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Ibrahim Chappelle bio, family, career, and net worth

Who is Ibrahim Chappelle?

It is easy fame when people know you for being the son of a famous American comedian. But, teenager Ibrahim Chappelle is far from media highlights.

You must have heard about the son of Dave Chappelle in his shows. Let’s find out some more about him today.

Ibrahim was born as the only son of the comedian, David Khari Webber Chappelle. Dave is the proud winner of a Grammy, the Mark Twain Prize, and two Emmy awards. Ibrahim’s mother is Elaine Mendoza Erf Chappelle.

Fame does not always pay well. It’s mostly the case when you want to keep your privacies, but your profession does not allow it.

Such difficulties must have aroused in Dave’s case too. But, he did a superb job in keeping the balance between private and celebrity life. Dave’s family members are building their life, quiet and far from the media.

Ibrahim Chappelle quick facts

Full nameIbrahim Chappelle
BirthplaceYellow Springs, Greene County, Ohio
FatherDave Chappelle
MotherElaine Chappelle
GrandparentsWilliam David Chappelle III, Yvonne Reed
SiblingsSulayman Chappelle, Sonal Chappelle
Net worthN/A
Social mediaNot Active

Ibrahim Chappelle interesting facts

1. Ibrahim Chappelle is the youngest son of Dave Chappelle

The famous comedian Dave Chappelle has three children with his wife, Elaine Chappelle. He has a brother named Sulayman and a sister named Sonal.

2. Ibrahim Chappelle is a great fan of Kevin Hart

Being an American comedian, Dave Chappelle, Ibrahim is a fan of another comedian, Kevin Hart. 

In one of Dave’s comedy shows, he described how Ibrahim slapped his knee and laughed while watching the Kevin Hart show.

His son even requested $2500 to go on Kevin Hart’s show when he was twelve. 

Dave took the opportunity to take his son to meet Kevin Hart backstage.

Ibrahim got to have dinner and a custom hand-stitched jersey from Kevin Hart. It was a day to remember for Ibrahim.

3. Ibrahim Chappelle lives a very private life

Ibrahim was born in Yellow Springs, Green County, Ohio. His parents have kept him and his siblings away from the media’s attention. 

They have not exposed the details of his birth, age, and where he studies.

4. Ibrahim Chappelle is close to his dad

Ibrahim can be seen going on vacations with his whole family and has a close relationship with his parents, especially his dad, Dave. As a child, he had made a macaroni necklace for him. 

5. Dave Chappelle often mentions Ibrahim in his stand-ups

Dave Chappelle likes to include his sons in his stand-up performances. He shared a story about when his middle child, Ibrahim, made him a macaroni necklace which made him cry.

When Ibrahim asked his father why he was crying, he replied, “once you used to live in my balls, man, and now you are making jewelry out of macaroni.”

However, he doesn’t joke much about his daughter.

6. Ibrahim is an Arabic name

Ibrahim is an Arabic name and means “father of many.” The name is cognate to Abraham. Similarly, his brother Sulayman’s name is akin to Solomon’s.

Ibrahim Chappelle family and childhood

The little Ibrahim was born in a small village called Yellow Springs, in Greene County, Ohio. Ibrahim’s family has lived in Ohio for generations and has been active in social works. Their social activities contribute to broad curiosity about the family.

It is fascinating how even details like his exact birth date, age, and so on are secrets from the media. Since his precise date of birth is a mystery, Ibrahim’s age is still unknown to us. But, it looks like Ibrahim is still in his teenage years from his external appearance.

His private life, interests, and education are kept safe and far from camera flashes.

Ibrahim Chappelle with his family

Ibrahim is a sacred Islamic name, which means ‘father of faith.’ After conversion to Islam in 1988, Dave makes efforts to keep all his children’s names in Islamic. He kept his family’s privacy and religion to himself, which is quite difficult for a celebrity to do.

How did his parents Elaine Chappelle and Dave Chappelle meet?

It is evident in the media that Ibrahim’s parents met in Brooklyn, New York. His father, Dave met his mother, Elaine, while he was still a struggling artist.

They exchanged their vows in 2001 and are in love to date. His mother, Elaine, is an excellent example of sacrifice and love for him. She is the one who keeps their home.

