Haley Arnaz- Stepdaughter of Desi Arnaz Jr

Who is Haley Arnaz?

Haley Arnaz is a professional ballet dancer and television personality. She has been featured in the TV documentary I Love Lucy’s 50th Anniversary Special.

She is recognized because of her step-father Desi Arnaz Jr, a director and actor. 

Let’s learn more about the beautiful Haley Arnaz.

Haley Arnaz

Quick facts

Full nameHaley Amber Charf
Also known as Haley Arnaz
Birthday December 17, 1976
Age46 years old
Sun signSagittarius
TraitsPositive-Energetic, adventurous, and wild
Negative– Clumsy, arrogant, reckless, inconsistent, and over-confident.
BirthplaceBoulder City, Nevada. USA
Currently residingCalifornia
ParentsAmy Laura Bargiel,
Gary Frederick Charf (biological father)
Desi Arnaz Jr. (stepfather)
GrandparentsLucille Ball, 
Desi Arnaz
SiblingsJulia Arnaz
Marital statusSingle
SpouseNo information
ChildrenNo information
EducationLocal school and college
ProfessionBallet Dancer,
Television shows
Net worthUSD 1 million
Social mediaTwitter
Eye colorBrown
Hair ColorPlatinum blonde
Height5 feet 4 inches

early life

Haley Arnaz with Desi Arnaz Jr and family

Haley Arnaz was born in the United States on December 17, 1976. She is a Sagittarian. Sun sign Sagittarius is associated with courage, resourcefulness, and cheerful nature.

Haley Aranz is the biological daughter of Amy Arnaz and Gary Frederick Charf. Their marriage took place on September 6, 1975. She was born a year later after the wedding.

Her full name is Haley Amber Charf.

Within four years of their marriage, problems began to emerge. As a result, they separated on May 11, 1979. Following the divorce, Amy was granted full custody of Haley.

Amy Arnaz married Desi Arnaz Jr. on October 8, 1987. Desi is the son of Lucille Ball. He legally adopted Haley, after which her name was changed from Haley Amber Charf to Haley Arnaz.

Haley’s mother and stepfather lived most of their lives in Boulder City, Nevada.

Amy developed a brain tumor in 2013. She passed away at the age of 63 in 2015. It was just four days before her husband’s 62nd birthday.

After being legally adopted by Desi, Haley was raised in a Jewish household. Haley completed her formal education at a local high school. She also received dance lessons as a child. Her mother enrolled her at Dance Etc Inc. in Nevada as she wanted her daughter to become a ballet dancer.

Haley Arnaz is 5 feet and 4 inches tall. She is fair-skinned, brown-eyed, and has platinum-blonde hair.

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Haley Arnaz is an unmarried woman. Likewise, she is currently not in a relationship and enjoys her singlehood. However, the professional dancer is straight when it comes to her sexuality.

Haley Arnaz's photo
Haley Arnaz’s photo

Julia and Haley Arnaz

Haley Arnaz is the only child of Desi from his marriage with Amy. However, she has a half-sister named Julia Arnaz.

Julie is the daughter of Desi Jr. and his former partner Susan Callahan-Howe. She was born when both her parents were only 15 years old. In fact, Desi Arnaz Jr. found out about his relationship with Julia only in 1991 after a paternity test.

Julie Arnaz

Presently, Julia is married to Mario Anzalone. Her daughter, Desiree S. Anzalone, passed away in 2020 due to breast cancer.

Sean Astin (rumored half-brother)

There have also been speculations about Haley Arnaz having a half-brother.

Desi has been rumored to be the father of actress Patty Duke’s son Sean Astin.
However, Patty had claimed that her then-husband Michael Tell was Sean’s father. She later retracted the statement.

Haley Arnaz Grandparents

Lucille Ball

mother of Desi Jr

Lucille Ball is the mother of Desi Arnaz Jr and grandmother of Haley. She was an American actress, comedian, model, studio executive, and producer.

Lucille was born on August 6, 1911. Lucy starred in and produced the sitcoms I Love Lucy, The Lucy Show, and Here’s Lucy. Also, she was the first female head and owner of a major Hollywood studio, Desilu Productions.

Desilu Productions produced several TV series, including Mission: Impossible and Star Trek. Lucille’s career included 13 nominations for Primetime Emmys. She won four of them. Likewise, she became one of the first Women in Film Crystal Award recipients.

