Is Agent 00 Muslim? Religion Ethnicity And Origin

Is Agent 00 Muslim? Fans are curious to know more about the Twitch streamer religion and ethnicity he follows.

Agent 00, called CallMeAgent00, is a YouTuber, Twitch streamer, and social media celebrity from Canada.

The streamer is well-known for posting hilarious gaming videos, particularly of NBA 2K. The internet celebrity rose to prominence after his video went popular on the video-sharing platform.

In fact, during the last two years, his YouTube channel has garnered nearly 2 million members. Not only that, but he is much more active on Twitch, where he streams many times every week.

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Is Agent 00 Muslim? What Is His Religion And Ethnicity?

Agent 00 grows as a compelling figure, molded by the complex aspects of their existence.

Because they come from a Muslim household, this aspect of their heritage adds another layer to their story. Their upbringing has left an indelible mark on their attitudes, perspectives, and interactions.

Is Agent 00 Muslim
Agent 00 grew up in a Muslim family. (Source- Legit)

While espionage and adventure may characterize their task, their background adds a unique complexity, demonstrating the merging of their duty and the resonance of cultural legacy.

This crossroads provides Agent 00 with a unique vantage point, where their faith and family history serve as sources of strength, guiding their decisions and constructing a path that blends their personality with the larger tapestry of their tale.

His ethnicity is Ethiopian, and he was born into an Islamic family. Muktar, on the other hand, has just revealed about his parents and siblings. 

How old is Agent 00?

Din Muktar was born on April 23, 1996, making him 27 years old in August 2024.

Din loves to live a quiet life away from the spotlight and has kept many details hidden, including his family.

The streamer was born in Canada, though the specific place is unknown. Din is a devout Muslim with a younger sibling who frequently features in his movies.

He stands 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm) tall and weighs roughly 84 kg. Din has brown eyes and light brown hair. 

In terms of physical appearance, he is average. He was overweight a few years ago, but he dropped a significant amount of weight through constant nutrition and exercise.

Agent 00 Net Worth

Agent 00 enjoys a friendly lifestyle by creating movies and streaming video games online.

His estimated net worth is $975,000, with most of his earnings coming from YouTube and Twitch. 

Compared to YouTube ad revenue, the influencer earns more money through sponsorships. His three channels collectively receive 5 million monthly viewers.

According to our estimates, he could earn $15,000 a month in ad revenue if all of his films are not demonetized/age-restricted and do not contain copyrighted content.

Din is frequently seen promoting various products on his YouTube videos in terms of sponsorships.

Is Agent 00 Muslim
Agent 00 enjoys a friendly lifestyle by creating movies and streaming video games online. (Source- Legit)

The internet personality should continuously diversify his income streams as an influencer. In this manner, he attempts to promote as many products as possible.

In addition, he has worked with well-known brands such as Postmates,, Current, and many others in recent years. However, his compensation for promoting a brand is now unknown.

In addition to these, he earns money through Patreon and products. First and foremost, he has a joint Patreon account with her pal LegendOfWinning.

The duo is featured on this platform, releasing unfiltered information from their reaction videos and podcasts.

The subscription plan costs between $5 and $20 each month. They have decided to conceal their Patron count; thus, his revenues cannot be assessed from the source.

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