George Christopher Floyd Mugshot: Waldorf Man Arrested After Choking Stepson

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George Christopher Floyd is a 43-year-old Waldorf, Maryland resident.

In a shocking and distressing incident, he was arrested on October 8 on suspicion of assaulting his 18-year-old stepson.

The young man lost consciousness and suffered severe injuries due to the incident.

This incident serves as a sobering reminder of the importance of resolving domestic conflicts peacefully and responsibly.

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George Christopher Floyd Mugshot: Waldorf Man Arrested After Choking Stepson

An argument between George Christopher Floyd and his stepson reached a disturbing level on the early morning of October 8, around 4:30 a.m.

The disturbance woke the teenager’s mother, who discovered Floyd attempting to put down her son.

A terrifying series of events followed, resulting in Floyd’s arrest.

George Christopher Floyd now faces serious legal consequences.

He faces a crime of first-degree assault and offense second-degree assault charges.

The charges originate from the allegation that Floyd choked his stepson until the young man suffered.

George Christopher Floyd Mugshot
George Christopher Floyd was arrested in the case of choking his own son. (Source: FairTales)

According to charging documents, Floyd had used his right arm to encircle the teenager’s neck as he attempted to escape through a bedroom window.

The teen’s mother sought assistance from other family members and unidentified individuals.

Still, she discovered Floyd still restraining her son in this dangerous manner while her son was lying down on the floor.

The documents reveal that Floyd allegedly choked the teenager for several minutes.

Moreover, he even told one of his friends to sit on the young man’s back while he held him down on the floor.

Floyd eventually released the choke after a long period of choking, but the teenager was unresponsive.

Rather than seeking medical attention immediately, he allegedly told the boy to stop acting and get up.

Floyd called upon the teenager’s friends into the room for assistance only after he remained unresponsive.

Before calling 911, attempts were made to revive his son using water, ice, and CPR.

Similarly, Southern Maryland Hospital Center confirmed that the young man showed no signs of movement and was in serious condition.

This incident serves as a reminder of the potentially long-lasting and life-altering consequences of domestic disputes that turn violent.

George Christopher Floyd Faces Legal Implications

George Christopher Floyd faces a criminal offense, first-degree assault and offense second-degree assault charges.

The severity of these charges reflects the seriousness of the alleged crime.

Similarly, first-degree assault usually involves a deliberate act of severe bodily harm, and if found guilty, it can result in significant prison time.

George Christopher Floyd was quickly arrested and taken into custody at the Charles County Detention Center due to the serious charges brought against him.

George Christopher Floyd Mugshot
George Christopher Floyd now faces legal consequences. (Source: iPleaders)

He has been ordered to be held without bond, indicating the severity of the charges and the risk he may pose to the community.

The court proceedings will determine his legal fate, but the charges against him could result in significant penalties, including imprisonment.

Moreover, this incident emphasizes the importance of educating people about domestic violence and the importance of peaceful conflict resolution within families.

As this case proceeds through the legal system, it is critical to consider the broader consequences of domestic violence.

The young man involved in this incident now suffers severe injuries and a difficult recovery.

Due to a lack of oxygen, the teenager suffered a brain injury and showed no signs of movement.

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