Illuminati Youtuber Face Reveal: Real Name Age And Twitter

Famous YouTube content creator “iilluminaughtii” has been making a buzz recently. Many people wonder if the iilluminaughtii has done a face reveal. Keep reading to learn more.

iilluminaughtii has over 1.4 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. She joined the video-sharing platform on 9 May 2013. Her content is related to multi-level marketing schemes, charities, and companies.

The YouTuber formerly produced edgy anti-feminist, anti-LGBT, racist, fatphobic, and ableist videos under the pseudonym “Sarah J. Warren.”

Later, when those subjects became well-liked and lucrative, she began producing content about anti-MLM, activism, social justice, lefty, and progressive content.

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Illuminati YouTuber Face Reveal: Real Name Age

Though the famous YouTuber iilluminaughtii doesn’t show her face in most content, she has done a face reveal. Many wanted to see the person behind the exciting videos on her channel.

Illuminati Youtuber Face Reveal
iilluminaughtii’s real name is Blair Zon. (Image Source: YouTube)

Moreover, Illuminati’s real name is Blair Zon. She is also known as Sarah J. Warren and Doobieshmirtz. The American YouTuber was born on 23 January 1993. She currently resides in Colorado, United States.

Blair is of Polish descent. During the peak of the Black Lives Matter movement, she regularly claimed that her extended family would discriminate against her because of her ancestry.

Her parents’ identity and other information are confidential. But she has a sibling.

iilluminaughtii claims to be bisexual despite having criticized the LGBT population in previous sketches, never dating anybody other than straight men, and never exhibited an interest in the same sex.

When Roe v Wade was overruled, she announced in repeated video postings that she did not intend to have children.

iilluminaughtii Twitter Explored

The Youtuber iilluminaughtii is also active on Twitter under the same name. She joined the platform in January 2013 and has 46.3K followers. In addition, Zon follows 224 people.

Her Twitter bio reads, “(she/her) just a pyramid over 1.5 mil on YouTube. Hobbies include reading and crying. pfp made by @melanellie.”

The content creator has also linked her YouTube channel in the bio. As of this writing, her last tweet was on 29 April.

iilluminaughtii Recent Controversy

“iilluminaughtii” has been facing criticism for the last few months. Due to this, she has lost a considerable subscriber on YouTube.

In May 2023, her channel boasted over 1.64 million subscribers. By June 2023, it dropped to 1.4 million. Blair faced accusations of plagiarism from other YouTubers.

YouTuber iilluminaughtii has been facing criticism for the last few months. (Image Source: Twitter)

In late April 2023, iilluminaughtii tweeted several times, directing an allegation toward LegalEagle, another YouTuber and a lawyer. Blair claimed LegalEagle copied her editor’s editing style.

In addition, she revealed emails from a LegalEagle’s editor asking her to share insight into her editing approach.

However, her claims backfired. Several members of the online community started to post proof indicating she was the one who plagiarized content.

LegalEagle also responded that editing techniques like “paper rip” and “highlight” have been used for years by various YouTubers.

Additionally, LegalEagle stated that YouTube should be a place where creators can exchange and work together on concepts.

iilluminaughtii later apologized to LegalEagle privately and publicly.

Following the recent controversies, Blair started a new secret channel named Prism of the Past without any “iilluminaughtii” advertising.

The new channel will serve as a backup plan. Although she has not posted any videos on her new account, it has already garnered around a thousand subscribers.

According to rumors, future videos are expected to be narrated by voice actors rather than Blair, supposedly to avoid any association with her or her company.

By removing the attention from the accusations, she can still profit from the platform.

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