Genevieve Johnson- Knives Out 2- Complete biography

Who is Genevieve Johnson?

If you have heard the phrase “Anything is Possible,” you will need to know about Genevieve Johnson. She is an uprising artist about to make a mark in the industry. Yes, you heard it true. She will play the role of an assistant to Detective Benoit Blanc in the movie Knives Out 2.

Genevieve Rose Johnson

Knives Out 2 is the sequel that will be released in 2022. However, as of now, there is no confirmation on the release date.

Genevieve is playing the role of Genna Damelio. The assistant of Detective Benoit, Genna, is sassy, moody, and nasty. However, she is intelligent and helps the detective to solve the puzzles. It is why he likes her so much.

Daniel Craig is the Detective.

About Genevieve Johnson

Genevieve’s grandparents migrated from Italy in those days, and since then, the family has been permanent residents of Minnesota, USA. She is from Mankato, Minnesota.

Genevieve Johnson in front of her house

Genevieve was born on March 27, 2005. She has four siblings, two brothers (Paul and Buddy Johnson) and two sisters (Suzy and Jolene Johnson). She is the youngest of all. Her parent’s name is Rupert and Jolene.

Her brother Buddy is the most supportive of all. Even he is fascinated with the entertainment industry. His name is Buddy because he’s a huge fan of the Cake Boss.

Her career

Genevieve is the only one in the family determined to have a career as an actress in the industry. At the age of 16, when most of us simply do what teenagers do, she is sure about her career choice and is focused.

We all know how harsh the industry is for newcomers, especially if you do not have the proper connection. Well, nothing can stop this rising talent in the industry. She has been traveling back and forth from Minnesota to LA.

Genevieve has played minor roles in movies such as Bumblebee, Succession, a Kid Cudi music video, and other indie movies. She was also supposed to be in an all-female reboot of Les Mis, which was supposed to release in May. Unfortunately, due to the COVID, the movie was never announced.

Genevieve Johnson

Well, while most may feel demotivated but nothing can withhold the spirits of this young star. So Genevieve went for a private street casting where she bumped into the casting director while walking around. She was there during the pilot season.

She was then auditioned for the movie Knives Out 2. The audition was for Joseph Gordon Levitt’s sister; however, Rian Johnson found her better suited for the sassy “Genna Damilio.”

Genevieve has learned acting from the Acting School Chicago. In addition, she has taken a lot of acting classes. She even took her summer classes at DePaul.

Her favorite role

In an interview, Genevieve Johnson stated that she loves the role of Ethan Hawke. She said, “He is such a great performer, and he can nail every part, but it feels like this one was made for him.” However, she didn’t disclose any more information about the character played by him due to the contact.

Genevieve posing in from of mirror taking selfie

However, she assured us that role was something the viewers had never seen before. Ooo! It sounds exciting!!!

Social Media

Genevieve is active on Twitter

Well, we cannot wait to see the rising star in the movie Knives Out 2. I am personally waiting eagerly. My best wishes are with Genevieve.

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