Heather Helm biography- Matthew Lillard’s wife

Who is Heather Helm?

Many celebrities in Hollywood rose to prominence because of the success of their other half. Matthew Lillard, the husband of Heather Helm, boosted her fame.

This actor rose to prominence for his role as Shaggy Rogers in the live adaptation of Scooby-Doo and Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleased. There is no denying that Heather became a worldwide sensation overnight after her name got attached to this handsome man. However, this lady has to offer a lot of things.

Heather Helm Biography
Heather Helm Biography

Quick Facts

Full nameHeather Ann Helm
As known asHeather Lillard
BirthdayNovember 30, 1970
Age53 years old
Sun signCancer
TraitsPositive: Caring, sensitive, and calm
Negative: Secretive, possessive, and moody
BirthplacePasadena, California, USA
Currently residingLos Angeles, California, USA
EducationBachelor of Arts Degree in English Literature
Father’s nameUpdating Soon
Mother’s nameUpdating Soon
SiblingsUpdating Soon
Height5 feet 6 inches
Marital statusMarried
Spouse nameMatthew Lillard
ChildrenAddison Grace Lillard (daughter)
Macey Lyn Lillard (daughter)
Liam Lillard (son)
Net worthUpdating Soon
Social mediaInstagram

Early life

Matthew Lillard and Heather Lillard
Matthew Lillard and Heather Lillard

Heather Helm was born in 1971 in Pasadena, California, United States of America. She is 50 years old. Yet, despite her old age, she is young and energetic as ever.
However, this lady has not yet shared the secret of her glowing face and fit body. Additionally, Heather was born on the auspicious 17th of July.

Heather is, therefore, under the sign of Cancer. Cancerians are known for their compassion and soft-heartedness. They are peace seekers and can walk away from any argument.

Heather attended La Canada High School in 1987. In 1989, she graduated from high school and enrolled at the University of California, Los Angeles.
Helm earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature in 1993. Heather is undoubtedly an educated woman involved in one of the most demanding careers in real estate.

She stands tall at 5 feet 6 inches, whereas her husband Matthew has a towering height of 6 feet 3 inches. The height difference is also why they look so good together.
Helm also has long, luscious hair and blue eyes. This woman looks beautiful in every apparel she wears.

As a young individual, Heather was always focused on studying and building an empire from it. But, when she was young, she could compete with the industry’s sexiest and most beautiful actors and models.

Despite being in her 50s, this lady has become more attractive and appealing as a person. Despite Heather’s outward appearance, Helm is very kind and empathic.


As soon as Heather Hayes received her Bachelor’s degree from UCLA, she was promoted to Director of Special Event Marketing for Disney. She received marketing knowledge and honed her skill to work under pressure.

Soon Heather realized that she was passionate about interior design. Eventually, she assisted in building a company that majors in importing antique Spanish doors.

Later in 2009, she was determined to be a full-time realtor. During that time, she met her going-to-be business partner Ted Clark who was selling a home.

This business partner has been ruling the real estate work from that moment on. Their bond became strong over the time of 10 years.

Although Heather masters selling luxury properties, she has sold properties of all price ranges. In addition, her brief knowledge of interior design helped her clients receive the perfect place they searched for.

Due to her affordable and brilliant work, many clients refer her name to other people. Naturally, that makes her happy more than anything else. As a result, she was named a top producer in the region.


Matthew Lillard and Heather Helm
Matthew Lillard and Heather Helm

Matthew was attracted to Heather Helm because of her beauty and softness. But, more than anything else, her philanthropic work enchanted him.

This lovey-dovey couple met way before 2000 when they were at the peak of their youth. They clicked as soon as they saw each other at one of their friends’ parties.
Matthew explained that he invited himself to Heather’s friend’s Italian wedding when he heard she would be attending one of her friends’ weddings. They began dating soon after.

Unlike other couples in the industry, they took their time to understand each other better. Then, after spending some time together, they decided to take their relationship to the next level.

Surprisingly on August 12, 2000, this adorable couple tied a knot, and the rest is history. Twenty-one years of this love bug’s life have been spent holding hands and supporting one another.

