Gisela Meyer Biography- The daughter of Urban Meyer

Who is Gisela Meyer?

Gisela Meyer, or Gigi Meyer, is an American volleyball player turned coach. She is the daughter of the famous American football coach Urban Meyer. Furthermore, she is the wife of baseball player Brian  Pruett and sister-in-law of football coach Corey Dennis.

Gisela Meyer is a twenty-eight-year-old businesswoman who launched a fitness brand, GFIT, with her husband. She currently lives in Siesta Key, Florida, with her husband.

Gisela Meyer Biography
Gisela Meyer Biography

Quick Facts

Full NameGisela Meyer
BirthdayMarch 26, 1993
Age 30 years old
Sun SignAries
TraitsPositive: Creative, passionate, and energetic
Negative: Impatient, controlling, and stubborn
BirthplaceGainesville, Florida, USA
Currently residingSiesta Key, Florida, USA
ParentsUrban Meyer,
Shelley Mather Meyer
GrandparentsBud Meyer,
Gisela Meyer
SiblingsNathan Meyer,
Nicole Meyer
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseBrian Pruett
EducationBuchholz High School,
Bachelor from Florida Gulf Coast University
Profession Owner and CEO at GFIT,
Former Collegiate Vballer,
Former Professional Wakeboarder
Net worthUSD 1 million
Social mediaInstagram
Eye ColorGrey
Height5 feet 7 inches (1.7 m)


Giselle Meyere teenage photo

On March 26, 1993, Gisela Meyer was born in Gainesville, Florida, USA. Moreover, she grew up in a very athletic family. In addition, her father is a football coach, while her older sister is a volleyball player. 

Gisela went to Buchholz High School and got her Bachelor’s Degree from Florida Gulf Coast University. Furthermore, she took mass communication as her major.


Urban Meyer (Father)

Urban Frank Meyer III was born on July 10, 1964, in Toledo, Ohio, U.S. He is a famous American coach.

Urban attended the University of Cincinnati. Moreover, while he was in college, he used to play football as a defensive back.

Gisela Meyer and her father, Urban Meyer
Gisela Meyer and her father, Urban Meyer

Furthermore, he was the head coach of many football teams like the Bowling Green Falcons, the Utah Utes, the Florida Gators, the Ohio State Buckeyes, etc. Urban then went on to serve as the assistant director for FOX sports.

Moreover, in 2021, he got a chance to coach Jacksonville Jaguars in National Football League (NFL). But unfortunately, he got fired from the job during the first season.

Shelley Mather Meyer (Mother)

Shelley Mather Meyer is a nurse. Moreover, she is also a teacher at the University of North Florida.


Nathan Meyer (Brother)

Nathan Meyer was born on November 24, 1998, in Florida. He is the youngest sibling. Moreover, he is a football player for Cincinnati.

Nicole Meyer (Sister)

Nicole Meyer, like her sister, is a volleyball player. While Gigi played for Florida Full Coast, Nicole played for Georgia Tech. Moreover, she is the oldest sibling. 

Nicole is married to American football coach Corey Dennis. They have two sons together.


Brian Pruett (Husband)

Gisela Meyer and Brian Pruett wedding
Gisela Meyer and Brian Pruett wedding

Brian Pruett is an American baseball player. He, too, attended the Florida Gulf Coast University. He took mass communications as his college major.

This university is where Brian met Gisela. They became friends while attending the university and began dating. 

With love rising between them, Brian and Gisela soon became engaged. And in October 2020, the couple sealed the deal by getting married.

On their anniversary, Gigi shared how Brian was made for her. She posted their cute pictures and captioned them,

Here’s a couple fun facts only a few ppl know about the moments leading up to meeting my best friend & soul mate ❤️⁣
⁣1️⃣ Two years before he even knew I existed, I followed Brian on Twitter hoping he would notice me… but when he didn’t after a week, I unfollowed him ?⁣
⁣2️⃣ When I saw Brian walk by for the first time at an FGCU athlete picnic in 2013, I immediately yelled “DIBS” to all my teammates, claiming him for myself ??‍♀️⁣
⁣3️⃣ Right after I talked to Brian the very first time (he asked me to be his study buddy for a class we had together), I texted mom saying “I found my future husband”⁣
⁣No coincidences, only the work of God ❤️⁣
⁣Happy Anniversary my love

Since they are both fitness freaks, the couple decided to do something about it. Therefore, Brian and Gisela co-founded GFIT, a fitness brand.

Gisela Meyer Career

Having grown up in an athletic family, Gisela decided to join in too. As a result, she began to have an interest in Volleyball. Moreover, she joined the team as a freshman at her university. 

After playing Volleyball well for years, she won the Atlantic Sun Setter of the Year while she was a senior.

Gigi in GFIT
Gigi Meyer GFIT

Furthermore, after being a volleyball player, she decided to be a coach. Therefore, she joined the FGCU volleyball staff and worked as a volleyball coach.

However, Volleyball isn’t the only thing that Gisela knows. She also tried her hand at waterboarding. Moreover, Gigi was only ten when she tried the sport for the first time.

She then met Andy Wilcox, a former professional skier who taught her many tricks like inverting, backflipping, etc. And after learning and practicing the sport, Gigi joined FGCU’s wakeboarding club team.

While she played the sport, Gigi won many titles like the Women’s A title at the NCAA wakeboarding championships, the Women’s A division of the Wake Games, the Lally’s Board Bash, etc.

Along with these sports, Gisela co-founded a fitness brand GFIT with her husband.


In October 2021, a video of Gigi’s father, Urban Meyer, went viral. The American coach was seen sharing an intimate dance with a blonde girl in her mid-twenties. At the time, Gigi’s mother, Shelly, was babysitting their grandkids. 

The video went viral within hours, and many people questioned Gisela’s father. In doing so, Gisela’s mother immediately came in for the coach’s support.

Gigi told people that her father tried to keep the girl away from him and not pull her near. She and her mother supported him throughout the whole controversy. Moreover, some people agreed with the ladies, while some began to criticize them as well.

Gisela Meyer Net Worth

As of 2022, Gisela Meyer’s net worth is approximately USD 1 million.

Gisela Meyer Social Media

Gisela has both Twitter and Instagram accounts. Moreover, she has almost 30k followers on Instagram and over 20k on Twitter.

Additionally, she is on Facebook.


Who is Gisela Meyer?

Gigi Meyer is a volleyball player and the co-owner of a fitness brand, GFIT.

Where did Gisela Meyer go to college?

Gisela went to Florida Gulf Coast University.

How old is Gigi Meyer?

As of 2023, Gigi Meyer is 30 years old.

Who is Gigi Meyer’s husband? 

Gigi is married to Brian Pruett, who is a baseball player.

Does Gigi Meyer have an Instagram?

Yes, she has an Instagram account.

How wealthy is Gigi Meyer’s father? 

Gigi’s father, Urban Meyer, has a USD 35 million of net worth.

How old is Gigi Meyer’s mother?

Gigi’s mother, Shelly Meyer, is currently 56 years old.

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