Gian Sotto Parents: Tito Sotto And Halen Gamboa

Gian Sotto parents, Senate President Tito Sotto and actress Helen Gamboa, have paved the way for an extraordinary lineage in Philippine entertainment and politics.

Gian Carlo Gamboa Sotto, born March 18, 1978, is a prominent Filipino actor and politician.

He currently holds the position of the 18th vice mayor of Quezon City, which he has been serving since 2019, working alongside Mayor Joy Belmonte.

As a member of the local Serbisyo sa Bayan Party, Sotto has actively participated in politics, previously serving as a member of the Quezon City Council from 2010 to 2019.

With his extensive experience in public service, Sotto has demonstrated a solid commitment to serving his constituents and contributing to the development and progress of Quezon City.

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Gian Sotto Parents: Tito Sotto And Halen Gamboa

Gian Carlo Gamboa Sotto, born March 18, 1978, is part of the illustrious Sotto family, renowned in Philippine entertainment and politics.

His parents are Senate President Tito Sotto and actress Helen Gamboa, and he is the grandson of former Senator Vicente Sotto.

Tito Sotto, a distinguished Filipino politician, entertainer, and athlete, held the position of Senate President from 2018 to 2022.

With multiple terms served in the Senate, he shares the record for the longest-serving Senator.

Gian Sotto Parents
Picture of Gian Sotto alongside his parents, wife and child. (Source: Politiko)

He also had a successful stint as the Vice Mayor of Quezon City and ran for the vice presidency in the 2022 elections.

On the other hand, Helen Gamboa, Gian’s mother, is a highly accomplished Filipina actress, singer, dancer, and former beauty queen.

Her contributions to the Philippine entertainment industry have been significant and influential.

With such a lineage of talented and influential individuals, Gian Carlo Gamboa Sotto carries the weight of a rich family legacy deeply rooted in both entertainment and politics in the Philippines.

Gian Sotto Wife

Gian Carlo Gamboa Sotto is married to Joy Woolbright-Sotto, an influencer.

The couple has been together since college and has built a life together.

They have been blessed with six children, showcasing their commitment to family life.

While Gian is actively involved in politics as a Filipino politician, Joy Woolbright-Sotto is engaged in her pursuits as an influencer.

Gian Sotto Parents
A sweet picture of Gian Sotto with his wife. (Source: Kami)

Apart from their roles in the public sphere, the couple shares a common faith as Christian church leaders.

Gian Sotto’s dedication to his family and community extends beyond his political career, as he is also actively involved in entrepreneurship.

Together, Gian and Joy Sotto navigate the intricacies of public life while balancing their roles as parents and leaders in their respective domains.

Their strong partnership and shared values contribute to their collective journey in positively impacting their community and society as a whole.

Gian Sotto Siblings

Gian Carlo Gamboa Sotto has notable siblings and cousins who have made their marks in the entertainment industry and politics.

He is the nephew of Vic Sotto, a renowned Filipino actor, singer, and comedian.

Vic Sotto has had a successful career with various television and film projects across major Philippine networks.

One of Gian’s cousins is Gian’sio Mari Bonnevie Sotto, also known as Oyo Boy Sotto, who is an accomplished Filipino actor.

Gian Sotto Parents
Quezon City Mayor Joy Belmonte and Vice Mayor Gian Sotto in a photo together. (Source: YouTube)

Oyo Boy Sotto has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry with his talent and versatile roles.

Another cousin is Victor Ma. Regis “Vico” Nubla Sotto”has “ventured into politics.

Vico Sotto is currently serving as the mayor of Pasig, demonstrating his commitment to public service and leadership.

With such a talented and influential extended family, Gian Sotto is part of a lineage that has significantly impacted both the entertainment industry and the realm of politics in the Philippines.

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