Geetanjali Aiyer Newsreader Wikipedia And Age: How Old Was She?

As the news of her death was announced, let us explore Geetanjali Aiyer Newsreader Wikipedia and the details of her celebrated life. 

The late Gitanjali Aiyer, a renowned figure in Indian TV journalism, marked the end of an era characterized by impartial news anchors who presented information objectively.

Aiyar had been dealing with Parkinson’s disease. People close to the family have disclosed that Aiyar experienced a collapse upon returning home from a walk.

Journalist Sumita Paul, a close friend of Aiyar, informed IE that the latter was being urgently attended to.

Iyer began her television career at Doordarshan in 1976 after completing her undergraduate studies at Loreto College in Kolkata in 1971.


Alongside her work in news broadcasting, Iyer nurtured a passion for theatre and achieved a diploma from the esteemed National School of Drama, enhancing her artistic endeavors.

Iyer’s substantial contributions to journalism and active engagement in the arts will forever be remembered as a remarkable legacy.

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Geetanjali Iyer Newsreader Wikipedia And Age

Gitanjali Iyer, one of the pioneering English anchors on Doordarshan, passed away at 71, leaving a remarkable journalism legacy.

Iyer joined Doordarshan in 1971, where she dedicated more than three decades to presenting news programs.

Her exceptional talent and commitment to her craft earned her the prestigious Best Anchor award four times, setting a benchmark in the industry.

Iyer’s contributions were recognized beyond her anchoring skills, as she was honoured with the Indira Gandhi Priyadarshini Award for Outstanding Women in 1989, acknowledging her remarkable work, achievements, and contributions.

Geetanjali Iyer
Geetanjali Iyer was the pioneer of female journalism in India. (Source: Bharat Times)

Iyer’s educational background includes a bachelor’s degree in English from Loreto College in Kolkata, where she laid the foundation for her linguistic prowess and practical communication skills.

She further honed her artistic abilities by completing a diploma from the esteemed National School of Drama.

Following Doordarshan’s national expansion and the coverage of the Asian Games in 1982, Iyer’s fame skyrocketed.

In an article she penned for Outlook India in 2002, she reflected on how she became a recognizable figure on the streets, as her viewers connected with her on a personal level.

Beyond her work in journalism, Iyer served as the deputy head of the Press and Public Affairs wing of the British High Commission in Delhi for over three years, showcasing her versatility and expertise in the field.

The passing of Gitanjali Iyer not only marks the loss of a pioneering figure in Indian TV journalism and the end of an era defined by her professionalism, accolades, and immense contributions to the industry.

Her legacy will forever inspire aspiring journalists and anchors to strive for excellence and uphold the values of unbiased reporting.

Geetanjali Iyer Family Details

While a celebrated figure in journalism, Gitanjali Iyer also had a personal life that she kept relatively private.

She was married to Swaminathan Iyer, although specific details about their marriage remain undisclosed.

However, it is known that the couple shared several years and had a daughter named Pallavi Iyer, who also pursued a successful career in journalism and received accolades for her work.

They were also parents to two other children named Shekhar Iyer and Rustam Iyer, whose details are unavailable. 

Despite Gitanjali’s efforts to separate her personal and professional lives, her popularity inevitably drew attention to her personal affairs.

The public often had a keen interest in her personal life, despite her desire to maintain a boundary between the two spheres.

Geetanjali Iyer
Geetanjali Iyer’s family is mourning her death. (Source: ndtv)

Tragically, Gitanjali’s passing has left her family in shock and grief.

Losing a loved one is always a challenging and emotional experience, and those close to her are undoubtedly going through a difficult time.

In such circumstances, people around them offer sympathy and support to help them cope with their loss.

While Gitanjali Iyer’s professional achievements and contributions to journalism are widely acknowledged, it is essential to remember that she was also a person with family and personal connections.

Respecting her family’s privacy during this time of mourning is crucial as they navigate the complex process of grieving and finding solace in their memories of their beloved Gitanjali.

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