of 5 feet 8 inches which converts to 173 cm in general. The most unique feature of this fitness geek is her kind nature and humble gesture.

How did Roman Reigns and Galina Becker meet?

This lovey-dovey couple met for the first time when they were in college. Leati Joseph Anoa’i and Galina used to go to the same college and were classmates.

Leati used to play for the Georgia Tech Yellow Football team. Similarly, Becker was also keen on sports.

WWE Star Roman Reigns and Wife Galina Becker
WWE Star Roman Reigns and Wife Galina Becker

Soon they became attracted to one another, and the next thing they knew, they were dating each other. Although they were young and focused on their career, they had a lot on their plates.

In 2008 at the age of 22, this champion was diagnosed with leukemia. On top of that, Galina became pregnant with their first child.

That was also why Reigns halted his career to become a football player and fulfilled his responsibility as a father.

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Roman Reigns and Galina Becker wedding

As their love flourished for each other from college, they finally decided to share rings on the 26th day of February in 2012. To make it more romantic, Roman proposed to her on the auspicious day of Valentine’s Day.

A couple of years later, this duo decided to walk down the aisle on December 6th, 2014. During their wedding, roman already had established his name as a wrestler while Galina was struggling as a model.

Galina Becker and Roman Reigns wedding
Galina Becker and Roman Reigns wedding

Despite all this, they had the most romantic and lavish wedding in the Bahamas. Their wedding was held at Disney’s Castaway Cay, a private island in the Bahamas, with the blessings of their friends and family.

Surprisingly their wedding song was none other than the theme music of Aladdin, A Whole New World. From that moment, this couple has been together for more than seven years in total. Galina has been supporting her dear husband Roman in all those tough times.

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Roman and Galina are secretive couples in the industry who like to keep their children away from the public eye. But sometimes, fans caught them off guard talking about their kids in detail in several interviews. 

Galina Becker Reigns with her daughter
Galina Becker Reigns with her daughter

The couple share altogether five children and two of the pairs are twins. Roman is working hard as a wrestler to raise their kids properly while Galina is taking care of the house. 

Joelle Anoa’i

Galina was 21 years old while roman was 22 years old when this lady revealed that she was pregnant. Roman was delighted to welcome their first child on the 14th of December in 2008.

However, they were not married at that time. Roman left his career as a football player but picked up to be a professional wrestler in 2010.

Reigns fame skyrocketed when he joined the team The Shield with Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. No matter how much secretive they may appear in the media, sometimes they talk about their kids.

In 2016, Joelle was featured on the commercial fr the Administration for Children and Families. The 30-second long video showcases the bond of father and daughter. They enjoyed singing the children’s rhyme “I am a little Teapot.”

Roman Reigns and Galina Becker’s twins

Yes, you read it right. This pretty lady gave birth to one pair of twins in the year 2016.

Surprisingly both of them were boys. Although Becker had already given birth to these beautiful kids, the couple did not share the news with the media.

It is said that Truth cannot be hidden for long. Reigns was the one who revealed about them unknowingly in an interview with Corey Graves. He stated,

“It is funny how people come up with all these conclusions. Nobody knew what was going on with me. I am not like Miz where I announce it on every RAW. ‘He is sick!’, ‘Something happened!’, ‘he got in trouble!’, ‘oh no, he did it again!’ And then, no like, I went home because I was having babies! We did not talk about it in the public; that was a year ago.”

Other than this, Galina was pregnant with another twin, and again, Reigns mentioned them by accident. In April 2020, roman revealed the news of them expecting a second set of twins to the Muscle and Fitness.

In the same year, he also shared a video on Instagram of his with his beloved son. Apart from this, both Galina and Roman keep their children away from the public eye.

Sometimes, the five kids are spotted in the ring of wrestle mania supporting their father. Also, Becker’s kid encourages people to donate blood and help people, especially children who have Leukaemia.


Galina was keen on sports and outdoor games from an early age, which eventually became her career. She started making tracks from the time she was in high school.

Their coach Steve Nelson guided her to bag several awards in the coming days. As a matter of fact, she was titled as the Most Valuable Performer in freshman, sophomore, and senior years.

Her outstanding work in long and triple jump events assisted her in receiving many awards and accolades. Many might be unaware but, this lady still holds the Central Coast Section record in the triple jump with a distance of 40 feet and 50 inches.

In addition to this, Galina Becker was also keen on playing volleyball. Later she became the recipient of a cloth letter in the sport. Although Becker was studying at the Georgia Institute of Technology, she never gave up on sports.

For her study and athlete worked for hand in hand. Once, she also made a new record in the 100-meter hurdle at the Georgia Tech invitational. Her record was 14.92 seconds.

If that did not impress you, then wait until you hear this. Galina ran on the Yellow Jacket Invitational, where she made a second-best record of 12.76 seconds.

Along with this, she also came n 15th position in the long jump at the ACC Outdoor Championships with a distance of 17 feet 8.75 inches. 

Moreover, Becker was listed 13th in the triple jump at the ACC Outdoor Championships with a jump of 37 feet 6 inches. Despite all his, for some unknown reasons, Becker was not able to make it in the final year of the University. 

In addition to this, she also participated in the triple jump at Auburn Tiger Classic the following season. Luckily, she got the best mark of the season, 38 feet 2.75 inches on the event. 

Moving on, she worked as a television fitness model when she accomplished her study. She rose to prominence when Galina took a shot with famous photographer Michael Krinke.

Galina Becker net worth

This former model joined the fashion world as soon as she accomplished her graduation. She masters being a fitness model and helps people to choose a better life.

Along with inspiring people, her job lets her earn a hefty amount of money. According to some sources, it was estimated that Galina’s net worth clicks around USD 3 million.

In contrast to her hard work and popularity, the among she possesses to be relatively less.  On the other hand, her husband is a reputed wrestler who has won most of the matches in Wrestlemania.

Currently, Roman Reigns has an approximate net worth of USD 12 million. This is just a start for Becker and Reigns. 

Social Media presence

There is no denying that several celebrities in the industry opt for social media to either boost their career or share their personal information with their fans. Well, Galina is neither. This mother of five spends most of her time taking care of the children. 

It appears that amidst all this hectic schedule, there is no ti for Becker to be on social media platforms. But also, she has an Instagram account @galinabecker965.

However, Her husband, Roman Reigns Instagram is @romanreigns . He often shares pictures of his match on IG.

Roman Reigns is also active on Twitter: @WWERomanReigns


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