Following the divorce, Kelly Clarkson is obligated to pay Brandon Blackstock more than $200,000 in spousal and child support.

According to the report, on Tuesday, a Los Angeles County judge ordered Kelly to pay Brandon an amount of $150,000 per month in spousal support and $45,601 in child support.

In total, Brandon will receive $195,601 a month from Kelly, or approximately $2.4 million a year. In addition to paying her estranged husband’s attorneys’ fees, the singer must contribute $1.25 million to their ongoing divorce.

A source previously told that an American Talent Manager, Brandon, had been aiming for more than double the amount in support, requesting that a Television Personality, Kelly, pay him $436,000 per month as well as $301,000 in spousal support and $135,000 for child support.

The 39-years-old Kelly has been represented by celebrity attorney Laura Wasser, who recently launched “It’s Over Easy.”. Basically, this service facilitates the divorce process for those who would not otherwise be able to obtain her services.

Following seven years of marriage, Kelly Clarkson filed for divorce in June 2020. Recently, Kelly filed a court motion to sanction her divorce, leaving other arrangements like spousal support and child support until later in the process.

In front of the court, Kelley confronted that she and Brandon both deserve a chance to build a new life.

According to court records, in November, Kelly received primary physical custody of a 6-years-old River Rose and 4-years-old Remington Alexander.

As of then, a source close to the famous singer said she was happy about the custody ruling and that her primary concern is protecting her children.

Another source said,

“As Kelly has said, her first priority in all of this is to take care of the kids and all the hearts that are involved in this divorce. It’s been a hard time for everyone, but Kelly is pleased with the court’s ruling regarding custody. Divorce is hard, and it gets tense for most couples going through it. But Kelly’s primary focus is on doing the best she can to protect the kids. In this case, she had to fight for them since Brandon and his attorneys were making unreasonable requests.”

Clarkson has expressed her intention to focus on her kids throughout the divorce proceedings. The star, however, admitted in February that sharing parenting duties with her ex has been challenging for her.

In a conversation with Khloé Kardashian on her talk show, Kelly said,

“You speak about co-parenting, and I am doing that right now too. It is tough. I know with me and Brandon, it is just a difficult thing because we are in different places, and it is like, we both agree on the main things, but it is a hard thing when you are not together all the time, for me personally. As long as you make sure it’s about the children and their best interests, then we are both onboard.”