Upon refusing to support Rapper’s presidential bid, John Legend lost his friendship with Kanye West. Legend says he and West’s diverging political views made it hard for them to sustain their friendship.

John Legend shares his thoughts on his relationship with Kanye West – and how they differ. Politics profoundly affected their friendship, specifically West’s support for former President Donald Trump and his 2020 presidential run.

“We are not friends as much as we used to be. I honestly think because we publicly disagreed on his running for office, his supporting Trump,” the 43-years-old singer mentioned in a podcast. “I think it became too much for us to sustain our friendship.”

In the past, Legend and West worked on several songs together, with West producing Legend and the two doing full-fledged collaborations, including 2005’s “Number One” and 2008’s “It’s Over.” Legend also claimed West was unhappy that he had not endorsed West when the Rapper announced his candidacy for president.

“He was upset that I did not support his run for presidency of the United States of America for understandable reasons,” the ‘All of Me’ vocalist said. “I was not alone in that, but, you know, he was not happy about that. And we really have not been close since then.”

As West embarked on his presidential campaign, he had been through various episodes of inconsistent behavior in his personal life. He shared deeply personal details about his family at his one campaign event. Nevertheless, several dozen states ultimately voted for him, with about 60,000 votes.