Jamie Chung opened up about the most challenging months of motherhood, saying, “You’re barely finding time for yourself, and nothing gets done.”

Jamie Chung shares her experience with twins from the real world.

Along with her husband, Bryan Greenberg welcomed twin boys in October 2021 and detailed the challenges of motherhood. Jamie’s first three months were the most challenging of becoming a mom.

“You’re barely finding time for yourself, and nothing gets done,” the star of Sucker Punch said. “You’re lucky to get a shower.”

And continued, “When you’re sleep-deprived, you’re a little cranky, and you’re having a little tiff with your partner. There’s just no patience. You have to force yourself not to react to how you’re actually feeling.”

Jamie Chung said it was fortunate that work was slow for the twins when they were born.

“I got some amazing quality time with the kids,” the mother said. “When they’re young, you’re like, ‘I can’t wait for them to grow.’ And then when they’re ten months, you’re like, ‘Wait, you’re so big!'”

She confessed, “I miss the baby stage. It’s so true when people are like, ‘They grow up so fast.'”

However, Jamie stressed that becoming a parent isn’t easy; Bryan and she “have been pretty surprised on how well we’re handling things.”

She is delighted that her husband is a natural at being a father.

Jamie tells of Bryan, “He loves it. He was mean to do it,” also. “He asked me for years to start a family, and seeing him in this new role has been really fun.”

They recently renovated their outdoor space with the help of Thumbtack (a home services company) and now have a place where they can enjoy spending time as a family.

“My kids are just starting to move around a little bit…and they love being outdoors,” she explained, adding that the new addition “adds more space for them to explore, and it’s safe.”

A mother of two said she’s excited to invite her family and friends to an event.

“We just love throwing parties,” the mother said, “and now it’s a baby party.”

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