Check out the official trailer for My Policeman, which portrays Harry Styles as a man caught between his wife, Emma Corrin, and his lover, David Dawson.

Harry Styles’ brand-new movie stirs up all the emotions.

Amazon Prime Video released a trailer for My Policeman, another highly anticipated film, following Don’t Worry Darling. 

My Policeman official Trailer

The film stars Tom, a British man caught in a love triangle with his wife Marion, portrayed by Emma Corrin, and Patrick, presented by David Dawson. At the same time, same-sex relationships were illegal in the 1950s.

“This love is all-consuming,” Styles states in the clip, showing his character intimately involved with both partners. “I pity people who don’t know what it feels like to be this in love.”

In the video, Corrin’s character tells her husband Patrick is “trying to destroy our marriage.”

A trailer for My Policeman, based on Bethan Roberts’ 2012 novel, brought many fans to tears. “I’m sobbing from the trailer, just imaging the different parts of the story being brought to life by the cast.” 

Amazon Prime Video’s official YouTube channel received a comment below the trailer. “It’s going to be a heartbreaking movie; I will start buying tissues now.”

In My Policeman, Linus Roache and Rupert Everett play older versions of Tom and Patrick, respectively, and Gina McKee plays older Marion.

The role in My Policeman is Styles’ third significant acting role, following Dunkirk in 2017 and Don’t Worry Darling.

 Several rumors have plagued the film, including the “#Spitgate” scandal surrounding “As it Was” singer and co-star Chris Pine (which was later debunked by the latter’s rep).

The movie is releasing on October 21 and in a prime video on November 4.

Harry styles’ latest film starts up a lot of emotions.

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