Giselle Khoury Death And Obituary: Lebanese Journalist Passed Away

In loving memory of Giselle Khoury death, a remarkable soul whose light touched the lives of many, we gather to celebrate her life and bid a fond farewell.

An accomplished journalist, Giselle Khoury left an indelible mark on the reporting world. Her unwavering commitment to truth and justice was evident in every story she pursued.

With a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, Giselle had a unique ability to unveil the hidden narratives beneath the surface.

Whether she was reporting from war zones, covering groundbreaking investigations, or shedding light on the untold stories of marginalized communities, Giselle’s dedication to her craft was unmatched.

Similarly, Her incisive analysis and captivating prose brought complex issues to life, making her a respected figure in journalism.

Giselle’s work transcended boundaries, and her courageous reporting set a high standard for journalistic integrity.

Her legacy lives on through the stories she told and her impact on those fortunate enough to have crossed paths with her.

Giselle Khoury will forever be remembered as a beacon of truth and inspiration for all in journalism.

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Giselle Khoury Death And Obituary

Journalist Giselle Khoury passed away this Sunday morning after a brave battle with illness.

She was born in Al-Aqiba, Keserwan District 1961, and pursued her passion for journalism by studying media at the Lebanese University.

Giselle’s career took flight in 1985 when she joined LBC, where she prepared and hosted cultural talk shows.

Likewise, In 2002, she joined the Arab media group “MBC” and was pivotal in launching the 24-hour Al Arabiya news channel.

Giselle Khoury Death
May Giselle Khoury’s soul RIP.

From 2003 to 2013, she hosted a weekly political talk show on Al Arabiya. Giselle co-founded Al Rawi Productions in 2009, producing a four-episode biography of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat.

In 2013, she was appointed by BBC Arabic to host the program “The Scene.”

Besides, her accomplishments were widely recognized, and she was honored as a Knight of the French Legion of Honour. Giselle married Dr. Elie Khoury and had two children, Marwan and Rana.

She also married the journalist, writer, and historian Samir Kassir. Following his martyrdom, she established the” Kassir Foundation and the SKeyes Center for Media and Cultural Freedom.

Our heartfelt condolences go out to her family, and her legacy in journalism will be cherished forever.

Lebanese Journalist Giselle Khoury Passed Away

Lebanese journalist Giselle Khoury has sadly passed away. She was born in Al-Aqiba in 1961 and dedicated her life to journalism.

Giselle’s journey in media began when she studied at the Lebanese University, and she quickly made a name for herself in the field.

In 1985, she joined LBC, where she started as a preparer and presenter of cultural talk shows, demonstrating her passion for storytelling and sharing knowledge.

In 2002, Giselle became a part of the Arab media group “MBC,” where she played a crucial role in launching the 24-hour Al Arabiya news channel.

Her career continued to flourish, and from 2003 to 2013, she hosted a weekly political talk show on Al Arabiya.

Giselle Khoury’s impact extended beyond her reporting.

She co-founded Al Rawi Productions, was recognized as a Knight of the French Legion of Honour, and contributed to the “Kassir Foundation and the SKeyes Center for Media and Cultural Freedom” after marrying journalist Samir Kassir.

Our condolences go out to her family, and her memory will live on through her invaluable contributions to journalism.

Giselle Khoury Family Mourns The Loss

The Khoury family is engulfed in sorrow as they mourn the loss of their beloved Giselle Khoury.

As a dedicated journalist who made significant contributions to the field. She leaves behind a professional legacy and a family who cherished her deeply.

Giselle, born in Al-Aqiba in 1961, was a devoted wife and mother. She married Dr. Elie Khoury and was a loving mother to their two children, Marwan and Rana.

Her family shared her passion for work and commitment to truth and justice.

Giselle Khoury Death
Giselle Khoury’s family mourns the loss.

Despite the demands of her career, Giselle’s family always remained at the core of her heart.

Her passing leaves a void that cannot be filled, and her memory will forever be a source of strength and inspiration for her loved ones.

During this challenging time, the Khoury family finds solace in the knowledge that Giselle’s legacy will live on in the hearts of all those she touched through her work. Her unwavering love for her family.

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