Ibrahim Chappelle mother

Elaine is a gentle beauty. She has a typical Asian face with a decent build. Elaine’s family moved to the United States in search of a better life and settled there. She grew up in Brooklyn and completed her high school aspiring to become a chef in the future.

Ibrahim must have followed his mother’s ideology. Elaine believes in not giving importance to others’ opinions in his life. She expresses her thoughts on Instagram, which shows her level of confidence.

Elaine has not only supported her husband at the peak of his career but also acted as his strength. The marriage was between two religions, supporting which was a difficult task. She did her best, even left her dream, to fulfill her family responsibilities.

Ibrahim Chappelle father

Ibrahim’s father, Dave, is an all-rounder when it comes to performances. He excels at stand-up comedy, movies, and TV shows. We often hear the name of Ibrahim in his comedy skits.

Ibrahim lives with his siblings and parents in a farmhouse in Yellow Springs. His siblings are Sulayman Chappelle and Sanaa Chappelle (also called Sonal).

The family often visits their house in Xenia. The humble kids of this family were born with a silver spoon in their mouth.

Dave often discusses his family in his gigs. But, they generally do not appear in his shows or anywhere in camera flashes. Dave has done an excellent job keeping Ibrahim and his family’s privacy shut.

Ibrahim’s grandparents were politically active and educated folks. The family has a history of struggle during the times of enslavement. Dave’s great grandfather led a delegation of African Americans to meet President Wilson.

Ibrahim’s grandfather, William David Chappelle III, is an established professor at Yellow Springs. Grandmother, Yvonne K. Chappelle Seon, is a professor at Prince George’s Community College. She is also politically active and had worked as Unitarian Universalist Minister.

Coming from a family of academic and political activists has shown an impact on Dave’s works. Dave’s work is famous for its jokes addressing many sensitive matters of the country.

Ibrahim could not be together with his whole family due to his grandparents’ separation. It must be the pain of separation of his parents that led Dave to keep his family dear to his heart.

Ibrahim Chappelle’s father Dave Chappelle’s beginnings

Ibrahim Chappelle’s dad, Dave Chappelle, was born to William David Chappelle III and Yvonne Reed. Borth of them were professors in many colleges and was politically active, due to which Dave had a lot of knowledge about politics.

He wanted to be a comedian early in his life and looked up to Eddie Murphy. 

His first professional comedian job was appearing on an episode of ‘America’s Funniest People. 

Dave moved to New York City to make a career out of comedy. There were many ups and downs, and once, he was even booed off the stage. 

The following year of this incident, he appeared in ‘Def Comedy Jam’ after which he got an invitation as a guest in various late-night TV series.

He debuted in a movie in Mel Brooks’ “Robin Hood: Men in Tights.”

Then, he rose to fame and starred in various hit movies like “Half Baked,” “Blue Streak,” and “You’ve Got Mail.”

He even debuted his comedy show “Chappelle’s Show” in 2003.

Why did Ibrahim’s father, Dave, quit temporarily?

Dave is recognized for his unique satire. But, one of his performances in Hartford caused a scandal for his use of inappropriate words. The public shouted out the disappointment throughout the show when he left the stage in rage.

This event caused a big controversy on his reaction to the public response at Hartford. Dave had to halt his performances for a while due to the incident. He even stopped his shows for a time and made a comeback in 2015.

All these events also highlighted Ibrahim and the family.

Ibrahim Chappelle siblings

Ibrahim Chappelle has two siblings; an elder brother named Sulayman Chappelle and a younger sister named Sonal Chappelle.

Ibrahim has a close relationship with his siblings as he grew up with them. They can be seen going on family vacations together on their father’s social media.

Ibrahim Chappelle education

Since Ibrahim has been in Yellow Springs all his life, his schooling must have been in Ohio. No accurate information prevails about his school or his subjects. It can be a lucky guess that Ibrahim will also be joining a university like all the members of his family.

Ibrahim Chappelle personality traits

Ibrahim looks tall with black eyes and black hair. He seems healthy and happy in several appearances. He goes after his dad in his exterior looks, so everyone is waiting for him to grow up into a handsome man like his dad.

