The actor is reportedly to play “Moonman” at an upcoming MTV Video Music Awards (VMA).

On Saturday, VMA production sources revealed that the Pirates of the Caribbean star was in “talks” about joining the show as a new performer.

Additionally, the actor who played Dark Shadows will dress up as a popular character from the network, Moonman, anointed the “Moonperson.”

Reportedly, Depp plans to surprise viewers by making an “appearance” at “some point” during the ceremony on August 28.

Depp has received five MTV movie awards during the last 38 years of his acting career, including the Global Superstar Award and the Generations Award in 2012.

Meanwhile, Depp’s acting career flourished after winning his defamation case against Amber Heard in June.

Following his trial, the actor collaborated with Jeff Beck in Europe, signed a multi-year, seven-figure contract with Dior, and got cast as King Louis XV in the movie Jeanne du Barry.

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