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George Santo Pietro- Vanna White’s ex-husband, bio, family, career, and net worth

Who is George Santo Pietro?

You may have noticed the name George Santo Pietro in many credits of movies. If not that, some of you may also know him as the ex-husband of the Hollywood actress, Vanna White.

George Santo Pietro with ex-wife Vanna White

Being a successful businessman, George had it all except for massive fame. But that too came his way when he got married to the popular actress, Vanna White. The duo got a lot of attention from the media during their initial dating period.

George is a self-made millionaire who is an American entrepreneur, restaurateur, and director. George has contributed much behind the cameras for movies and TV. He also gained fame for his work in various films and shows in the camera and electrical departments.

George Pietro established himself as a business tycoon in all his ventures. In this article, we’ll share everything you are curious about George Santo Pietro.

Quick facts

Full nameGeorge Santo Pietro
Birthday12 December 1946
BirthplaceBeverly Hills, California, USA
Zodiac signSagittarius
HeightAbove 6 feet
ProfessionRestaurateur/Film Producer/Real Estate Developer
Best known forWorking for Dolly Technician in Muppets Most Wanted”, “The Good Place,” “The Big Bang Theory,” “Think Like a Man,” and “Two and a Half Men”
SpouseVanna White (1990-2002)
Melissa Mascari (2005)
KidsAndrea Santo Pietro
Nicholas Santo Pietro
Giovanna Santo Pietro.Chiara Santo Pietro
EducationTook several courses in Film making
Net worthEstimated $14 Million
Social mediaNo Active

Birth, early life, and family

George Santo Pietro’s birth date was on 12 December 1946. He grew up in Beverly Hills, California, USA.

George holds an American nationality and has a white ethnic background. His zodiac sign, Sagittarius, explains his personality as an energetic, curious, and open-minded person.

During his young age, Pietro got intrigued by the world of cinema. Young Pietro had a passion for cinemas and dedicated his time to learn more about film making.

George was born in a decent family in Beverly Hills. He was the only child of his parents, and his parents always supported his decisions. Being the sole child, Pietro had his way and got what he wanted.

We can say that George Santo Pietro had a happy childhood.

George Santo Pietro education

George went to a local school. During high school, George joined several cinematography classes. These classes encouraged him to get into the film industry.

George Santo Pietro relationships

George Santo Pietro’s love life is full of twists and turns.

George started dating actress Linda Evans in 1980. The couple was living together in George’s apartment. After four years of dating, things started going downhill for the pair.

After the end of his relationship with Linda, George met his ex-wife Vanna White on a dinner in Studio City. It was in 1985, and Vanna was a famous TV personality during that time.

Vanna White and actor John Gibson were engaged. Pietro had just come out of his on-and-off relationship with Evans. George and Vanna became good friends after their first dinner.

Vanna’s previous love story was rather tragic. Her fiance John Gibson died in a plane crash in 1986. Pietro was there for Vanna during these painful times.

After getting Pietro’s such selfless care, Vanna fell for him, and the pair started dating. After dating for five years, George and Vanna decided to tie the knot in 1990. The duo lived a happy married life for a few years.

In 1992, the couple was expecting their first child together. But, Vanna had to go through a miscarriage. Both Vanna and George were significantly affected by their loss. Pietro always stood by Vanna and supported her during these challenging times.

Vanna got pregnant again and gave birth to Nicholas Santo Pietro in 1994. The couple welcomed their second child Giovanna Santo Pietro, in 1997.

George and Vanna stayed happy together for 12 years with their children. But after that, problems arose between the couple, crumbling the beautiful family down. The couple got divorced in 2002.

The divorce was mutual. George and Vanna decided to maintain a friendly relationship with their children. Vanna got custody of both her kids and George paid for child support for the children.

Who is George married to now?

After splitting up with Vanna, Pietro moved on and fell in love with a TV producer, Melissa Mascari. George and Melissa tied the knot in 2005 and welcomed their daughter Chiara Santo Pietro. He has not spoken much about his second marriage with Melissa to the media.

George also has a daughter named Andrea Santo Pietro, from his first marriage. So, now we know that George Santo Pietro has a large family with many children.

George Santo Pietro career

Pietro started his career in the filming industry from scratch. He began as a camera dolly technician for the TV show ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ in the 90s. Later he worked the same job in ‘They Came from Outer Space.’

After these two TV series, Pietro got several other posts in the same department. George was very good at his work and often got praised for it. He put his best into his job, making him a reliable and countable person to work within the industry.

He got even more recognition for his work in ‘Interstellar,’ ‘The Big Bang Theory,’ ‘Two and a half men,’ ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ and so on. George’s most notable work is on ‘Star Trek’ and ‘Voyager.’ These two movies provided his career a considerable momentum.

He got two significant credits for producing and directing films.

George Pietro is a very ambitious man. Success in the entertainment field did not fuel the passionate businessman in him. So, he dived into the business world by launching a restaurant.

George’s restaurant and real estate business

George Santo Pietro found success as a restauranteur too. He received recognition as the owner of a popular Italian restaurant named ‘Santopietro’s.’ The restaurant was in a hidden Hollywood strip mall.

Pietro’s restaurant was famous among celebrities due to its excellent food and services.

Pietro’s restaurant business was booming. So, he started another restaurant with the name of ‘Sushi-Ko.’ It was a sushi restaurant that hosted several high-class clientele.

His second restaurant outnamed the first one and ran over ten years. It was in the late 80s. It is unsure if he still owns the restaurant or not, but either way, the restaurant was a hit.

After massive success in the restaurant field, George was seeking something new. That’s when he found his new interest in real estate.

Pietro, in the later phase of his career, started to work as a real estate developer. Rumors have it that Pietro was able to accumulate a tremendous amount of money through this career.

There is no doubt that George Santo Pietro was born to be successful. He turned every ambition of his into a success and inspired us to do the same.

George Santo Pietro net worth

George has earned impressive net worth. It comes from his career in the restaurant business, film industry, and the real estate field. As per sources, his net worth is at around $14 million.

Lifestyle, house, and social media

George lived in a lavish house in Beverly Hills, California. The mansion was built on 30,000 sq feet land and made by the famous architect William Hablinski, in 2007.

Reports suggest that Pietro’s house had nine bedrooms, fifteen bathrooms. His mansion valued at $50 million in the market, but Pietro sold his crib for $23.5 million.

Unfortunately, Pietro is not active on any social media platform. He likes to stay away from the world of social media for now.

But not being on social media doesn’t mean George is not living an extraordinary life. He is living a content life with his wife and kids.