Hannah Diviney Disability: Cerebral Palsy Update 2023

Hannah Diviney Disability: Diviney, who was born with cerebral palsy, is driving a drive for Disney to develop a disabled princess character.

Hannah Diviney is a prominent writer, disability rights advocate, and women’s rights advocate in Sydney, Australia.

Diviney started her work at Mamamia when she was fifteen years old and has since become the co-founder and Editor-In-Chief of Missing Perspectives, the face of the global campaign for a Disabled Disney Princess, and the lady who called out Lizzo for using an ableist slur.

In addition, she is also the female lead in the SBS television series Latecomers. Diviney’s debut novel is I’ll Let Myself In.

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Hannah Diviney Disability

Hannah Diviney grew up never seeing someone who looked like her on television, which became her motivation for change as she grew older.

Born with cerebral palsy, Hannah Diviney spearheads a push to have Walt Disney Co produce a princess character with disabilities, with support from Reese Witherspoon, Jameela Jamil, and Mark Hamill.

Diviney, a Sydney resident, believes her life and journey to self-love and acceptance might have been different had she grown up seeing good representations of individuals with disabilities in films.

Diviney started an internet petition for Disney to develop a princess character with disabilities in 2020, and it already has 64,000 signatures.

Hannah Diviney Disability
Hannah Diviney, a citizen of Australia, was born with cerebral palsy.  (Source- ABC news)

In addition, Diviney reflects on her personal experience and emphasizes the media’s powerful influence on molding societal ideas and individual viewpoints.

Growing up without seeing genuine representations of individuals with disabilities in popular cinema, Diviney struggled with isolation and a battle to accept her individuality.

The author envisions a society in which films and media play an important role in promoting empathy, breaking down prejudices, and instilling a sense of belonging in people of all abilities.

Diviney’s narrative demonstrates the enormous power of inclusive and factual storytelling in empowering marginalized populations and paving the road for a more compassionate and understanding society.

The writer feels that such a figure might serve as a source of inspiration, developing a more inclusive narrative in the enthralling world of storytelling and contributing to the larger movement towards a society that values diversity in all its forms.

Hannah Diviney Cerebral Palsy Update 2023

Hannah Diviney, who was born with cerebral palsy, has become a symbol of strength and inspiration for countless others facing similar struggles.

As a child, Hannah Diviney, who has cerebral palsy, recalls seeing people with disabilities featured on television in just two ways. The first, she claims, was when the Paralympics were shown every four years.

The second was when road safety advertising would show persons who had to use a wheelchair due to traffic accidents.

Cerebral palsy affects a person’s ability to move and maintain posture, affecting approximately 0.1% of Australia’s population of over 26 million. Diviney has spastic diplegia, which is the most frequent variety.

Hannah Diviney Disability
Hannah Diviney has had cerebral palsy since her birth. (Source- urban list )

They would frequently present someone ending up in a wheelchair as the worst-case scenario because that would mean the end of their life as they knew it.

Early experiences like this encouraged Hannah to advocate for changes in how people with disabilities are portrayed in the media.

The 23-year-old, who works as an editor for a women’s online news platform and recently starred in the Australian TV show “Latecomers,” said it was difficult growing up feeling different from the other youngsters.

Diviney took out Beyonce and Lizzo on Twitter last year for using the disparaging term’spaz’ in their songs. After her tweets went viral, both musicians eliminated the ableist slur and re-recorded the tracks.

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