Is Axel Merckx Gescheiden (Divorced)? Relationship With His Wife Jodi Cross

Get the latest updates: Is Axel Merckx Gescheiden? Clearing the air on rumors. Discover the truth about his marital status.

Axel Merckx, born on August 8, 1972, is a Belgian ex-pro road cyclist and the son of legendary five-time Tour de France victor Eddy Merckx.

With a professional tenure spanning from 1993 to 2007, Axel claimed the Belgian national road title in 2000 and clinched a bronze in the 2004 Athens Olympics road race.

Transitioning to a role off the saddle, he now guides the UCI Continental squad Hagens Berman Axeon as its team director.

Axel’s cycling pedigree, reflected in his triumphs and Olympic feat, has etched his name as an enduring figure in the sport’s history.

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Is Axel Merckx Gescheiden (Divorced)?

No, Axel Merckx is not divorced. Recent rumors circulating about his marital status are entirely false.

Axel Merckx, the esteemed Belgian former professional road bicycle racer, remains happily married to Canadian triathlete Jodi Cross.

The couple exchanged vows in 1997 and has continued to uphold their marital bond.

Currently residing in the picturesque city of Kelowna, nestled in British Columbia, Axel, and Jodi have built a life together alongside their two children.

Their family is a testament to their enduring commitment to each other.

Belgian cycling champion Axel Merckx (L), his wife Jodi (R) and daughter Axana
Belgian cycling champion Axel Merckx (L), his wife Jodi (R), and daughter Axana (Image Source: Getty Images)

The couple’s union has been blessed with two daughters: Axana, born on May 5, 2001, and Athina Grace, welcomed into the world on June 29, 2005.

Axel Merckx’s achievements extend beyond his cycling prowess; he has also found success as a family man, showcasing his dedication not only to the sport but also to his loved ones.

While Axel has transitioned from his illustrious career on the cycling circuit, his personal life continues to thrive with his unbroken marital bond and the joys of parenthood.

In a world where rumors can often cloud the truth, setting the record straight is essential.

Axel Merckx’s enduring marriage to Jodi Cross and their loving family is a testament to the power of commitment and the strength of their partnership.

As Axel remains actively involved in the cycling community and beyond, his unwavering dedication to his family and passions inspires those around him.

Axel Merckx Relationship Timeline With His Wife Jodi Cross

Axel Merckx’s relationship with his wife, Jodi Cross, has been a journey marked by love, shared passions, and building a beautiful family.

The couple’s timeline showcases their enduring bond and commitment to each other.

In 1997, Axel Merckx and Jodi Cross embarked on a new chapter of their lives as they exchanged vows, solidifying their union in marriage.

Their shared love for sports and a mutual understanding of the demands of an athletic career brought them closer together.

Over the years, their relationship blossomed as they navigated life’s challenges and triumphs. 

In 2001, their family grew with the birth of their first daughter, Axana, adding a new dimension of joy and responsibility.

The couple’s devotion to their daughter and each other strengthened their connection.

Axel Merckx wife
Axel Merckx with his lovely wife and daughters. (Image source: Pez Cycling)

In 2005, their family expanded once again with the arrival of their second daughter, Athina Grace.

The joys and responsibilities of parenthood deepened their bond as they worked together to create a nurturing and loving environment for their growing family.

Throughout their relationship, Axel Merckx and Jodi Cross have supported each other’s endeavors, both on and off the athletic stage.

Their shared experiences and unwavering support have been the cornerstones of their enduring love.

Their relationship is an inspiring example of a partnership built on shared values, respect, and a deep connection that has stood the test of time.

In summary, Axel Merckx and Jodi Cross have shared a remarkable journey, from their wedding in 1997 to the joys of parenthood and beyond.


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