Is Diana Taurasi Pregnant 2023? Meet Her Wife Penny Taylor

Diana Taurasi Pregnant: Diana Taurasi’s ardent supporters and admirers are irrationally curious about rumors that she could become pregnant in 2023.

The enthusiasm is evident as debates abound on social media sites.

Join the craze and explore more into the enigma if you are desperate for answers to this pressing query.

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Is Diana Taurasi Pregnant 2023?

Diana Taurasi is not expecting as of 2023. She has previously given birth to two children—a son named Leo and a girl named Brooklyn—with her wife, Penny Taylor.

Although the pair have stated their wish to have a large family, they are not now looking to add to it.

Before making any more decisions, they want to treasure the time they have left with their current children and ensure they are prepared for more.

Since getting married in 2017, Diana Taurasi and Penny Taylor have been outspoken supporters of LGBTQ+ rights.

Both have significant ties to their jobs and families and are out homosexual. Taurasi, a highly accomplished basketball player, has won three WNBA titles and five Olympic gold medals.

Diana Taurasi Pregnant
Diana Taurasi with her wife Penny Taylor (Image Source: outsports)

She holds the record for the league’s all-time highest scorer in the WNBA. There is presently no sign that Taurasi and Taylor are expecting another child.

However, it is still conceivable that they may decide to have another in the future.

Their priority is finding a work-life balance, and whether they are prepared to make such a commitment will determine if they decide to grow their family.

They are relishing their time with their two young children and loving motherhood while succeeding in their careers.

Meet Diana Taurasi Wife Penny Taylor

Penny Taylor, a former professional basketball player from Australia, played for the Phoenix Mercury in the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) from 2004 to 2016.

She won three WNBA titles and two Olympic silver medals there, demonstrating her talent and commitment to the game.

Taylor and Diana Taurasi became friends after the Mercury selected them in 2004. In 2005, their connection swiftly developed from their friendship and camaraderie.

The pair were married in May 2017 and are raising their daughter Brooklyn and son Leo together, sharing the joys of motherhood.

They have a close friendship beyond basketball and steadfastly support each other’s professional endeavors.

Taylor's connection with Diana Taurasi began in 2004 when both were drafted to the Mercury
Taylor’s connection with Diana Taurasi began in 2004 when both were drafted to the Mercury (Image Source: people)

Taurasi and Taylor, two well-known members of the LGBTQ+ community, have used their platforms to promote LGBTQ+ rights, having a beneficial influence outside of the courtroom.

Taurasi had the chance to publicly praise her wife in 2019 as Taylor was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. She referred to Taylor as her closest friend, soulmate, and the love of her life.

With their unending love, Taurasi and Taylor tear down boundaries for same-sex relationships.

Their achievements and advocacy have a long-lasting effect, demonstrating the strength of love and dedication.

Diana Taurasi Family

The family has been a significant source of support for Diana Taurasi throughout her life and career because of their tight bond.

Mario and Liliana Taurasi, her parents, fled Argentina for the United States. Mario played soccer professionally in Italy, while Liliana devoted her time to being a stay-at-home mother.

Along with her parents, Taurasi has an older sister, Jessika, who enjoys the same sport as she does and has professional experience in the WNBA and abroad.

Their family grew when Taurasi and Penny Taylor became teammates with the Phoenix Mercury in 2004.

In 2005, their acquaintance developed into a love partnership, which resulted in their marriage in 2017. Leo Michael Taurasi-Taylor, a boy, and Brooklyn Taurasi-Taylor, a girl, are their two offspring.

Taurasi values family above everything else. She is grateful for the unshakable support she gets from her parent and small family

Taurasi values the time they have spent together, whether it is playing games or just spending time together.

Penny Taylor’s transition from a successful player to Mercury’s director demonstrates their dedication to their families and careers.

Leo and Brooklyn continue to support their parents’ adoration of one another and basketball.

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