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Hayes Hargrove bio, family, movies, & net worth

Who is Hayes Hargrove?

Hayes Hargrove is a popular actor, comedian, writer, and producer who is famous as the ex-husband of Kristen Wiig. He has done a notable role in several movies and T.V. Series such as Council of Dads(2020), Masters of Sex(2013), High Maintenance(2009), and so on.

He’s living a comfortable life now with his beautiful wife and huge net worth.

Quick facts

Full nameJack Hayes Hargrove Jr
DOBDecember 20, 1979
BornNew York, USA
Famous forActor, Comedian, Writer
Age39 Years Old
CollegeHumboldt University of Berlin
SchoolLocal School
QualificationB.A. in Environmental Science
Height6 feet 1 Inch Tall
Weight79 K.G.
Eye colorBrown
Hair colorBlack
Marital statusMarried Twice
RelationshipsAffairs, Dating, Wife, Girlfriend
Ex-girlfriendKristen Wiig
Dating historyKristen Wiig, Katherine Von Till
WifeKatherine Von Till
Net worthUSD2.5 million.

Childhood and education

Hayes was born on December 20 of the year 1979. His parents wanted a son for a long time, and they were delighted when they gave birth to one. Therefore, he was loved very much by his family.

He was born in one of the most famous commercial cities in America, New York. He only moved later to Los Angeles for his career.

Hayes Hargrove with his dog Ziggy

He’s known to the world as Hayes Hargrove. But when he was born, he was named Jack Hayes Hargrove Jr. by his parents.

Though his birthplace and workplace are in the United States, there is information in the media that says he is of British nationality.

He grew in New York City and went to a local middle school and high school. His teenage years were pretty average, like any American teen. In college, he studied Environmental Science. He did B. A in Sustainable Development.

It looks as if he’s always been close to nature.

He also studied abroad for some time. He attended the Humboldt University of Berlin for further studies.

Information regarding his family is unknown to the media. He hasn’t disclosed his family details to the press, as many celebrities have done.

He was born with the sun sign Sagittarius. He is currently 39 years old and living a happy life in Hollywood.

Hayes was always a literature lover and loved reading stories and books.

Hayes has also been a story writer. He has written stories.

His love for stories and books led him to pursue a career in the movie sector. After all, a movie is just another way of telling a story.

He was always a reader, and that’s what helped him pursue not just one, but a different career.

Growing up, Hayes has said that his favorite actor is Leonardo DiCaprio. He must have idolized him growing up, and that might have helped him realize what he truly wanted to do in his life.

In his teen years, he was a fan of Jim Henson. Jim was an inspiration in Hayes’s life.

He is interested in music. In his Instagram account, there are seven clips of him singing very beautifully.

Growing up, he also had a keen interest in sketch writing and cookery. When asked in an interview, he said that if he weren’t an actor, he would either be a chef or a therapist.

Hayes Hargrove’s relationships

Hayes Hargrove has married twice. He has been married to two different actresses.

Hayes Hargrove and Kristen Wiig

In the early 2000s, he started dating Kristen Wiig. They had terrific chemistry and immediately fell in love. They dated for a few more years before deciding to get married.

Kristen Wiig is more popular than Hayes. Born as Kristen Caroll Wiig, she has given mesmerizing performances in many movies.

She’s a comedian, actress, and producer who is famous for Saturday Night Live.

She’s known for her role in movies like Bridesmaid (2011) and Ghostbuster (2016).

She has done several other movies. The Skeleton Twins is another film that is adored by her fans. She was pretty amazing in the movie Girl Most Likely in 2013.

Kristen and Hayes got married in 2005. They got engaged a while before and decided to tie the knot with each other.

In the beginning, both were happy, and everything was blissful. But soon, things started falling apart.

Kristen and Hayes decided that it would be better if they don’t live together. They got divorced in 2009. They didn’t have any children together.

Neither Hayes nor Kristen has disclosed any reason to the public. Nobody knows why they got divorced.

After Hayes, Kristen dated a lot of guys.

She first started seeing Fabrizio Moretti. He is a musician and visual artist. Their relationship lasted for 18 months, and the couple split in 2013.

After that, Kristen dated Brain Persos, whom she had known for 21 years. This couple couldn’t last long too.

Finally, she’s engaged to Avi Rothman. She dated Avi for three years before finally deciding to get married.

Kristen Wiig and Avi Rothman
Kristen Wiig and Avi Rothman

She is currently 41 years of age. While Kristen went on to date a few men, Hayes only dated one girl and married her.

Hayes Hargrove fell in love again with another woman named Katherine Von Till.

Hayes Hargrove and Katie Von Till

She’s also known as Katie Von Till. She’s a voice actress, actress, singer, songwriter, and so on. Hayes fell in love with her beautiful voice and charming personality.

Katherine did the voice of Snow White in 2011. She’s also appeared as Dr. Janice Elden’s infamous series Castle.

