Georgette Falcone: Melissa McCarthy & Ben Falcone Daughter

Who is Georgette Falcone?

Georgette Falcone is the second daughter of filmmaker/actor Ben Falcone and actress/comedian Melissa McCarthy. She is also the younger sister of actress Vivian Falcone.

Georgette Falcone is an eleven-year-old girl who lives in Los Angeles with her parents. She is a beautiful young girl with brown eyes and blonde hair.

Georgette Falcone Biography
Georgette Falcone Biography

Quick Facts

Full NameGeorgette Falcone
Also Known AsGeorgette 
BirthdayMarch 22, 2010
Age 13 years old)
Sun SignAries
TraitsPositive: Passionate, hardworking, and loyal
Negative: Impatient, controlling, and stubborn
BirthplaceLos Angeles, California, USA
Currently residingLos Angeles, California, USA
GrandparentsSteve Falcone (Grandfather)
Peg Falcone (Grandmother)
ParentsBen Falcone (Father)
Melissa McCarthy (Mother)
SiblingsVivian Falcone (Sister)
HobbyPlaying video games
Eye ColorBrown

Interesting Facts

  • She is a beautiful girl with blonde hair and brown eyes.
  • She has been in two movies so far.
  • Her parents have been together for over a decade.
  • Many people credit Georgette for being in the Thunder Force movie. However, it was her sister.
  • Georgette isn’t active on any social media apps.
  • According to her parents, she is physically demanding and often challenges herself by doing unsafe stunts.

Early life

On March 22, 2010, Georgette Falcone was born in Los Angeles, California, U.S. She is the second daughter of actor/comedian Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone. 

Georgette grew up in a financially stable family. She is a celebrity kid who had her fame by being their daughter.


Ben Falcone (Father)

Benjamin Scott Falcone was born on August 25, 1973, in Carbondale, Illinois, USA. He is a filmmaker, comedian, and actor.

Ben Falcone at the beach

Furthermore, he is also a director. Benjamin directed and co-wrote his first film, Tammy. Moreover, he produced, directed, and wrote other movies like Superintelligence, Life of the party, Thunder Boss, and The Boss.

He married actress Melissa McCarthy in 2005, with whom he shares two daughters, Vivian and Georgette.

Melissa McCarthy (Mother)

Melissa Ann McCarthy was born on August 26, 1970, in Plainfield, Illinois, U.S. She is an actress, producer, writer, fashion designer, and comedian.

Melissa McCarthy
Melissa McCarthy

She gained popularity after playing the role of Sookie St. James in Gilmore Girls. Melissa has also appeared in films/T.V. series like Identity Theft, Bridesmaids, The Kitchen, Mike and Molly, Saturday Night Live, Jenny, etc.

Over her career, she won two Primetime Emmy Awards. In addition, Melissa also earned nominations for two Academy Awards and Golden Globe Awards. 

Furthermore, she owns a production company called On the Day Productions with her husband, Ben Falcone. Moreover, she also shares two daughters with him.

Georgette Falcone Parents Relationship

There is a beautiful love story of Melissa and Ben. They met in a comedy writing class in 1994. They immediately became friends and soon started dating. In 2003, Ben and Melissa shared the screen in Gilmore Girls.

In October 2005, the couple got married. Moreover, in 2007, they had their first child Vivian; later, in 2010, they had Georgette.

They have known each other for almost three decades and have been happily married for more than 15 years, which is incredible for a famous couple like them.

Melisa McCarthy and Ben Falcone
Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone

Georgette Falcone Siblings

Vivian Falcone (Sister)

Vivian Falcone and her mother, melissa Mccarthy

She is the first child of actors Ben Falcone and Melissa McCarthy. On May 5, 2007, she was born in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Melissa describes her daughter as having a similar taste. Moreover, Vivian made her acting debut by appearing in Thunder Force as a younger version of her mother. She was hilarious and did an excellent job.

Georgette Falcone with her family
The Falcone family


Georgette is too young to be involved in any scandal. Her father, Ben, isn’t interested in any controversy either. 

However, in 2020, Melissa McCarthy slipped into one. At the time, she was doing a ‘20 days of kindness’ program where she donated to a charitable organization or caused 20 days before her film was released.

Unfortunately, one of the charities that Melissa supported caused a problem. The founder of the charitable organization was an anti-LGBTQ and anti-abortion person. And, of course, the actress did not know about that early.

Therefore, she posted an apology video on her Instagram account immediately. However, the actress did not make any excuse for her innocent mistake. Instead, she considered it and asked for forgiveness from her fans.


Many people confuse her with her older sister Vivian regarding her job. Vivian Falcone played a younger version of Melissa McCarthy in Thunder Force.

However, many people think that it was Georgette instead. However, it wasn’t her. It was only Vivian.

Net Worth

Georgette Falcone doesn’t have a net worth from her income. However, her mother’s net worth is USD 90 million, and her father’s net worth is USD 20 million.

Social Media

Unfortunately, since Georgette is young, she isn’t on social media. However, her parents are active on social platforms.

Georgette’s mother, Melissa McCarthy, has over 10 million followers on Instagram and 1 million on Twitter. Similarly, Ben Falcone has 200k followers on Instagram and 20k on Twitter.


Is Georgette Falcone In Thunder Force?

No, she is not in the film Thunder force. It was her sister Vivian.

When Is Georgette Falcone’s Birthday?

Georgette was born on March 22, 2010.

Who Did Georgette Falcone Play In The Boss?

Georgette played an extra in the movie The Boss.

Are Vivian And Georgette Twins?

No, they are not twins. Vivian is Georgette’s older sister.

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