Also, Irina Shayk says she and Bradley Cooper are strict with Lea De Seine, their 4-year-old daughter.

Irina Shayk is confirming Bradley Cooper’s commitment to fatherhood.
In April 2019, the Russian model, 35, and the “A Star Is Born” actor/director, 46, ended their four-year relationship. However, the pair has moved on to raise their 4-year-old daughter Lea De Seine together as co-parents.

Shayk discusses Cooper’s involvement with Lea in the new HIGHStyle cover story, explaining that there is no nanny in the picture.

“He’s a full-on, hands-on dad — no nanny. Lea went on holiday with him for almost two weeks [and] I didn’t call them once,”

Says Shayk.

“Me and her father are very strict. When she finishes eating, she gets up from the table, takes her plate, says ‘thank you.’ Without ‘please’ or ‘thank you’ she’s not getting anything,” the mom continues of parenting her daughter. “It’s hard, because she has so many toys. I had one doll, and I still have this doll. Blonde, blue eyes, big Russian doll. My grandma used to make clothes for her.”

She adds:

“I always explain, ‘Look, this is my doll. I had only one.’ Or sometimes, ‘You have this candy. I used to have candy only for Christmas” .

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