A new accusation has emerged from the actress Esmé Bianco that Marilyn Manson subjected her to torture — claiming he used a knife multiple times on her, whipped her in the face, and even chased her with an ax.

The British actress, 38, told The Cut that the 52-year-old rocker she had idolized as a teenager, controlled her like a prisoner when she left her husband and moves in with him for two months in 2011.

According to her, Manson went from being a “massive role model who really helped me get through incredibly dark times in my teenage years” to a “monster who almost destroyed me and almost destroyed so many women.”

She told The Cut, “He’s not a misunderstood artist. He deserves to be behind bars for the rest of his life.”

At least 12 women have now come forward with abuse allegations against Bianco, who has been dropped by his label.

Likewise to Evan Rachel Wood, she has spoken to lawmakers in California about her abuse, without naming Manson, who is the real name, Brian Warner.

Bianco said Manson’s public persona was a telling sign of his real behavior. “He’s told the world time and time again, ‘This is who I am. He hid in plain sight”, she said.

A character on the HBO series “Game of Thrones” — Ros, who works in a brothel and is controlled, threatened and tortured by the men around her — proved painfully close to her life with the rocker.

Esmé Bianco shared this photo of scarring on her back.

Esmé Bianco shared this photo of scarring on her back.

During her interview, Bianco mentioned that she first got to know Manson in 2005 when he was previously engaged to Dita Von Teese, and they became friends quickly.

She flew to LA in 2009 to shoot scenes for a video he shot — “I Want to Kill You Like in the Movies,” and he tied her to a prayer kneeler, whipped her, and used an electric toy to torment her wounds.

They started a long-distance relationship while she was still married, during which she said Manson bit her without consent. She eventually left her husband and moved in with the rocker in March 2011.

According to her, he started controlling her life soon after they met, dictating what she wore, when she slept, and when she could leave his West Hollywood apartment.

He compelled her to go to work whenever he pleased. She said her communications with him were completely controlled.

“I called my family and hid in the closet,” she recalled, afraid of upsetting the actress.

An eyewitness told The Cut that Manson would also show Bianco’s sexual scene from “Game of Thrones” to guests, telling them, “That’s my girlfriend. Look, her t–s are out.”

The report said she started drinking heavily to soothe the pain, while Manson would start his day with “breakfast” of cocaine and absinthe.

In May 2011, he chased her around her apartment with an ax when she finally had enough.

In a previous photo, Bianco shared a picture of her back covered in wounds.

She wrote in March 2019: “The whipping that caused these wounds was filmed in the name of ‘art.’ I used to look at this picture with pride as a sign of incredible devotion to my abuser, but now I just look at it with horror.”

According to Manson, any abuse allegations against him would be a horrible distortion of the truth.”
“My intimate relationships have always been consensual with like-minded partners; regardless of how others now choose to misrepresent the past, the truth remains the same,” he continued.