Gustavo Sofovich Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is Gerardo Sofovich Son?

People have shown interest in knowing more about Gustavo Sofovich  Wikipedia. This article will also provide you with insight on his age and family as well.

Gustavo Sofovich is the son of Gerardo Sofovich, who was an entrepreneur, dramaturg, television host and presenter, comedian, screenwriter, and director.

Two of the most-watched television programs in Argentina throughout the 1970s and 1980s were Polimica en el bar and La noche del Domingo, both of which contain Gerardo’s contribution.

In addition, the celebrity directed a number of comedies with Alberto Olmedo and Jorge Porcel as comedians.

Moreover, the actor’s popularity among the people has also led them to be more interested in his son’s life.

Gustavo Sofovich Wikipedia 

Along with the popularity of Gustavo Sofovich’s father, many are curious to explore his Wikipedia page as well. Just like his dad, Gustavo also works in the entertainment industry.

He is also a well-known director, producer, and writer from Argentina. The director’s nationality is Argentine. He was born to his parents Gerardo Sofovich and Carmen Morales.

In addition, the producer’s mother was a comic actress in film, stage and television. It looks like having both his parents from the entertainment had also drawn his attention.

Gustavo Sofovich Wikipedia
The star has also worked with well-known personalities like Claudio Rico and Luis Ventura. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, the author is well-known for his works Yo soy Panam (2003), Polémica en el bar (1972), and La peluquera de Don Mateo (1982).

According to IMDb, the public personality has worked on a total of six projects, among which he has worked as a

Furthermore, Gerardo Sofovich’s son has also been able to win hearts on many online platforms. He has over 30 thousand followers on his Instagram account.

Therefore, it won’t be wrong to say that the actor greatly influences his online followers.

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Gustavo Sofovich: How Old Is Gerardo Sofovich son?

Many people have shown interest in knowing the age of Gerardo’s son, Gustavo.

According to Teleshow, the well-known producer was born on March 18, 1968. He is 55 years old as of 2023.

Gustavo Sofovich age
Gustavo Sofovich got into the bad habit of drinking at the age of 17. (Source: Instagram)

It appears that the writer shares the same birth date as his father, Gerardo. However, Gustavo explained that despite having his birthday in March, he often celebrates it on April 9 as he came out clean that day.

Moreover, throughout the years, the director has been exploring his professional life. He has spent most of his life working in the entertainment industry.

Gustavo Sofovich family: Parents, Wife, And Children

It is common to have a spotlight on the families of public stars, as fans tend to be curious to know more about their family members.

Similarly, people are also curious to know more about Gustavo’s family. As mentioned before, the well-known actor was born to his father, Gerardo Sofovich and mother, Carmen Morales.

In addition, the star was the only child of his parents. Thus, he did not have any siblings growing up.

According to Ciudad Magazine, the director is blessed with two children: a son named Nacho and a daughter named Tatiana.

Moreover, it looks like the producer shares a great bond with his children, as Sofovich has shared multiple pictures of them on his Instagram account.

Gustavo Sofovich son
Gustavo Sofovich shares a close bond with his son, Ignacio Sofovich. (Source: Instagram)

However, the public personality has not shared much insight into his family’s personal life. Additionally, both of his children have kept their social media accounts private, making it hard to uncover information regarding them.

Furthermore, the star has not shared much about his wife on social media, but his partner is certainly supportive of him.

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