Heiko Grote Ehefrau (Wife): Is He Married To Simone Ballack?

Is Heiko Grote Ehefrau Simone Ballack? What is their relationship? Keep reading to find out the truth behind their relationship status.

Heiko Grote is a German native who holds the prestigious position of Chief Executive Officer at Olivia Hotels.

Olivia Hotels is a renowned hotel management company operating a network of luxurious hotels in the picturesque location of Marbella, Spain.

After successfully completing his studies in hotel administration in Germany, Grote embarked on his professional journey at the esteemed Hotel Adlon in Berlin.

With a wealth of experience and expertise under his belt, he made a pivotal decision in 2002 to relocate to the enchanting city of Marbella and join the esteemed Olivia Hotels organization.

Over the years, Grote’s leadership and vision have proven instrumental in the organization’s growth and expansion.

Grote’s dedication and passion for the hospitality industry have played a vital role in solidifying Olivia Hotels’ reputation as a preferred destination for luxury and indulgence.

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Heiko Grote Ehefrau (Wife): Is He Married To Simone Ballack?

Heiko Grote and Simone Mecky-Ballack’s unexpected revelation of their romantic involvement caught Germany by surprise.

Is Heiko Grote Ehefrau Simone Ballack?

Not long ago, the 47-year-old Simone had announced her separation from her second husband, Andreas Mecky, and now, a new man has emerged in her life.

Heiko Grote and Simone Mecky-Ballack's romantic involvement surprised Germany.
Heiko Grote and Simone Mecky-Ballack’s romantic involvement surprised Germany. (Source: sat1.de)

The new man is the enterprising hotel entrepreneur, Heiko Grote, with whom she had already shared a longstanding friendship.

Their friendship seemed to undergo a transformative shift, resulting in a romantic connection between them.

Nevertheless, their journey as a couple has been far from discreet, as media headlines have constantly swirled around them, leaving little room for private and peaceful exploration of their newfound romance.

Both Simone and Heiko are still legally married, with Heiko having been living apart from his wife for a few years, as he candidly revealed.

Adding to the complexities, Heiko will soon be a father again, with his ex-girlfriend expecting twins.

The situation has not escaped the scrutiny of gossip magazines, leading to questions about the circumstances surrounding their relationship.

The couple had their fair share of rumors when they were photographed together at a VIP summer party, seemingly in an affectionate moment.

In their conversation with “BUNTE,” Simone and Heiko clarified the truth behind the photo and the ensuing headlines.

Undeterred by the media spotlight, the couple is excitedly preparing for their first romantic getaway together, marking the beginning of their journey to know each other on a deeper level, honestly.

Heiko Grote couldn’t hold back his admiration for Simone Mecky-Ballack, even in the early stages of their relationship.

He expressed profound appreciation for her not just for her physical attributes but also for her incredible sense of humor.

Heiko Grote career

As of October 1, 2022, Gorgeous Smiling Hotels is a rapidly expanding hospitality company headquartered in Munich.

It will witness a significant change in its management team.

The company’s founder, Heiko Grote, will retain his role as CEO and General Managing Director of GSH Holding.

However, a new combined leadership duo will take on the operational responsibilities.

The duo consists of CFO Marco El Manchi and COO Edwin Jebbink.

They will serve as Managing Directors for both Gorgeous Smiling Hotels GmbH and its subsidiaries, Rilano Group GmbH and GS Star GmbH.

Grote, will retain his role as CEO and General Managing Director of GSH Holding.
Grote will retain his role as CEO and General Managing Director of GSH Holding. (Source: elaya-hotels.com)

This strategic move comes in conjunction with the establishment of the GSH Academy.

The aim is to foster further expansion in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland).

However, the ambitions of the new management team extend beyond the region.

They seek to explore opportunities in the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland.

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