Garrett Haake Wife Allison Harris Married Life Divorce With Ex Sara Murray

Fans and followers are interested in learning more about Garrett Haake wife, his personal belongings, and his family.

Many people have expressed a desire to learn more about the intriguing journalist’s life.

An exciting storyline is waiting to be revealed, from his engaging profession to his enigmatic family history.

So fasten your seatbelts, and let’s start on this fascinating trip to solve the mystery surrounding Garrett Haake’s private life.

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Garrett Haake Wife, Allison Harris

In May 2019, Garrett Haake and Allison Harris started their love journey after they met and instantly connected on a deep level.

Allison, a Washington, D.C.-based journalist with an exceptional resume, captured the attention of Garrett, an Emmy-winning journalist and NBC News senior Capitol Hill correspondent.

Soon after, they started dating and cultivated a connection based on respect and regard for one another.

On September 5, 2021, Garrett and Allison exchanged vows, declaring their intention to live together.

This marked a significant turning point in their love story. Their happiness increased when Lane Loree “Lanie” Haake, born on June 28, 2023, and weighed 6 pounds, 9 ounces, entered the world.

Garrett Haake with his wife Allison and kid
Garrett Haake with his wife Allison and kid (Source: Instagram)

Because it commemorates Allison’s middle name and her mother’s middle name, Lanie’s middle name, Loree, has unique importance.

Their love and dedication do not waver while Garrett pursues his career as a well-known journalist, including his contributions to NBC Nightly News. Allison excels as a diligent reporter.

They treasure their parental experiences and share their joy with admiring admirers. Garrett and Allison embrace the future together, savoring the joy their love has brought.

They have traveled a shared path filled with love and have a growing family.

Garrett Haake First Wife, Sara Murray

A British entrepreneur named Sara Murray was Garrett Haake’s first wife. They married on April 22, 2017, after two years of dating. Their daughter’s name and other specific information have not been made public.

On the campaign bus for Mitt Romney, who was running for president then, Garrett and Sara first met.

They grew close, and soon after, they began dating. On November 28, Thanksgiving Day, 2015, Garrett decided to take their relationship to the next level and asked Sara to marry him.

Garrett Haake with ex wife Sara Murray during their wedding
Garrett Haake with ex-wife Sara Murray during their wedding (Image Source: washingtonlife)

Although there isn’t much information regarding their marriage and subsequent divorce, Garrett and Sara’s love gave them the joy of motherhood when their daughter was born.

The information about their daughter is concealed from the public and kept secret.

Garrett’s first marriage ended, but he has since found love and happiness with Allison Harris, with whom he has a child and is co-parenting as they continue to build a life together.

Garrett Haake Family

Garrett Haake was born to David and Marylou Haake, two distinguished journalists.

Texas is the Haake family’s place of origin. David, Garrett’s father, worked for Siemens Energy after spending 15 years working for IBM in the cybersecurity business development industry.

Because of his father’s employment, the family could travel and reside in several parts of the United States, including San Francisco, Boston, and Germany.

Garrett comes from a close-knit household with two siblings. His brother Jack Haake represented the varied range of professional successes in the family by holding the position of Vice President at JP Morgan in New York.

The Haake family has engaged in various industries thanks to another sibling, Rusty Haake, who chose to pursue a career as an engineer at Lockheed Martin.

Garrett Haake is a standout in appearance thanks to his extraordinary height, at least 6 feet 4 inches (1.93 meters).

He is 83 kilograms (182 lbs) in weight and has a tall, slender build. His presence commands attention in any space, and he takes good care of his body by working out frequently, adhering to a regimen, and frequently going to the gym.

Garrett Haake’s upbringing and family history endowed him with beliefs and experiences that impacted his life and helped him become the renowned and successful journalist he is today.

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Garrett Haake Ethnicity And Religion

Garrett Haake is an American journalist known for his work at NBC News. Meanwhile, the reporter has been tight-lipped surrounding his faith, whether he follows Christianity or is Jewish.

Garrett Haake is known for his diligent reporting and coverage of significant events, particularly in politics.

He has been recognized for his insightful analysis and ability to provide objective reporting, earning him credibility and respect within the industry.

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