Greta Scacchi Children Leila George And Matteo Mantegazza: Partner Carlo Mantegazza

Greta Scacchi children have played a significant role in her life, shaping her experiences and adding depth to her journey.

Greta Scacchi, OMRI, is an esteemed Italian-Australian actress known for her versatile performances in film.

Born on February 18, 1960, she holds dual citizenship in Italy and Australia, adding to her global appeal.

Scacchi has captivated audiences with her talent and has established herself as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry.

Her notable roles in films such as White Mischief (1987), Presumed Innocent (1990), The Player (1992), Emma (1996), and Looking for Alibrandi (2000) have showcased her range and versatility as an actress.

With her captivating presence and ability to portray complex characters, Scacchi has garnered critical acclaim and a dedicated fan base.

Her contribution to the world of cinema has solidified her status as a respected and influential figure in the film industry.

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Greta Scacchi Children: Leila George And Matteo Mantegazza

From her previous relationships, Greta Scacchi has two children, Leila George and Matteo Mantegazza.

Leila George, born around 1991 or 1992, is an Australian actress and the daughter of Greta Scacchi and American actor Vincent D’Onofrio.

Her mother raised her in Brighton, East Sussex, United Kingdom.

Matteo Mantegazza is the son of Greta Scacchi and her first cousin, Carlo Mantegazza.

Greta Scacchi Daughter
Greta Scacchi’s Daughter, Leila George, is also an actress. (Source: Instagram)

Greta Scacchi has embraced motherhood and has raised her children with love and care.

Leila George has followed in her parent’s footsteps and pursued a career in acting, making a name for herself in the industry.

Matteo Mantegazza’s life remains more private, but his mother’s influence and talent have undoubtedly shaped his journey.

Greta Scacchi’s children are a testament to her personal life and love for her former partners.

Greta Scacchi Partner: Carlo Mantegazza

Greta Scacchi was in a relationship with her first cousin, Carlo Mantegazza, which initially caused a rift in the family.

Despite the initial controversy, they began dating in 1997 and welcomed their son, Matteo, into the world.

However, their relationship remained secretive, with Greta Scacchi rarely publicly discussing her personal life.

Recently, there were speculations about their marital status, but it has been revealed that they split up over a decade ago.

Greta Scacchi with Carlo Mantegazza,
Greta Scacchi with Carlo Mantegazza, father of her son Matteo and her first cousin, at the closing night gala of The London Film Festival. (Image Source: Getty Images)

Greta’s representative confirmed the separation, emphasizing that it was amicable and there was no animosity between them.

Greta and Carlo value their privacy and prefer keeping their personal lives away from the public.

They have moved on separately but continue co-parenting their son, focusing on his well-being.

Scacchi and Carlo Mantegazza’s relationship may have ended, but they remain respectful and supportive of each other’s paths.

Greta Scacchi parents

Greta Scacchi was born in Milan, Italy, on February 18, 1960, to parents Luca Scacchi and Pamela Risbey.

Her father, Luca, was an Italian art dealer and painter, while her mother, Pamela, was an English dancer and antique dealer.

When Greta was just four years old, her parents divorced, and her mother decided to return to her native England with Greta and her two older brothers.

They initially settled in London before moving to Haywards Heath, West Sussex.

Greta Scacchi parents
Greta Scacchi, the   Italian-Australian actress, looks beautiful in this picture. (Image Source: The Times)

1975 following her mother’s remarriage, the family relocated to Perth, Western Australia, as Greta’s stepfather held a visiting professorship at the University of Western Australia.

While in Perth, Greta attended Hollywood Senior High School and became involved in the University Dramatic Society at UWA.

There, she made her theatrical debut at the New Dolphin Theatre, starring in Edward Bond’s play “Early Morning” under the direction of Arne Neeme.

Greta Scacchi’s upbringing and diverse cultural background have influenced her career and contributed to her success as an actress.

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