Indya Moore Parents: Mother Gloria Feliciano And Father

Who are Indya Moore Parents? Indya Adrianna Moore, an American actor, has earned recognition as one of the most influential figures.

American actor and model Indya Adrianna Moore is also known as Indya Moore. She was born on January 17, 1995.

Moore uses the pronouns they/them and she/her and identifies as transgender and non-binary.

They became well-known thanks to their performance as Angel Evangelista in the FX television series Pose.

In 2019, when Time magazine named Moore one of the 100 most influential persons in the world, Moore gained international notoriety.

Their fight for gender diversity and representation has significantly impacted the entertainment industry and beyond.

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Who is Indya Moore Mother Gloria Feliciano?

Indya Moore’s parents have been private and unknown to the public.

The inspiring figure seems to be a private person as they have not revealed almost anything about their private life.

From the very little information available, we can gather that Indya Moore’s mother’s name is Gloria Feliciano.

She hails from the Bronx and is described as a Puerto Rican woman.

An article about Indya and their mother does mention that the mother-child have a strong bond and often do things together, including traveling.

Indya Moore Mother Gloria Feliciano
Indya Moore and her Mother Gloria Feliciano for GAP. (Source – Instagram)

From the article, we can also gather that Feliciano had difficulty understanding Indya’s desire to wear her jeans when they were younger.

But over time, she has learned many things and grown that led her in developing a stronger relationship with her daughter.

Other than this any information about her mother, Gloria Feliciano, is not available to the media and their supporters.

Hopefully, we will get to know about this beautiful mother and daughter and their relationship in the coming future.

Who is Indya Moore Father?

As mentioned above, the stunning model has kept all the information about her parents and family to herself.

The media and the supporters do not know anything about Indya Moore’s father or his whereabouts.

But from the very little information, we can gather that the father of Indya Moore is said to be a Dominican Republic-born Catholic.

Even though there isn’t much known about him, it may be assumed that he contributed to Indya’s ethnic history.

However, no sources reveal any specific information regarding their father’s upbringing, connection with Indya, or any other aspect of his life.

Indya Moore Early life

Indya Moore, a native of the Bronx and a person of mixed origin had to overcome significant obstacles as a child.

Born assigned male at birth, they experienced transphobia from their parents, leading them to leave home at 14 and enter foster care.

They resided in all five boroughs of New York City at this time, moving about frequently.

Sadly, they were constantly bullied, which led to their decision to leave high school after their second year.

Moore, however, started a modeling career at the age of 15, despite industry cynicism by earning jobs for well-known fashion houses like Dior and Gucci.

Indya Moore Early life
Indya Moore at the Gala

Despite their modeling success, they grew weary of the industry’s emphasis on body image.

When they met ballroom dancer Jose Gutierez Xtravaganza, who pushed them to pursue acting, their life took a new turn.

When Moore went to the Tribeca Film Festival to try out for the independent movie Saturday Church, they wowed the judges and displayed their talent.

In addition to acting, Moore also appeared at New York Fashion Week, collaborated with Katy Perry on the “Swish Swish” music video, and even performed as a member of the House of Xtravaganza on Saturday Night Live.

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