Hopie Carlson biography: Eldest daughter of Tucker Carlson

Who is Hopie Carlson?

Hopie Carlson, the eldest child of Fox News television host Tucker Carlson, was born in 1999. As the daughter of a well-known media personality, Hopie has been in the public eye since her birth. Despite her exposure, Hopie keeps her personal life private, and not much is known about her outside of her famous family. However, we can delve into what information is available.

Growing up in the Carlson household, Hopie was exposed to the media industry from a young age. Her father’s career as a TV personality likely had a significant impact on her upbringing. While Tucker Carlson is known for his conservative views and political commentary, Hopie has yet to follow in her father’s footsteps and has kept her personal beliefs private.

Let’s find out the life of the eldest daughter of Tuck Carlson

Hopie Carlson
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Quick Facts

Full nameHopie Carlson
Age24 years old
BirthplaceWashington D.C., USA
Current residenceWashington D.C., USA
ParentsTucker Carlson (father)
Susan Andrews (mother)
GrandparentsRichard Warner Carlson (grandfather)
Lisa Mcnear (grandmother)
SiblingsLilie Carlson (sister)
Dorothy Carlson (sister)
Buckley Carlson (brother)
Marital statusMarried
SpouseClare Walker
EducationUniversity of Virginia
St. George’s school
ProfessionNo information
Net WorthNo information
Social mediaInstagram
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBrown


Hopie Carlson, born in 1999, is the eldest child of Tucker Carlson and Susan Andrews. She has three siblings: two sisters named Lilie and Dorothy, and a brother named Buckley. Growing up in a family with such strong media ties, Hopie has always been in the public eye.

Her parents both attended the prestigious St. George’s School in Virginia, where they first met each other. Hopie Carlson followed in their footsteps and attended the equally renowned St. Andrew’s School in Delaware, where she was known for her athletic prowess. Sources indicate that Hopie was a member of the school’s swim team and was also involved in other sports activities. During her time at St. Andrew’s, Hopie was elected senior prefect or class president, a testament to her leadership qualities.

After graduating from St. Andrew’s in 2018, Hopie began her college studies. Although the name of her college has not been disclosed, it is believed that she is attending the University of Virginia, where she is following her academic pursuits. Like her personal life, Hopie has kept her college studies private and has not made any public statements about her academic goals.

Despite growing up in a family with strong political views, Hopie has not publicly expressed her political leanings or aspirations. While her father is a well-known conservative commentator, Hopie seems content to keep her personal beliefs private. Instead, she has chosen to live a relatively quiet life away from the public eye.


Tucker Carlson with wife Susan

Tucker Carlson, born on May 16, 1969, in San Francisco, California, is a well-known journalist and conservative political commentator. He is the son of Richard Warner Carlson and Lisa McNear. After graduating with a degree in BA History from Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, Tucker began his career in journalism. He worked for various media outlets before joining Fox News, where he currently hosts the popular show Tucker Carlson Tonight.

Susan Andrews, born on September 4, 1969, in Rhode Island, USA, is Tucker Carlson’s wife and the mother of their four children. Her father, Rev. George E. Andrews II, was a former school principal of the prestigious St. George’s School in Rhode Island. Susan’s early life and family details are relatively unknown, but it is clear that she had a passion for hospitality and teaching before becoming a stay-at-home mom to raise her children.

Tucker and Susan first met in the first week of their 10th-grade year at St. George’s School, where they quickly fell in love. The couple has fond memories of their early days as school sweethearts. Tucker asked Susan’s father for permission to marry her, following the tradition of the time. Their love has endured over the years, and they have built a beautiful family together.


Hopie Carlson with family

Tucker Carlson and his wife, Susan Carlson, have four children together. They have three daughters named Hopie, Lilie, and Dorothy, and a son named Buckley. The Carlson family resides in a nineteenth-century farmhouse located in Alexandria, Virginia. The farmhouse has been beautifully restored and modernized to suit the family’s needs.

The Carlson children have largely stayed out of the public eye, with Hopie occasionally appearing on her father’s show, Tucker Carlson Tonight. The eldest child of the family, Hopie Carlson, was born in 1999 and attended St. Andrew’s School in Delaware, where she was known for her leadership qualities and athletic abilities.

Lilie Carlson, born in 2001, and Dorothy Carlson, born in 2004, are both accomplished young women in their own right. Like their sister, they have kept their personal lives private and have not expressed any interest in pursuing careers in media or politics.

The youngest member of the Carlson family, Buckley Carlson, was born in 2009. Like his siblings, Buckley has kept a relatively low profile, and not much is known about him outside of his famous family.


While there is no official information about it however the older previous that Hopie Carlson shows that she is married to a woman Clare Walker. It doesn’t say any other information.

As far as Clare Walker is concerned her profile doesn’t says she is married. It can be friendly banter or otherwise, we cannot confirm. She is from Washington D.C. and went to Tufts University.


While there is no information about what career path Hopie Carlson, opted for but her father, Tucker is an infamous presenter on Fox News. he has been working there since May 2009.

Additionally, Tucker is also the author of his own autobiography “Politicians, Partisans, and Parasites: My Adventures in Cable News,” The book was published in 2003 in which he has addressed his experience and controversies during the course of his career in the TV industry.

Tucker is known to place forward his strong views and opinion on political issues and has also faced backlashes for his bold statements. Despite his controversial statements, his show “Tucker Carlson Tonight” remains the most-watched TV news show in America.

The 52-year old news presenter has a reputation of being funny, witty, and smart amongst his peers even though they might not always agree with his rhetorical statements.

Hopie Carlson net worth

As of now, Carlson is living with her parents and pursuing her studies. Thus, Hopie Carlson net worth hasn’t been determined yet.

Hopie doesn’t need to worry about it anytime soon as Tucker Carlson has a net worth of USD 30 million. He gets a salary of USD 6 million from Fox news alone and with his additional work in writing and journalism, he earns enough to provide a luxurious life for him and his family.

Social media

Celebrity kid Hopie has maintained a very low profile throughout her life. She has avoided any sort of media attention and has lived in privacy. Likewise, her social media accounts are also private and not accessible to the public.

Hopie Carlson had an Instagram account that seems to have been deleted and her Facebook profile has been dumped. There is no new social media account that we could discover.

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