Holmes Family Rescue Mike Holmes Wife Anna Zappia Kids And Family Ethnicity

People are getting curious to know Mike Holmes Wife, Mike is a renowned Canadian contractor who has captivated audiences with his expertise in home renovation and construction.

Mike is a well-established personality known for his work on various television shows and his commitment to home renovation.

As a result of the philanthropist’s exposure on multiple HGTV shows, there has always been curiosity about his personal life.

This article delves into Mike Holmes’ relationship status, his children, and his family background.

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Mike Holmes Wife, Anna Zappia

Mike’s off-screen life is supported by a blissful marriage with the love of his life.

Holmes is in a long-term happy relationship with Anna Zappia.

With many years of togetherness, she has proved her love as a supportive partner who has been by his side through thick and thin.

Though they are not married, Mike affectionately refers to Anna as his “wife.”

Mike Holmes Wife
Mike Holmes’s Wife is a relatively private person. (Source: TUKO)

Anna is a showroom model and has been dating Mike since around 2000.

Moreover, their relationship has been a source of strength for Mike.

Notably, during challenging times in the 1990s, he faced personal and professional setbacks.

However, it is worth noting that Anna is not his first love.

He previously married Alexandra Lorex in the early eighties, but soon the union fell apart.

The reason for separating their ways is still a mystery to the public.

Moreover, it is rumored that they divorced after 11 years in 1993.

Meet Mike Holmes Kids

Talking about Mike’s offspring, he has three children from his previous marriage to Alexandra Lorex.

His children have followed in his footsteps and are actively involved in the construction industry.

His kids’ names include Amanda, Sherry, and Mike Holmes Jr. 

However, Amanda prefers to keep a low profile, but she seldom appears on her father’s show.

She has chosen a career in the fitness industry, is married, and has two children.

Similarly, Sherry Holmes is another talented member of the Holmes family with a passion for renovating.

Mike Holmes Wife
 Holmes Family Rescue, contractor Mike Holmes, his son Michael, and daughter Sherry are in Toronto, Ontario. (Source: Instagram)

Like Mike, she has a passion for construction and has joined her father in the industry.

She gained recognition for her work in rebuilding houses after Hurricane Katrina.

Sherry represents women in skilled trades and showcases her expertise on television shows.

Together, they continue to impact the construction industry and work on various projects positively.

On the other hand, Mike Holmes Jr. initially volunteered for his father’s construction business but later fell in love with the trade.

Since then, he has become a skilled handyman and has ventured into his television projects, including “Holmes: Next Generation.”

Moreover, Junior is married to Lisa Marie, and they are soon expecting a baby.

In the much-loved show, he and his family help families in need.

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Mike Holmes Family Ethnicity explored

Holmes was born in Toronto, Ontario, and comes from a family with a background in construction.

Mike is of mixed ethnicity. Mike Holmes’ ethnicity is Scottish and Ukrainian.

His father, Jim, was of Scottish descent, while his mother, Shirley, has Ukrainian roots.

Jim worked as a plumber and engineer. This instilled in Mike a passion for renovation and construction from a young age.

Mike Holmes Wife
Mike, in his early days, had a thing for construction. (Source: Instagram)

Unfortunately, Mr. Holmes passed away after a tragic staircase accident.

Mike’s ultimate goal remains to educate homeowners, promote better building practices, and inspire more individuals to pursue trade careers.

While Mike Holmes is widely recognized for his home renovation and construction expertise, his personal life and family provide valuable insights into the man behind the TV persona.

Mike Holmes exemplifies the importance of family support and working together to make a difference in the construction industry.

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