Matthew Lillard (husband)

Matthew Lillard was born and raised in Lansing, Michigan, the United States of America. He was born in the year 1970 on January 24.

In 2021, Lillard will be 51 years old. He initiated his career as an actor in the 1990 movie SK8-TV.

However, he soon had the opportunity to work on Ghoulies III: Ghoulies Go to College in 1991. Since his debut role as Dexter Stork, he has been a part of many different projects.

Matthew’s breakthrough came when he was cast in the movie Scream in 1997. Luckily, he got the role of Stuart “Stu” Macher.

Soon after this, Lillard’s impeccable work as Shaggy Rogers in Scooby-Doo attracted adults and kids. Therefore he received a wide range of fans who belonged to different ages.

It is apparent that Matthew gave voice to Shaggy and has been doing his work as a voice artist in all of the Scooby-doo franchises.

Additionally, Lillard is known for his roles in He’s All That, Bloodsucking Bastards, Under Wraps, Axel: The Biggest Little Hero, Match, Return to the Nim’s Island, and Fat Kid Rules the World. Deep Dark Canyon, The Pool boys, amongst others.


Heather Helm with her family
Heather Helm with her family

This envious couple was delighted to know that they were having kids. As a matter of fact, they were happy about raising a new life and making their family complete.

Altogether Heather gave birth to three children of Matthew. The family of five has always been there for one another in rough circumstances.

Addison Grace Lillard

Their happiness had no limit when their first child came into their life. Young Addison Grace Lillard was born in the year of June 13, 2002.

According to the source, she weighed about 6 pounds, 10 ounces at the time of her birth. Currently, she is 19 years old.

Macey Lyn Lillard

A couple of years later, Heather again got pregnant with their second child. Macy was born on 2004 October 19 and will be 17 years old in 2021.

Liam Lillard

The youngest member of the Lillard family and the only son of their couple is young Liam. He was born in 2008 April, and in 2021, he will be 13 years old.


This mother of three has been working as a full-time realtor since 2009, and from that moment on, there is no single day that she has not to work. Along with work and business, she makes sure to take care of her beautiful children.

Matthew Lillard with his wife, Heather Helm and kids
Matthew Lillard with his wife, Heather Helm, and kids

Although Heather is in her 50’s, she is not trying to retire any time soon. Also, when she is not working, Helm is often spotted spending quality time with her family.

Besides this, he is also active in volunteering in the community, serving schools and nonprofit organizations. She is an activist of The Pasadena children’s Guild, Five Acres, and Circle of Friends.

Heather Helm net worth

Being a realtor, there is no denying that Helm makes a hefty amount of money from her work ad accolades. However, she has hesitated to share her salary with the media due to some privacy reasons.

In contrast to this, her husband Matthew is a millionaire. Because of his work and popularity in Hollywood, Matthew has a total net worth of USD 2 million in 2021.

In addition to this, the husband ad wife had purchased a beautiful house in Los Angeles. Back in 2010, they also bought a mansion in Pasadena for about USD 1 .18 million.

According to reliable resources, the property stretches up to 3010 square feet and comprises five bedrooms. The mansion was originally constructed in 1930.

It was also revealed that both of them sold some houses in Pasadena after one year of purchasing them in 2002. the house was sold for USD 1.3 million.

Social Media Presence

Heather is a very busy person. Most of the time, she has to divide the time between taking care of the children and working. However, because of her supportive husband, everything is a piece of cake for this realtor.

Despite having a tight schedule, Helms is often seen active on social media platforms. Among all, she is available on Instagram.

Heather Helm Instagram

There are several people who opt for Instagram to follow their favorite celebrities and share their luxurious lifestyles with people all over the world.

However, for Heather, it is a way to build her business. Her account @heatherlillardrealtor consist of detailed picture and information about the property to appeal to her clients.

Amidst all this, Helm also shares about the romantic relationship that she has with Matthew. Until now, she has garnered about 1,868 followers in her official account.

Heather Helm Website

Along with her business partner Tom Clark, they have created a website @tedheather.com. The website is created with the motive to sell properties and spread their business.


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