Gibby YouTuber Edad And Wikipedia: How Old Is The YouTuber Sensation?

Gibby is a Mexican YouTuber with more than 12 million subscribers. With the growing popularity, people are curious about Gibby YouTuber Edad.

Mexican YouTube star Jimena Valle is better known by her stage name Gibby. She has over 12.1 million subscribers to her YouTube channel Gibby, where she publishes comedic sketches, challenge videos, vlogs, and Q&A videos.

She has almost 1.6 million followers on her official account, gibbyjime_ on Instagram, where she is equally well-liked. Nearly 90k people follow Gibby (GibbyJime), who frequently tweets on Twitter.

In addition, she is also well-known on Facebook, where her Gibby account has about 470k followers.

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Gibby YouTuber Edad And Wikipedia: How Old Is The YouTuber Sensation?

Gibby was born in Colima, Mexico, on May 25, 2007, making her 16 years old as of 2024. The famous YouTuber, Gibby, doesn’t have an official Wikipedia page.

In August 2014, Gibby launched her own YouTube channel with the same name. The title of her debut video was “Mi presentación!!!:D.”

She started sharing her channel’s vlogs, cooking tutorials, and fashion-related videos. Later on, she began posting comedic sketches, which soon gained popularity.

Gibby YouTuber Edad
Gibby YouTuber rises to fame at a young age. . 

In addition, she quickly became one of the most well-known content producers on YouTube due to the enormous success her channel experienced.

Gibby received the Diamond Creator Award in 2020 after her channel surpassed 10 million members. With her comedic sketches on TikTok, Gibby has also gained popularity.

She has also established herself as one of Instagram’s top influencers and continues to have a sizable fan base there.

Meet Gibby Parents And Siblings

On May 25, 2007, Gibby was born to her parents in the Mexican city of Colima. She has a brother named Gustavo and a sister named Mara.

Frequently, her siblings can be seen on her YouTube account. Angélica, Gibby’s mother, passed away in 2019. Her sign is the Gemini.

Gibby admitted that she enjoys viewing horror films in a lightning-fast Q&A video. Louis Tomlinson, an English singer-songwriter, is her favorite.

She likes to play video games, especially Roblox online. Her favorite TV shows include “Stranger Things,” “The 100,” and “Anne with an E.”

She gave the answers hilarious, crazy, and pleasant when asked to sum herself up in three words. Gibby was close to her mother and saw her as the best role model.

In addition, she frequently includes her family in her videos because they are close to her. She identifies as a dog person and adores dogs.

Gibby YouTube Journey

Since Gibby is one of the most well-known video producers in Mexico and has amassed more than 10 million subscribers on her channel, many people are curious about her YouTube journey.

Despite her youth, the aforementioned suggests that if she keeps at her current rate, she may surpass all other Mexican YouTubers in terms of subscribers.

Even with a brief but fruitful career, she launched his tour in Mexico, this time with the musical “Gibby La Aventura.”

Gibby YouTuber Edad
Gibby has more than 10 million subscribers on her channel. (Source- YouTube

It should be highlighted that Gibby is a content developer who creates videos specifically for children between 10 and 13.

Gibby copied Juanpa Zurita, another YouTube star, in her July 2016 video “Imitando YouTubers.”

In 2016 and 2017, she received invitations to the Eliot Awards and the Kids’ Choice Awards, respectively. Gibby was also a nominee at the 2017 Kids’ Choice Awards Mexico for YouTuber Favorita.

In addition, she has amassed more than 1.7 million followers on Instagram under the handle gibbyjime_. In June 2020, Gibby received the Diamond YouTube Play Button.

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