Ian Veneracion Parents: Roy Veneracion And Susan Lopez-Veneracion

Ian Veneracion Parents, Roy Veneracion And Susan Lopez-Veneracion, always supported him in whatever he did.

Stephen Ian Lopez Veneracion was born on the 7th of February, 1975. He is a Filipino athlete, actor, pilot, and singer born in Manila, Philippines.

Veneracion began his acting career in the early 1980s, which helped him earn his first role in the 1982 film Never Ever Say Goodbye and in the series Joey and Son in the same subsequent year.

Stephen is an equipment engineer known to be an avid outdoorsman. As versatile as one can get, he is also a licensed private pilot, skydiver, paragliding pilot, and scuba diver.

He also indulges in outdoor activities such as trail riding, climbing, sailing, and recreational fishing.

Ian has appeared in various films and television shows and has released his songs. Along with that, he has won awards for his movies too.

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Ian Veneracion Parents: Roy Veneracion And Susan Lopez-Veneracion

Ian Veneracion was born to his father, Roy Veneracion and his mother, Susan López-Veneracion.

His father, Roy, is a renowned painter whose work explores various styles, techniques, materials, and subject matter.

Roy is considered one of his country’s leading abstract artists and the precursor of contemporary Aesthetic Syncretism.

Ian Veneracion
Ian Veneracion. (Source: mixofeverything.net)

Most of his work is associated with the Syncretism Art Movement in the Philippines and abroad.

However, not many details regarding Ian’s mother are available on the Internet.

Roy VenerIan’s And Susan Lopez-Veneracion Age Gap

Roy and Ian Veneracion are so much alike. Like father like son, this line holds truth in Ian’s life. Growing up in a family of abstract artists like his dad Roy Veneracion, Ian never thought he would follow in his father’s footsteps.

Stephen stated that his father has helped him become an artist but has never forced him to become one.

His memories to cherish with his father were their painting sessions. This is where his love for colors started to blossom.

Whenever he saw his father playing with colors, he would run and go to him. His father then used to offer him saying, ‘Here, you might want to use this.’


Roy Veneracion in front of one of his art works.
Roy Veneracion in front of one of his artworks. (Source: alchetron.com)

Who knew those small painting sessions of a child with his artist dad would also help him develop a career in it? Ian has come a long way as an artist since then.

In the year 2014, Ian mounted his third solo exhibit. For this, he spent almost six months in isolation to finish his collection of 55 pieces.

Ian does admire a lot of other artist’s work as well as artists AlborBencab, Lao Lianben, and first National Artist Fernando Amorsolo (whose famous artwork of St. Michael is now being used as the label of Ginebra San Miguel). 

However, for having a gift of art in him, Ian thanks his father for it.

While on the occasion of Father’s Day, Ian paid Father’sto his dad Roy Veneracion.

Now, Ian himself is a father to his children. He says, ‘My kids were brought up like I was.’ They pass through me.

But at the end of the day, they can be whoever they want to be. He always says, ‘You want to be a doctor, an actor, or a drummer? Be the best doctor, be the best actor, or be the best drummer in the world.’

My father taught me to be the best version of myself,” he ends.

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