Horse Rider Claire Lomas Accident Paraplegic Husband And Family

Claire Lomas accident left her with life-changing injuries, but her resilience and determination have been an inspiration to many.

Claire Lomas MBE is a remarkable British campaigner, fundraiser, and former event rider who has inspired countless individuals with her resilience and determination.

Her life dramatically turned in 2007 when she developed paraplegia following a devastating riding accident.

However, Claire’s spirit remained unbroken, and she embarked on a journey of remarkable achievements.

In 2012, she captured the world’s attention by completing the 32nd Virgin London Marathon in an awe-inspiring 17 days, thanks to the revolutionary ReWalk robotic suit.

Her courageous feat showcased her indomitable spirit and highlighted the potential of assistive technologies in transforming the lives of individuals with spinal cord injuries.

Claire Lomas continues to be a beacon of hope and inspiration, using her platform to raise funds and awareness for various causes.

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Horse Rider Claire Lomas Accident

A talented horse rider, Claire Lomas faced a life-altering accident during the Osberton Horse Trials in Nottinghamshire in May 2007.

Tragically, she collided with a tree, resulting in severe injuries. The impact caused broken ribs that punctured her lungs, leading to pneumonia.

Additionally, Claire suffered multiple fractures in her neck and a devastating spinal cord injury that left her paralyzed from the chest down.

Claire Lomas Accident 1
Her life dramatically turned in 2007 following a devastating riding accident. (Image Source: Twitter)

She embarked on a challenging recovery journey after receiving urgent medical care at Sheffield Northern General Hospital’s Spinal Injuries Unit.

The spinal cord injury, explicitly affecting her T4 thoracic vertebrae, caused permanent paralysis of her legs and diminished sensation in the lower part of her body.

Despite the immense physical and emotional obstacles she faced, Claire’s determination and resilience continue to inspire others as she fearlessly embraces a new chapter in her life.

Claire Lomas Left Paraplegic After the incident

Claire Lomas’s life drastically changed when she was left paraplegic after a devastating incident.

Despite her challenges, her condition has remarkably improved through medical rehabilitation treatments and active involvement in gym exercises, horse riding, skiing, and swimming.

With unwavering support from her husband Dan and the joy of becoming a mother to her daughter Maisie, born in February 2011, Claire found strength and inspiration.

Claire Lomas
Claire Lomas was Paralysed from the chest down in 2007 after the incident. (Image Source: Facebook)

She channeled her determination into running campaigns and organizing fundraising events from 2008 to 2012, raising funds for spinal cord research and acquiring equipment for her rehabilitation.

As an Ambassador for Spinal Research’s Saddle Up Campaign, Claire continues to advocate for horse riders and contribute to advancements in spinal cord repair.

While her core strength has significantly improved through intensive therapy, Claire still experiences motor impairments in her lower body and relies on a wheelchair for mobility in her daily life.

Claire Lomas’s husband and Family

Claire Lomas found love and support in her husband, Dan Spencer, whom she married in 2010.

Together, they have built a strong foundation as a family, with the joyous addition of their daughter, Maisie, born in February 2011.

Claire’s upbringing on a farm near Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire remains close to her heart.

 Claire Lomas stands with her husband
Claire Lomas stands with her husband, Dan Spencer, after crossing the finishing line of the Virgin London Marathon. (Image Source: Getty Images)

She resides there with her parents, Joyce and Martin, as well as Dan and their old daughter.

Claire’s passion for riding began at a young age, and her dedication led her to achieve the prestigious status of a four-star equestrian eventer, a level reached by only the most accomplished riders, including the likes of Zara Phillips.

With her husband and Family by her side, Claire Lomas embraces life’s love, support, and cherished moments.

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