Katie Von Till and Hayes Hargrove
Katie Von Till and Hayes Hargrove together

Katherine Von Till is also a famous actress in Hollywood. She has done notable roles in famous movies like Lego Batman: The Movie – D.C. Super Heroes Unite (2013), The Hunted (2013), A Patient Man(2019), and others.

Katherine is 45 years old, while Hayes is 39 years old.

Hayes and Katherine were married on December 17, 2017. They had a very private wedding and invited only close friends and families.

They don’t have any kids. Still, they look happy in their life. There haven’t been any controversies regarding their marriage.

Both of his wives are far more successful and famous than Hayes is.

His family includes a dog, named Ziggy. It’s a small black-colored dog. He often shares Ziggy’s photo in his Instagram profile.

He also has two insanely cute two cats. It looks like he’s always been an animal lover. His Instagram profile has tons of animal photos.

His road to fame

Hayes Hargrove has had a fairly average career when it comes to movies. He started with comedy and struggled to find work later. But now it looks like he’s resurfacing back to getting better roles and better shows.

He was a comedian when he started his career and wrote jokes both as hobbies and livelihoods.

He has performed stand-up in several venues. Clips of his performance are on YouTube.

After that, he was discovered and laughed at by a director called Victor Fanucchi. Victor was looking to make a comedy movie, and Hayes was perfect for the role.

Therefore, in 2007, he performed in a comedy film titled Beyond the Pale. Victor Fanucchi directed the movie.

In the movie, Hayes played the lead role. He played the role of Sasha Plotkin, which happened after he was married. Maybe the influence of Kristen helped him become an actor.

After that, he landed a few roles and did whatever parts he got. He did not care whether his characters were small or big.

He played a small role as Tim the bartender in the movie “Fingers.” Hayes himself had co-produced this movie.

In the movie Fingers, Ben Daniels was playing the lead role. This movie was premiered in the Hamptons and also Nashville Film Festival.

His debut T.V. show was High Maintenance in 2009.

Hargrove has landed roles in several famous T.V. series and movies of the time. He played an important part in Take my Wife and also in Masters of Sex.

Masters of Sex is a series released in 2013, and it’s about a doctor and his assistant who are doing sex research.

His performance can’t be ignored in Starlight and Major Crimes, which were released in 2012.

He is also in Swedish Dicks, which is a comedy series about two people; a stuntman who gets stuck in the past and a DJ who gets in a digital world.

In recent times, he has been involved in many popular series, which will no doubt boost his career.

In 2019, he was seen in Bluff City Law. It is a legal drama series with a thrilling story related to crime.

Similarly, his role was much appreciated in the 2020 series Interrogation.

He also performed in Council of Dads, a brand-new series. This American drama is about a little girl named July and her siblings who have to adjust to a new addition to the family, which is more than dad’s.

His career is on the rise as he is getting better roles.

Hayes Hargrove net worth

Hayes Hargrove has earned a considerable amount of money from his acting and writing career.

His career has been relatively successful, and since it’s a Hollywood career, it pays enough to have at least a million dollars for net worth.

His net worth is estimated to be around 2.5 million dollars. He has earned the money from his writing work and acting projects he did.

Some sources claim that he earns 50 thousand dollars every year. Some other sources have claimed that his fees for acting roles include anywhere from 19K dollars to 171k.

With that money, he has brought a decent home in Los Angeles. Los Angeles isn’t a cheap place to live in, but he earns enough to live a decent life.

He drives the Toyota Prius Car. It may not be as expensive as the one big stars like Leonardo DiCaprio or Jonny Depp drive, but it is still more than decent.

Toyota Prius costs anywhere from $24,775 to $33, 130.

He also earns from brand endorsements. Several global brands have approached him, and he has advertised their product.

He is the spokesperson for Orville Redenbacher, which is a popcorn company.

Hayes Hargrove charity

Hayes has always been a charitable man who has helped others whenever he could.

He has been a volunteer for Musicares Foundation since 2010. This foundation has always worked for the betterment of musicians and music.

He once joined Cardboard Playhouse Theater to raise funds. This fund was a big help for children’s theater in New Mexico.

And he has always been a savior of the environment. He not only studied it but also ties it to conserve the environment on many levels.

Did Kristen Wiig have a baby?

In June 2020, E! News reported that Kristen Wiig and her husband Avi Rothman welcomed twins via surrogate earlier in the year. Their names are Shiloh and Luna.

Who is Kristen Wiig’s husband?

Kristen Wiig’s husband, Avi Rothman is a Hollywood actor and writer. Born on September 30, 1977, Avi was raised in Los Angeles. He has more than 35 acting credits in films and TV shows like Wonder Woman, Overshare, Silver Lake, Sandra Intoxicated Man, and more. He also helped write and produce Bunion, Codependents, and Partners, among a few others.

How much is Kristen Wiig worth?

Actress and producer, Kristen Wiig is worth $16 million as of 2021.

How old is Hayes Hargrove?

Born on Dec 20, 1979, that makes him 41 years old.