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Born on April 20, 1889, Adolf Hitler was an Austrian-born German politician. Hitler created the Nazi party and became the chancellor of Germany from 1933 to 1945. His dictatorship started in 1934 and ended with World War II in 1945.

Adolf Hitler was the central perpetrator of the the genocide of about six million Jews and many non-Jewish people throughout the 1930s and 40s, known as the Holocaust. On May 8, 1945, World War II in Europe eventually ended, after which Hitler hid in a bunker beneath the Chancellery in Berlin. On April 30, Hitler shot himself and committed suicide.

While Hitler’s legacy remains infamous, in modern times, many have used the subject of World War II and Adolf Hitler in creating comedic content. In addition, Hitler remains a prominent subject in many memes, which became viral on the Internet.

If you enjoy Hitler memes, you’re in the right place. We have collected some of the funniest Hitler memes available on the Internet to brighten your day. Scroll below for our top picks of the best Hitler memes.

Hitler memes
Hilarious Hitler memes

Gary, if you’re reading this, Hitler was looking for you. Let us know when you get this message.

Hitler memes
Hitler memes for you

We’re not done making fun of Hitler. In fact, we don’t think we’ll ever be done.

Hitler memes
Hitler memes that will make you crazy

We don’t like making people sad. However, if we can somehow make Hitler sad, we will be beyond happy.

Hitler memes
Crazy Hitler memes for you

Sorry, Hitler! We’re not interested in giving you a high five.

Hitler memes
Hitler memes on the Internet

I think I downloaded the wrong Minecraft. I don’t remember the game having Hitler.

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Hitler memes
Funny Hitler Memes for your laughter

You did not do the right thing. Not at all!

Hitler memes
Hitler memes for your entertainment.

That was dark! We weren’t expecting this.

Hitler memes
Hilarious Hitler memes on the Internet

Yup, it was that high. So why does gas have to be so expensive?

Hitler memes
Hitler crazy memes

Who invented the selfie? Well, Hitler, of course!

Hitler memes
Crazy Hitler memes images

And that is the only death that has ever satisfied us! Don’t you agree?

Hitler memes
Hitler memes images

This one is way too funny. We’re dying of laughter after seeing this meme.

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Hitler memes

Oops! You better not laugh at this meme.

Hitler memes
Images for Hitler memes

We love memes with a bit of political touch. This one takes the cake.

Hitler memes
Hitler meme to make you crazy

This about sums up the entire Hitler rule. The most accurate meme ever, am I right?

Hitler memes
Funny Hitler meme found on the Internet.

Any Germans out there? We are sure this one will make you laugh.

Hitler memes
Hitler meme for you

This is true in a weird way. What do you think?

Hitler memes
Hitler meme image

Don’t laugh at this one, no matter how funny it is. Just don’t!

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Hitler memes
Image for Hitler meme.

If Hitler wants cake, you get him some cake. There’s no arguing around it.

Hitler memes
Hitler advice-giving meme

Now, this one made us laugh out loud. So, we’re indeed saving this one.

Hitler memes
When Hitler make that face

How accurate is this? Please send this to your girlfriend before she cheats on you with another guy.

Hitler memes
Hitler meme for your entertainment.

How hilarious is this meme? We are rolling over the floor and laughing after seeing this.

Hitler memes
All I want for Christmas is Jew.

Yeah, Hitler! We’re sure that’s what you want. We never doubted it for a second.

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Hitler memes
Hilarious Hitler meme collected for you.

If Hitler had said “a glass of juice,” just imagine how the world would have turned out. Things would have been so much better, wouldn’t they?

This one is way too funny. Now, this is a meme we’ll never forget.

Hitler memes
Hitler face meme

How would sad Hitler noises sound? Can you imagine how hilarious they would be?

Hitler memes
Hitler funny face meme

Not yet, but definitely soon! Thank God!

Hitler memes
That’s the question I have on my mind.

Why are TikTokers so weird? Unfortunately, that’s the one question we still don’t have the answer to.

Who would win?
Who would win?

Humanity will win. That’s the right answer.

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Hitler memes

Yet, they’re both murderers. Neither of them deserves any sympathy.

Hitler memes
Hitler invented dab.

Want to know where the dab originated? Here you go!

Hitler memes

Now, this one blew our minds. So next time we compare someone to Hitler, we’re definitely taking a step back and reconsidering.

That's a good start.
That’s a good start.

How funny is this meme? This has to be our favorite out of the lot.

We are many things, but we aren’t racists. That’s the one thing we’re proud of.

If you like dark humor, you will love this one. Thank us later!

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Is it wrong that we’re singing along to this? We sure hope not!

When I was Thirteen, I had my first love.
When I was Thirteen, I had my first love.

We’re in splits after seeing this meme. This meme is beyond hilarious.

Rest in peace, Anne Frank! We will always look up to your bravery.

Want to see the best Hitler meme? Here you go! We bet you chuckled.

This is pure comedic gold. The funniest Hitler meme award undoubtedly goes to this one right here.

Hitler memes
Hitler be like.

Hitler definitely didn’t go to heaven. That’s the one thing we are sure of.

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