Lucille received two stars for her work in film and television on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Similarly, she was honored with the Golden Globe Cecil B. DeMille Award in 1979.

In 1989, the grandmother of Haley Arnaz was taken to the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center after dealing with chest pain. She was diagnosed with dissecting aortic aneurysm, after which she underwent a seven-hour-long aortic valve replacement surgery. 

A week later, Ball complained of back pain and lost consciousness. She died on April 26, 1989, at the age of 77. Her death was an abdominal aortic aneurysm not directly related to her surgery.

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Desi Arnaz

Haley Arnaz’s grandfather was Desi Arnaz. Born on March 2, 1917, Desi was an actor, musician, bandleader, comedian, film and television producer. He is also considered one of the pioneers in creating modern television.

Desi Sr is known for his role as the witty Ricky Ricardo on the American television sitcom I Love Lucy. In addition, he is known for leading his Latin music group, the Desi Arnaz Orchestra.

Owing to his lifelong smoking habits, Desi Arnaz was diagnosed with lung cancer in 1986. Unfortunately, he passed away on December 2, 1986, at 69.

Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz

Haley Arnaz’s grandparents, Lucille and Desi, met for the first time when they were filming for the Rodgers and Hart stage hit Too Many Girls in 1940. The two fell in love and eloped the same year.

At 39, Lucille gave birth to her eldest daughter, Lucie Desiree Arnaz, on July 17, 1951. Her son, Desi Arnaz Jr., was born on January 19, 1953.

Desi’s alcoholism and infidelity were the reason for the strain in their marriage. On March 3, 1960, Lucille Ball filed for divorce.

The actress claimed that married life with Desi was “a nightmare” and nothing at all as it appeared in I Love Lucy. However, despite their separation, Lucille and Desi remained friends until his death in 1986.

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Haley Arnaz Career

Haley & Justin performing the Grand Pas de Deux.

Many anticipated Haley will Desi Arnaz Jr’s footsteps and become an actor. Instead, however, she paved her career path and chose to become a professional ballet dancer.

Amy always dreamt of her daughter, Haley, becoming a professional ballet dancer. She took dance lessons from Dance Etc, Inc.

As a teenager, she participated in several dance competitions and events. Even after growing up, Haley Arnaz pursued her passion for ballet dancing and became a well-respected ballet dancer.

In 2005, Haley danced as older Clara in The Nutcracker and as Princess in the Land of the Sweets. Moreover, she joined her parent Boulder City Ballet Co, participating in various ballet events.

Sources say she still teaches professional ballet dancing to little kids in Santa Clarita, California, where she currently resides. Moreover, Haley appeared in the TV documentary I Love Lucy’s 50th Anniversary Special.

Haley Arnaz Net Worth

As of 2021, Haley Arnaz is estimated to have a net worth of $1 million. She has been enjoying quite a lavish lifestyle away from the media spotlight.

Apart from this, Haley’s stepfather, Desi Jr., has a whopping $40 million net worth. He currently lives in Boulder City, Nevada, in a $2.8 million 2,456square feet house with five bedrooms and four bathrooms. Likewise, the actor has also inherited a large portion of his mother Lucille’s fortune that he shares with his sister Lucie.

Social media

Arnaz is not active on any social media platforms. However, a Twitter account under her name seemed to be created in May 2017.

Regardless of this, the account is inactive, with only one follower and 0 followers to date. Likewise, no posts have been made on the Twitter account.


How old is Haley Arnaz?

As of 2023, Haley is 46 years old.

What did Amy Arnaz die of?

Haley Arnaz’s mother, Amy Arnaz, died of cancer at 63. She passed away in January 2015 after being diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Is Lucie Arnaz still married to Laurence Luckinbill?

Lucie Arnaz, the aunt of Haley Arnaz, is still married to actor Laurence Luckinbill. The couple lives in Palm Springs, California, with their three children.

How much is Desi Arnaz Jr worth?

Desi Arnaz Jr. is worth $40 million. He earned most of his income as an actor and musician. Likewise, he is also one of the heirs to his mother, Lucille Ball’s fortune.

I Love Lucy: Who owns the rights?

Desilu produced I Love Lucy. Viacom CBS owns Desilu’s entire library is owned by ViacomCBS through two of its subsidiaries. The CBS unit owns all Desilu properties produced and concluded before 1960, sold to CBS by Desilu itself.

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