His father is of African ancestry, and his mother belongs of Philippine origin. Thus, Ibrahim has mixed ethnicity. His mother is a housewife by choice, and Christian by religion. Ibrahim is yet to choose his preference in faith.

Since both his parents have the nationality of an American, Ibrahim is an American by descent.

Ibrahim seems to be a patient kid, and he is close to his dad. Dave once shared a moment when he said that Ibrahim built a macaroni necklace for him. Ibrahim seems to have the quality of being introverted and less expressive.

Ibrahim Chappell dressing sense

His excellent physique shows that Ibrahim exercises pretty well. But, the choice of his clothing is quite open and relaxed. Ibrahim’s dresses are comfort-based than fashion-based for a famous artist’s son.

V neck t-shirts paired with tennis or running shorts are the first choice in his attire. The athletic look and casual dress-up are what make Ibrahim look natural in appearance.

Ibrahim usually prefers a matching pair of sneakers or running shoes with shorts. He sure looks like a typical high schooler in his teens.

Ibrahim Chappelle relationships

Ibrahim has not revealed any romantic relations yet, as he is still in his school days. Ibrahim shares a very close connection with his parents as he has lived with them as a happy family. Ibrahim visits the family house in Xenia during his summer holidays.

Ibrahim Chappelle with his family

Rise to fame

The only factor that rose Ibrahim to the limelight and the viewers’ attention is his father. Dave mentions Ibrahim in his series ‘Chappelle’s show’ and other programs often. It’s a strange fact that Ibrahim’s sisters are not mentioned as often in the shows.

Ibrahim has recently been in the limelight. The reason was Harvard University’s award ceremony on 11 October 2018, where Dave won the W.E.B Du Bois Medal Award.

Ibrahim Chappelle controversies

Ibrahim has never been in a controversy on his side.

He had once been in media attention after his father got dragged into a dispute on his show ‘Sticks & Stones.’

Ibrahim Chappelle net worth and income

Ibrahim Chappelle is still a kid, and by the looks of the photos shared on social media, he still is studying and high school.

Since he has not worked yet to gain income, he does not have an exact net worth. However, his father, Dave, has an estimated net worth of $50 million.

Ibrahim Chappelle charity

Ibrahim is not at the age to support anyone financially. So, he has not done any charity. However, his father has been doing charity for many organizations. Some are the Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation and Be the change.

Dave’s fans are eager to hear some more news about Ibrahim and wish the best for his future endeavors.

Ibrahim Chappelle social media presence

Ibrahim’s secrecy from the media includes avoiding any social network sites. Ibrahim and his siblings also avoid public appearances. The family’s house is in a quiet neighborhood, away from city lights and traffic, giving them peace.

However, his parents have an Instagram account. You can find Ibrahim’s father, Dave on Instagram as @davechappelle

He used to have a twitter account but it was hacked.

His mother, Elaine has a private Instagram account.

Ibrahim Chappelle F.A.Qs

1. Does Dave Chappelle have a son?

Yes, Dave Chappelle has two sons, Sulayman and Ibrahim. He also has a daughter named Sonal. 

2. Who is Ibrahim Chappelle’s father?

Ibrahim Chappelle’s father is a famous American stand-up comedian, actor, writer, and producer named Dave Chappelle. He is renowned for his satirical comedy sketch series ‘Chappelle’s Show.’ 

He has also received prestigious awards like Emmy Awards, Grammy Awards, and Mark Twain Prize.

3. What does Ibrahim Chappelle do for a living?

Ibrahim Chappelle is still a teenager, so he does not work for a living. However, he is a son of a famous comedian, Dave Chappelle, and lives a comfortable life anyway.

4. Where is Ibrahim Chappelle now?

Ibrahim Chappelle is living with his parents and two siblings in Yellow Springs, Ohio. He is studying in a private school.

5. What is the net worth of Ibrahim Chappelle’s father, Dave Chappelle?

Ibrahim Chappelle’s father, Dave, has a net worth of $50 million from his comedian profession.

6. What is the age of Ibrahim Chappelle?

His parents, Dave and Elaine, have kept the exact birth date and age a secret from the media. 

By looking at the external appearance, we can assume that Ibrahim is still a teenager.