Han Feizi Singapore TikTok: Has Over 1K Followers On Douyin

Han Feizi Singapore TikTok: The lady is well-known on social media for creating engaging and relatable content for her followers.

Han Feizi, a rising TikTok sensation, rose to prominence after posting videos of herself arguing with a female police officer at Singapore General Hospital.

Feizi has captured the attention of viewers worldwide with her distinct online persona. Feizi’s TikTok journey started as a way for her to share her daily life, humour, and relatable content.

Her content evolved, showcasing her unapologetic approach to addressing social and political issues.

She stood her ground in a confrontation with a police officer in the videos in question, sparking widespread debate about police conduct and individual rights.

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Han Feizi Singapore TikTok: Boasts 1K Douyin Followers

The other, with less than 1,000 followers as of press time, was allegedly where footage of a Singapore Police Force (SPF) officer was uploaded.

The link to her main account was also mentioned in the burner account’s bio, indicating that they could follow it if they desired.

Shin Min pointed out that several of Han’s videos were shot at The Sail @ Marina Bay. She also included the location as a tag in some of her content.

Marina Boulevard is the address of the condominium. She also tagged Tropika East, a condo near Eunos, in May of this year.

Han Feizi Singapore TikTok
Han Feizi has two TikTok account. (Source- Style on the dot)

According to Shin Min, Han frequently posted videos of herself dining in high-end restaurants or vacationing in cities such as Sanya, China, and Tokyo, Japan.

A woman who became famous in Singapore after posting TikTok videos of herself arguing with police in a hospital was deported and barred from returning.

According to the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA), Han, a 29-year-old Chinese national, was deported to China on the same day.

Han was sentenced to five weeks and five days in jail and a S$600 (US$438) fine on October 25.

Her release most likely took into account both her remand period and the standard one-third remission for good behaviour.

Han Feizi Allegation and Controversy

Han Feizi, a 29-year-old Chinese national, is now being investigated for allegedly lying on her work permit application. She had claimed that she would be working as a clerk.

Evidence suggests, however, that she worked as a freelance hostess at various venues. Han was formally charged with two counts under the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act on October 24.

It’s important to note that these charges are separate from the incident at the Singapore General Hospital, which will be heard tomorrow.

According to court documents, Han indicated on her work permit application around August 11 that she would be working as a clerk for KDL Elements.

Han Feizi Singapore TikTok
Han Feizi is now being investigated for allegedly lying on her work permit application. (Source- mothership)

Han, who was in custody today, appeared in court looking composed and wearing large black-rimmed glasses.

Through a Mandarin interpreter, she communicated with the court, expressing her intention to plead guilty to both her previous and current charges.

When Han inquired about her bail status, a dispute erupted. She mentioned that her fingerprints were taken for bail, but she was later denied and was still determining why. The judge clarified that the bail centre could have rejected the proposed bailor.

When District Judge Lorraine Ho asked if she wanted to make another call to arrange bail, Han said she needed to make an international call due to financial obligations back home.

She was informed, however, that only local calls were permitted, but she could relay her message to someone else to handle international matters.

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